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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 01/08/14

2 messages
English ManOfLuckHOA - subject is closed
Jackie Cr
PM if interested
Thursday 31/07/14

8 messages
English Jaxx_Hoa - subject is closed
I want to See if trading on the market could work in UR. Can people predict that cards are going to rise in price? I know you can get cards on the cheap, but they don't happen often. Can people tell me how to trade? (If it is possible)
Games such as Fifa's ultimate team players utilize trading to gain coins, and i think it could work here.
Please leave feedback.
1 message
X10 320
X50 325
X100 330
All I ps thanks
8 messages
English BS-LO SCRONDO - last answer from AsianRepublic, Thursday 31/07, 22:01.
I sell my Lyse Teria Cr. a great sell for you, her price 7,7M but in progress!!!let's go no fear
1 message
English MetallicHell25 - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy a Jackie Cr for 190k. If interested private sell to me. I have the clintz so I'll buy it right then and there. Thanks.
3 messages
English TradeMasterUR - subject is closed
Guild Franco-British Guild business. We recruit all beginner businessman as confirmed. The only requirement is to be in business and not come without knowing anything.
Many business operation will start with a rich forum is full on business

Thank you
3 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed
80k each

I research cash or cr.

2 messages
English 0 tacos - subject is closed
Good afternoon.
I have for trade my Splata Cr 0 xp for new blood 0 xp

- Rekved/4 100ctz
- Aaron / 4 700 ctz
- Valter Bianco / 1 100 ctz
- Belmundo / 1 100 ctz
- Tasty Tast / 1000 ctz
- Duke / 3 800 ctz
- Naliah / 2 700 ctz
- Magnar / 4 000 ctz

I value my Splata Cr 0 xp = 850 k
4 messages
English InterMilan FC - subject is closed

Thats the screenshot of the cards to be traded to full xp.PM me if you want to trade
2 messages
English XC Levi 69 - last answer from XC Levi 69, Thursday 31/07, 05:18.
I trade my Lyse Teria Cr full xp ( 7.5m) + Marlysa Cr 0xp ( 1.5m) + 2 Jackie Cr 0xp( 420k) + 2 Copper Cr full xp ( 166k)

guru 9.6m
my offer 9.6m

pm me
3 messages
English peluche_20 - last answer from peluche_20, Thursday 31/07, 02:05.
Only My Ambrose 0xp for Ambrose full +3k or cards equal to 3k

thanks mods
2 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from CHR0, Thursday 31/07, 01:17.
I will add a fair amount, close to the difference. Just let me know here or via PM
Wednesday 30/07/14

1 message
English Saga - subject is closed
Je echange mon Beserkgirl cr pour des crs.

Je estime mon Beserkgirl cr a 860,000 clints

Je recherche:

Splata Cr (820,000)
Vickie Cr (650,000)
Tanaereva Cr (295,000)
Jackie Cr (205,000)
Des crs jouable

Envoyer vos offres dans mes vente privé

17 messages
English Tagux - last answer from Tagux, Wednesday 30/07, 18:56.

I have the following, which I want to sell or trade:

- 800 full xp - 2000 clintz each
- 900 0xp - 2100 clintz each

- 350 full xp - 2000 clintz each
- 150 0xp - 2100 clintz each

Doug Snop:
- 450 0xp - 1100 clintz each

- 100 full xp - 2000 clintz each

And for a trade, I look for the following (Any xp):

- Copper Cr - 80 000 clintz
- Kalindra Cr - 135 000 clintz
- Alec Cr - 180 000 clintz
- Jackie Cr - 195 000 clintz
- Tanaereva Cr - 295 000 clintz
- Kerozinn Cr - 670 000 clintz
- Vickie Cr - 690 000 clintz
- Lamar Cr - 720 000 clintz
- Tessa Cr - 840 000 clintz
- Splata Cr - 840 000 clintz
- Marlysa Cr - 1 400 000 clintz

All prices are negociable!

3 messages
English Oz Brainless - last answer from UW_Marco, Wednesday 30/07, 18:26.
I'd like to sell or trade these lots:
36 Boomstocks 0xp: 4700/h
34 Pr Hartnell 0xp: 4700/h
20 Tuck 0xp: 8200/h
2 messages
Español 0 The Joker 0 - last answer from 0 The Joker 0, Wednesday 30/07, 17:15.
I will buy all Ward hg lots, or single cards you may have, 0xp or full, doesn't matter. I value them at 500 clintz, current lowest offers at the market at the time of posting this are mine so... -.- DO NOT COMMENT HERE OR MESSAGE ME IF YOU RE NOT INTERESTED, we don't need trolls on th forum.

Just drop them off in my PS-----> xXMitsukaiXx

Thank you and have a nice day everyone!
32 messages
English elite cr - last answer from 0 Teo, Wednesday 30/07, 16:57.
Hello all!

The goal I would like to reach before I leave this game is for my entire collection to be composed of only a ridiculously large quantity of Wanda 0exp.

I am buying ALL Wanda 0exp for 4k/e cash but would prefer to trade my CRs for bulk Wanda 0exp which I would value up to 5k/e depending on the quantity.

These are the CRs I have for trade:
1 Lyse Teria Cr 0exp
29 Jackie Cr 0exp 225k/e

To be clear, I am only interested in Wanda 0exp not full!
I am at 4909 Wanda 0exp at least help me to reach 5000! Help me get more !
8 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from 0 Mr Holmes, Wednesday 30/07, 16:24.
I wanna trade:

my Manon Cr 0xp (1,2M) and Shawoman Cr 0xp (900,000) = 2,100,000 clints

for a Splata Cr (840,000) kerozinz cr (685,000) + 500K worth of cards and clints = 2,025,000 clints

PM me for negotiations! thanks!
1 message
Hi all, I trade 10 Vickie Cr full 660k each

I'm looking to:
-30/40% cash
-60/70% cards ( Jackie Cr 205 Robb Cr 52k Edd Cr 33k ...... ) ( Jackie Cr 0xp 215k Caelus Cr 0xp 170k .....) ( lots of cards 20k+ max 15 couples ) ( Taylor cr 0xp 6k each

PM me, i trade also for only cards if is interested
1 message
English 0 Koaa - subject is closed
Im willing to give away Geo for 3k clintz or a good card msg me!

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