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Tuesday 25/03/14

4 messages
ελληνικά 0 Teo - subject is closed
Hello eveyrone
I am buying 0exp Clover Noel at 350 each
Throw them at my ps and i'll buy them asap
For bulks pm me
1 message
English adb98 - subject is closed
Hello, I am buying Tuck (0 exp) for 4500 clintz a head. I only need about 38, and just place them in my private sale. Thanks for your time!
6 messages
English 0_Abigail - last answer from Mr Kourtekeu, Tuesday 25/03, 16:27.
Will buy your Rahanpah, 1700 for a head. Private sales.
1 message
English Kyuzo Blade-- - subject is closed
I am selling 16 copies of Mona, is anyone interested on buying them for 48k each on a private sale?
6 messages
English Zerikichi00 - subject is closed
Hi ...

I can't make a public sale (I know this because I haven't bought any credits at the shop)
But a friend of mine whom also haven't bought any credits can make public sales.

How come he can do that and I can't even, though we both did not yet buy credits at the shop?
1 message
I am looking for:

Vickie Cr - 585k cash
Lamar Cr - 570k cash

In private sale
12 messages
English 0MystiQ QJON - subject is closed
General - 8M cash
Marly - 1,5M cash

PM me if you are interested in this offer
4 messages
English DUC-San - last answer from DUC-San, Tuesday 25/03, 10:23.
I buy all your Westwood

full xp: 230 / unit
0 xp: 260 / unit

1-25 Westwood -> Private Sale
25+ Westwood -> Send me Private Message

I can also offer:
25x Konrad 0xp à 19k / unit
25x Muze 0xp à 3.700 / unit
2 messages
ελληνικά Wanzley17 - subject is closed

i'm selling 210 Oxo 0xp for 1400/u, private and only clintz
1 message
English A-Trak - subject is closed
Tanaereva Cr - current lowest price is 286k
Tessa Cr - current lowest price is 800k

i will require a reasonable compliment based on market prices. please no stupid offers
3 messages
English AusRule14 - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy:

Dr Korr Cr - 8,8M Cash
Guru Cr - 8,4M Cash

Send it to my private sales if interested!
4 messages
English 0 Spycee - last answer from M e R L i N, Tuesday 25/03, 02:16.
70x Wonder Lana 0xp

* Accept clintz
* Negotiated price
* Offers PM

0 Spycee
8 messages
English Gomla - last answer from M e R L i N, Tuesday 25/03, 00:05.
Hello ladies and gents, Gomla here letting you know that your friendly neighborhood Event Teamer Infiniti is interested in YOUR Ganx. He is willing to buy any and all for the following price:

Full xp for 730 clintz cash
0xp for 750 clintz cash

So be sure to throw 'em in his ps, negotiate lots with him, or whatever you beautiful people do and get some clintz cash in your pockets.
Monday 24/03/14

3 messages
Deutsch AC iRaiZ3n - last answer from TaguX, Monday 24/03, 23:38.
Hello les gars,
Je vous présente quelques lots

Lot " mousse à rasser ":
- 70 Rass O xP => 1500/ T [PdD]

Lot " Fille des mosntres ":
- 54 BersekGirl O xP => 1450/ T [PdD]

Lot " Action fumage de billet ":
- 535 O xP => 200/ T [PdD]

Recherche :
- Cash

Lot " CobZattitude ":
- 40 Coby O xP => 18850/ T [PdD]

Lot " Rahanpah [ xD] ":
- 36 Rahanpah => 1900/ T [PdD]

Recherche :
- Noodile Cr O xP => 12500/ T , 13000/ T à partir de 5.
- John O xP => 1900/ T , 1950/ T à partir de 15.
- Cash.

Date de fin: Jeudi 27 Mars 2014

Moyen de transac' Vp si cartes nous passerons par un modo.

Merci, bonne enchère.
1 message
Straight up trade. PM please
6 messages
English AssoDiCuori - last answer from AssoDiCuori, Monday 24/03, 18:47.
Hello i sell the following cr:

Aldebaran Cr full 750k
Reine Cr full 305k
Jim Cr 0exp 205k
A Award Cr 0exp 215k
Ombre Cr full 285k
Selsya Cr full 210k

i'm interested to cash, but eventually i can also accept cash+cr( with a little raise of price) for info contact me

2 messages
English playallday_0 - last answer from playallday_0, Monday 24/03, 14:52.
Current list
Shann ( 19.5k ) full
Scotty ( 1.8k) full

for any cards except 0xp and doubles of the same card .......
2 messages
English playallday_0 - last answer from playallday_0, Monday 24/03, 13:50.
For anything worth 45k......no doubles no 0xp cards
3 messages
English Shanks Miagi - last answer from 0 Teo, Monday 24/03, 13:17.
Put copy or copies in my ps for 25k ill buy asap or pm me with 50+ and we can talk bigger price.

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