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Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments

Tournaments are run every two hours. Get pro-tips from the best players and reach the top.
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Sunday 24/11/13

2 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from UM_AaaBattery, Sunday 24/11/2013, 15:59.

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Monday 18/11/13

4 messages
English Kamistra - last answer from 0 Don, Monday 18/11/2013, 19:02.
Hello everybody,
I quickly threw a deck together - that I thought would be decent in a tourney - it kinda, did not, do as good as I had hoped

but that is okay
I would like you peeps to give me some help regarding what I should focus on?
and is Junta even playable in tourneys ??
4 messages
English DUC-EL Lauwos - last answer from 0 Don, Monday 18/11/2013, 18:59.
Whoop Whoop 882 dt
and give it a shot
Thursday 14/11/13

41 messages
English klepp8 - subject is closed
I am having a hard time understanding this game and the concepts of winning and losing a specific round inside of a battle. I have scoured the forums for answers to my questions before posting and I have read the FAQ's and the game rules as well. I do not remember if it was in the FAQ or the game rules that i read this but it said that "this game has absolutely no randomness in it." I am playing in NON random battles and my understanding for the winning card in a round is as follows:

-The card with the higher attack always wins. It has happened to me once that i had an attack power of 16 after all bonuses and abilities were accounted for and the opponent had and attack power of 10 after all bonuses and abilities were accounted for. I lost this battle playing in NON random.

-Next is the way a winner is determined when the attack power is equal. I read that winner is the card with the lesser amount of stars will win with. If the stars are the same, then the attacker will win the battle. This problem has occurred to me 3 different times. Twice i have had a card maxed out with 3 stars and 4 stars and my opponent had a card maxed out with 5 stars both times and we both had equal attack power. I lost both of these match ups. Next i had the attack with equal stars and equal power and lost so I assumed i was wrong in my definition of attacking, but I later had a battle where I was defending and the opponent still won with equal stars and attack power. Please help me.
Saturday 09/11/13

4 messages
English jokinki - last answer from AsianRepubIic, Saturday 09/11/2013, 22:37.
I don't know if there is a better place to have something like this, but it might be a nice idea if there was a page for stats about your decks performance in fights.

it would be a list of all the characters in your deck and would give their match stats,

for example,

rounds won, damage dealt, pills used for, pills used against etc...

This would help people to optimise their deck and make changes according to performance.
6 messages
English 0 KitKat - last answer from TGAP-Trixie, Saturday 09/11/2013, 19:05.
Rate it cheap and good
Wednesday 06/11/13

2 messages
English DA_Banana - last answer from DA_Banana, Wednesday 06/11/2013, 11:31.

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Tuesday 29/10/13

3 messages
English hashburki - subject is closed
Is it me? or there actually have been no CR rewards for DT today?
Monday 28/10/13

20 messages
English Kefalo - last answer from BA_Hydro, Monday 28/10/2013, 14:44.
So I'm playing some casual standard DT's with a strange but pretty ok deck.

Congratulations! You finished 17th in the last Daily Tournament with 539 Battle Points
Congratulations! You finished 6th in the last Daily Tournament with 579 Battle Points.
Congratulations! You finished 6th in the last Daily Tournament with 559 Battle Points.
Congratulations! You finished 14th in the last Daily Tournament with 530 Battle Points.
Congratulations! You finished 11th in the last Daily Tournament with 502 Battle Points.
Congratulations! You finished 4th in the last Daily Tournament with 578 Battle Points.

That last one didn't "catch" a 37 points win which would've had me 3rd.

Most of the time I make a lot of mistakes and stupid plays, but mostly lose to newbies and weak hands since I can't predict them. I also tend to go 4 rounds more than it's wise. I beat Sentinel, Uppers, Hurracan, Frozn, Junkz, Berserk and Junta pretty consistently, and well, I'm not terrible I guess since I keep placing around the top 10. With less mistakes I'd be top 5 pretty much every time. Most of the guys above me are a win or so away.

But the Leader ALWAYS has about 100-150+ on me. It's making me feel like I'm sh*t and shouldn't even be playing this game. What in the world are the guys who are winning so hard playing? I can't tweak the deck further, and I don't have to - I only lose to myself pretty much. But if there's an even stupider deck out there I'm really curious about what is it...
Sunday 20/10/13

1 message
I've been play tournaments and got ranking 37 and it conatin 50 clintz 1 credit.
but when i see next day.. i didnt found message from kate that contain my prices
how it can happened?
Thursday 17/10/13

3 messages
English hashburki - subject is closed
Was wondering when new and updated DT penalty list is going to be introduced. Mechakolos Raven Noctezuma El Divino Kinchaw All need to be slapped with a penalty.
Saturday 12/10/13

15 messages
English Skirsdag - last answer from mihalll7_UM, Saturday 12/10/2013, 00:10.
Does coming in the top 150 of two different tournaments (both standard, say) enter you into the lottery twice?
Sunday 06/10/13

7 messages
English BA_Hydro - last answer from BA_Hydro, Sunday 06/10/2013, 06:00.
Wednesday 02/10/13

5 messages
English nnjabanditpig - last answer from XC-MeRLiN, Wednesday 02/10/2013, 21:17.
861 point dt !!!

title pretty much says it all
3 messages
English PillWork4Food - last answer from XC-MeRLiN, Wednesday 02/10/2013, 21:08.
T1 2hitter

Im thinking that it might just be better to go t2 for fast KOs though. But I don't play a lot of t2. Feedback appreciated.

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Saturday 28/09/13

1 message
English {AVA} OMIGNUS - subject is closed
I know this might not seem like a lot. right now I run Jungo crew, I like em fine but I find that I run out of pillz fast and I don't block damage hardly at all. please suggest what clan I should focus on and some of the best and most efficient characters I can get out of that clan within my price range. thx
Sunday 22/09/13

6 messages
English Kurhah - last answer from CHR0, Sunday 22/09/2013, 21:11.
Everywhere i look i see this term, but its never explained

whats SoA?
Friday 13/09/13

11 messages
English Mr. Gatchalian - last answer from Spikey 13, Friday 13/09/2013, 16:39.
What are DTs ?

right now i got some Knightmare deck with Vince, Orlok, and other decent 1000- clintz cards from knightmare and so i decided to load up some credits i wonder what pack and clan should i get since i want a really nice deck build that not that costly from my 220 credits budget so i can join Tournaments on other modes

that 70credit pack is nice go to chose fro 4 clans nd get 7 cards 3 of them are rare cards from those 4 clans

i wonder what should i get i want a really noce and easy play style for a clan idea im not the pro or strong think of me as a kid spending money on ur tp get some decent cards and decent gaming fun i plan play all day since i bum from school breaks. anyway please come up woth a good clan and play style idea folks!

P.S i can get around 440 credits but lets assume i only have 220 for now

Hope you help me my fellow UR friends ( i dont have any )
Tuesday 10/09/13

3 messages
English 2sHaMe - last answer from 2sHaMe, Tuesday 10/09/2013, 20:58.
Never scored less than 600
check it out
Friday 06/09/13

3 messages
English UM-omom - last answer from Sir B00BY, Friday 06/09/2013, 19:56.

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