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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Wednesday 16/06/10

4 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from Blue Teddy, Wednesday 16/06/2010, 00:45.

Tell me what you think people.
Tuesday 15/06/10

6 messages
Español Rozen_Craft - last answer from Rozen_Craft, Tuesday 15/06/2010, 02:53.
I made this 2 possible decks for ELO/ T1 and i wanted you to gimme your opiion about it and if you dislike it what do you think i should change.
Also what do you think is better Taham or Morphun, Sentogan or Veenyle in this deck and why.

Thanks in advance.


Taham/Morphun 5*
Rowdy 4*
Nobrodroid 4*
Lolly 3*
Otakool 3*
Tremorh 3*
Gil 2*
Dash 2*
Sentogan/Veenyle 2*


Gibson 4*
Rowdy 4*
Sireen 4*
Keanew 3*
Otakool 3*
Tremorh 3*
Gil 2*
Sentogan 2*
Monday 14/06/10

13 messages
English Visual Trance - last answer from MABanator, Monday 14/06/2010, 10:31.
So I've got about 30k clintz total to spend on a DT deck. I want a deck that can place in the top 150 so I can start earning some more clintz. Does anyone have any ideas for decks within this price range that can perform effectively?

Thanks a lot!
Sunday 13/06/10

11 messages
English Pasha911 - last answer from Hobbitusz, Sunday 13/06/2010, 22:48.
I need some help with strategy and my deck in DT can someone please help me ?
I am currently using these decks http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1317833 and http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1317830 .

Go ahead and comment if you think these deck are not good enough and why

Please help,
2 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from Rozen_Craft, Sunday 13/06/2010, 01:36.

Have a look, tell me what you think any improvements or tips would be grateful
Rate Green
Saturday 12/06/10

3 messages
English Parapaninja - last answer from Hedgehog 500, Saturday 12/06/2010, 18:58.

Please feel free to offer suggestion on how to improve this deck. i'm still fairly new to this game so any help is greatly appreciated. TY!
4 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from SoPunny-Zack, Saturday 12/06/2010, 16:12.

Exactly what it says on the title, rate and comment
Friday 11/06/10

4 messages
English owButtacup Ld - last answer from Zhudac, Friday 11/06/2010, 01:57.
Okay so I'm trying on doing T1 DT so then I could get to Top 50. Here's my deck:
The Gift That Keeps Giving
It's 21 stars so I need people to rate it!!!!! And see how far the deck could go!
4 messages
English M-Bison - last answer from PMS Rampage, Friday 11/06/2010, 00:36.
Was just messing around making DT decks and ended up making this...


Rate and comment
Thursday 10/06/10

31 messages
English SirThanksalot - last answer from 0 McV T, Thursday 10/06/2010, 20:05.

I have a really random collection.
Here is what I have:

Mort Bax
Candy Jack
Coraille *
Mo DiFalco

Starred cards are bought.
All cards are full stars.

What should I do to get a better deck, with 650 clints???

Tuesday 08/06/10

Saturday 05/06/10

6 messages
English JoHnY_DrAmA - last answer from -Wicer-, Saturday 05/06/2010, 20:30.
HI! I've got this kinda problem - I keep winning fights in tournaments, but I get very few Battle points for it, i mean too few! I usualy play in T1 room with this deck:
but I get so vvery very few Bp! I dont know, is there something wrong with this deck? The problem isnt winning, just points.

By the way could you please post some good Montana/Uppers , ulu vatu/ Montana or fraks/ Ulu Watu deck for type 1?
or just any good decks with those clans!
ahh damn i would even do with any good bp earning deck for TIPE 1!
3 messages
English M-Bison - subject is closed
Got a 60k budget and like using :
Sakrohm. Nightmare. All Stars. Bangers.

Dont mind using :
Montana. Uppers. Ulu water. Sentinal.

If you could post a deck for me, thanks.
Thursday 03/06/10

4 messages
English dtlegend189 - last answer from St3f, Thursday 03/06/2010, 07:17.
Im on a tight budget of 522 clints and i need help of some people with the game knolage on what card should i get because im not sure
Wednesday 02/06/10

19 messages
English TheTopHat - last answer from UmExcuseMe, Wednesday 02/06/2010, 18:08.
I've read UM-1984's 90 minutes DT long time ago.

do you have any other suggestions?
if you do post it here
13 messages
English cade13 - subject is closed
Hey! you could do a one shot kill with this guy!
if you use (Timber (R))+(Jay (R))+(Revenge: Damage+ 4)+(1 Rage)= Dead opp.
You have to have Jay (R) (Level 4)and Timber (R) (Level 5) in your hand. Let your Opp. kill anyone (exept Jay (R)) first and then use Jay (R) (Revenge activated) and then add one rage. make sure the opp. dosnt have a bonus or ability that will take away any damage, and use all your pills to give a 12 Damage hit!!!
Your welcome!!!
Friend me!
im cade13.
6 messages
English lightball20 - last answer from PriMinizZztA, Wednesday 02/06/2010, 00:31.
I am wondering, would it be a good idea to use Zatman and jackie in a dt or would the 2 points penatly for each time each one of them is in my hand be too much

current deck is
Wayne Stark

when i get Jackie the planned deck is almost the same but
Rubie - Frankie Hi
Nellie - Jackie(I consider Wayne better than Nellie, he isnt hurt by SOA or SOB alone, and isnt hurt as much by walls)
Friday 28/05/10

3 messages
English 0 Koli - last answer from Steelie_MOB, Friday 28/05/2010, 16:47.
Some people don't appreciate how good a low star deck is. it maximizes battle points gained.
i got this deck idea from 0 sorcererPGT. every time he uses his payback time, he will surely end in the top 5! since then i started making presets like his: Team 18, and it is wonderful. it became very famous in our guild. another kind is a 26* T2 deck: Vince:300+Bp, by Sad Guru, and it gave me equal results!
tip: when you know you're gonna lose the fight, then let it be. let your opponent knock you out and get to another one.

this is not advisable for elo use
3 messages
English Bass Faerie - last answer from -Wicer-, Friday 28/05/2010, 02:56.
I see quite a few Hugo + Montana decks in DT recently, and it's so annoying! It's also kind of boring, and I only have a chance if I also get Hugo in my hand (playing Hugo + Junkz). So here's the thing, when I play Piranas, I can beat Montana on occasion, but I don't do so well versus Uppers as with my Junkz deck ... what do I do?
Thursday 27/05/10

3 messages
English MrPancake - last answer from Miss_Cr, Thursday 27/05/2010, 07:20.
Right now I have Hugo,Buck,Gaia,George,Stanly,Nanook,Zack,,Lulabee.
Any tips to fix this deck the other cards that are not included are
Miss Lulabee,Taigo,Kirk.

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