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Sunday 10/08/14

2 messages
English Magus Medivh - subject is closed
So yeah as the title says
i want to trade my Marlysa Cr + clintz
for ur (Splata Cr + Kerozinn Cr)
1 message
English ZZ-James - subject is closed
I sell:
Armanda Cr : 1,2M
Scarlett Cr : 1,4M
Shawoman Cr : 970k
Sum Sam Cr : 1,2M
Elya Cr : 700k
Kerozinn Cr : 700k
2 messages
English AcaBbe - last answer from AcaBbe, Sunday 10/08, 11:36.
Hello, i need this Cr full or 0xp at this price:
-1 Blaaster Cr a 143k clints
- 1 Dalhia Cr a 102k clints
-Lotti di Robb Cr a 50k
-Vickie Cr 600k clints
-3 Jackie Cr 194k clints
-Tessa Cr 720k clints
-Lotti Kenny Cr a 60k clints
-Lotti Edd Cr 30k clints
-Lotti Jane Ramba Cr 40k clints
-Lotti Chiara Cr 22.500 clints
-Lotti Copper Cr 72k clints
-Lotti Emeth Cr 67k clints
In privee ty
1 message
I have finally saved up 18k clintz. Is anyone willing to sell me a bee boy so my collection can be complete?
2 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - last answer from 0 Mr Holmes, Sunday 10/08, 05:40.
Looking for lots of Liona for 10,500. just send to my ps thanks!
Saturday 09/08/14

1 message
Looking for cards that add up to about 33k (that's 1k less than market price currently).

I will trade for around 31k worth of cards if you can trade me a Nabrissa.

Please PM me if you are interested, I will most likely forget to check here.
1 message
I want to sell Bristone which is Full XP for 4000
5 of Bristone full xp for 18 000.

0 xp Methane for 8700
16 of Methane 0 xp for 142000

PM for quicker rsponse ..
1 message
Liona- 10700 each
Boomstock-3900 each

Thank you~

Please put them in private sales.
8 messages
English OC_Striker - last answer from OC_Striker, Saturday 09/08, 17:02.
Hello everyone!!
i have a few cards that i want to trade for
these are-
3x Igniss {800/piece =2400}
1 Gatuchica {400} {0xp}
1 Daddy Jones {11500} {0xp}
1 Hikiyousan {15400} {0xp}
1 Dounia {6500} {0xp}

interested in
Hammer {13000} {0xp preferably}
Liu {7000} {0xp}
Striker {28000}

also want to trade my 0xp El Gringo for your full xp El Gringo without compliment
6 messages
English ---SiM-HoA--- - last answer from ---SiM-HoA---, Saturday 09/08, 15:45.
Hello, I am buying the following GHEIST cards (0XP) only for the prices followed (minimally negotiable.)

Rolph ~ 10.5k/t
Leviatonn ~ 25k/t
Toro ~ 19k/t
Arkn ~ 3k/t
Z3r0 D34d ~ 7k (Only want one copy)
Draheera ~ 7k (Only want one copy)

What I have for trade:
1200 Westwood (price negotiable)
+ Others, just ask

Or send cards directly to my PS and shoot me a PM.

Or post here.

Or do nothing.

Happy trading
4 messages
English 0 Mr Holmes - subject is closed
Buying Liona any xp for 10,500 clints. send on my ps thanks!

thanks mods
1 message
Tyd 510 0 exp MAX PRICE
Tula 790 0 exp MAX PRICE
Murray 780 0 exp MAX PRICE
Yookie 780 0 exp MAX PRICE
2 messages
English CB Maad - last answer from CB Maad, Saturday 09/08, 03:07.
The title says everything.. Thanks
Friday 08/08/14

1 message

i buy bulks Dregn 0xp 55k each via ps, fast cash
5 messages
English Safe Cr - subject is closed
Sold a card for 71500 clintz almost half an hour ago and still havent received clintz.
And yes ive have situations in the past where i gave it a minute or two and they popped up eventually but over 20mins, never. Just a bit concerned thats theres something that got screwed over or.....

Bottom line is, this has never happened to me like this before and i need some reassurance to calm me the hell down.

p.s the card i sold was Zoe x1
1 message
320k or 330k in trade

pm please
2 messages
English Trippie - last answer from Trippie, Friday 08/08, 10:57.
300 Dud Z full xp: 725 ctz each

200 Dud Z 0xp: 745 ctz each

PM me or post here.
1 message
Aiming for 500 Mokra 0 xp in my collection.

I am only 20 Mokra 0 xp away from it. I'll be offering 13.5k each cash for all 20 or 13k each if you have less than 20 to sell.
4 messages
English ChessPiece - subject is closed
Yes!.. i'm finally quitting sorry for the bad news guys.. but hey before i quit i'm leaving my cards behind have CR's and other cards in my deck.. willing to trade DOTA 2 items or $$ for my DOTA 2

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