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2 messages
Română Steel X_HoA - subject is closed
I want to trade one fully-evolved Kenny Cr (evaluated at 63k) for any combination of the following :

Balorg (evaluated at 1k) ;
Iguana Samson (evaluated at 1k) ;
Magnar (evaluated at 6k) ;
Duke (evaluated at 6k) ;
Aaron (evaluated at 10k) ;
Brody (evaluated at 15k) ;
Lear Barduh (evaluated at 19k) ;
Liona (evaluated at 21k) ;
Sasl Lovelace (evaluated at 21k) ;
Tomoe (evaluated at 33k) ;
Chad Bread Cr (evaluated at 56k).

I'm not looking for anything else and I'm not interested in bulks. PM me for faster response. Thanks !
1 message
English brahmaman - subject is closed
Kolos 0xp 40 k

PM me
Wednesday 16/04/14

2 messages
English EA-robbie CR - subject is closed
49k no lower pm quick
1 message
Buy Yaman for 850 clintz in private
1 message
2 La Cobra 0 XP 1 Kinichaw 0 XP 1 Rosa 0 XP FOR Numar O XP
1 message
I have 122,000 that I'm willing to pay for her
4 messages
English TSC Hurricane - last answer from robotkhatiwada, Wednesday 16/04, 11:08.
(I will pay in cards) B Bazooka at 3550ctz each.
I won't pay for just 1, I want 20 Min for a sale.
1 message
I'm looking for Lyse Teria Cr, 7M cash.

We can negociate in Pm.

2 messages
English GuiltySY - last answer from GuiltySY, Wednesday 16/04, 09:13.
Buying any amount of Tolliver. Looking for a price of 180 each.
Tuesday 15/04/14

2 messages
English 0 Spycee - subject is closed
Accept :
☮ Clintz
☮ Collectors :

Kreen Cr 80,000 clz
Geuner Cr 83,000 clz
Kalindra Cr 155,000 clz
Alec Cr 175,000 clz
Caelus Cr 170,000 clz
Skullface Cr 185,000 clz
Thaumaturge Cr 185,000 clz
Dwain Cr 190,000 clz
Jackie Cr 195,000 clz
Jim Cr 205,000 clz
Selsya Cr 205,000 clz
Miss Twice Cr 250,000 clz
Tanaereva Cr 265,000 clz
Reine Cr 270,000 clz
Melissa Cr 345,000 clz
Ambrose Cr 350,000 clz
Sigmund Cr 525,000 clz
Elya Cr 565,000 clz
Lamar Cr 585,000 clz
Vickie Cr 600,000 clz
Aldebaran Cr 780,000 clz
Splata Cr 800,000 clz
Tessa Cr 810,000 clz
Dragan Cr 830,000 clz
Flavio Cr 850,000 clz
⋆ NDolol Cr 830,000 clz
Lao Cr 850,000 clz
Armanda Cr 945,000 clz
Berserkgirl Cr 1,000,000 clz
Rass Cr 1,000,000 clz
Shawoman Cr 1,300,000 clz
Manon Cr 1,385,000 clz
Scarlett Cr 1,450,000 clz
Sum Sam Cr 1,450,000 clz
Marlysa Cr 1,450,000 clz

All Stars
2x Jessie [8k]
1x Dallas 0xp [3,4k]
6x Oyoh [20,4k]
1x Essie 0xp [4k]
89x Alexei [151,3k]
39x Flo (4x 0xp) [42,9k]
7x Asporov [12,6k]
24x Mario (5x 0xp) [26,4k].
Total - 269,000 clz

2x Vermyn N [37k]
6x Juicy Lord (1x 0xp) [72k]
2x Bodenpower [27k]
1x Shogunn 0xp [6,7k]
49x Fifty [112,7k]
89x Lennox [293,7k]
7x Leila (4x 0xp) [9,1k]
22x Laetitia (3x 0xp) [24,2k]
15x Dud Z 0xp [18,75k]
24x Gyro [16,8k]
Total - 618,000 clz

18x Graven (2x 0xp) [108k]
1x Elvis [7,5k]
1x Taylor [6k]
99x Kostner [158,4k]
3x Gus [3k]
38x Norman 0xp (1x full) [38k]
Total - 320,900 clz
1 message
I sell 25x Muze 0xp
I value her at 4k / unit

Looking for cash, but also accepting playable Cr's
PM me if interested
5 messages
Русский UnnamedPlay3r - last answer from Pilluminated, Tuesday 15/04, 21:13.
I am not interested in unplayable cards, all other offers will be considered
Feel free to PM
1 message
Im looking to buy Tessa Cr for 810k
2 messages
ελληνικά Mr ppill - last answer from Mr ppill, Tuesday 15/04, 21:03.
Good evening,
I am exchanging these cards for Kerozinn Cr, exchange will be made via private sales since secure exchanges have been off for a quite a while
Ombre Cr 315k
Blaaster Cr 110k
Kenny Cr 65k
2xUranus 50k
Dagg 22k
Mefisto 0 exp 15k
Lear Barduh 25k
Let me know if interested
1 message
I'm searching other cr, the price is about 150k (market price)
write me in private
1 message

I'm looking for cash so I offer a lot of 37 Kolos 0xp to 57k / u all by PS.

Thanks to all
1 message
Hello ladies and gents of Clint City, I am purchasing any and all of your Leah Barduh 0xp for 21k a pop. However, of course, this is negotiable and if you happen to have a lot you're willing to part with, I'm sure I could give you a little extra somethin somethin (if ya catch my drift).

6 messages
English WP_RAW - last answer from -Daoc-, Tuesday 15/04, 17:22.
3300 per card
Mahimatah X10 3400
Mahimatah X20 3500
Mahimatah X50 3700 per card
leave them in my private sell... ill buy them all ... thank u

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