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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 26/03/14

6 messages
English VigilanteMG - last answer from VigilanteMG, Wednesday 26/03, 14:58.
4 messages
English Kyuzo Blade-- - subject is closed
I am selling 16 copies of Mona from the Montana clan, anyone interested in a private sale for 48k each?
1 message
Scarlett Cr 0xp(1630k)

i'm looking for:
-Marlysa Cr for my Scarlett Cr 0xp+10k
-23 Noctezuma 0xp
-180 Campbell 0xp
9 messages
English cofferide - subject is closed
I'm buying Dagg and Deea for 20k clintz both. Doesn''t matter what evolution they are. I will also give u a random free cards through private sales (50 clintz) . Thats all, thx
Tuesday 25/03/14

3 messages
English adb98 - last answer from adb98, Tuesday 25/03, 23:47.
Hello, I'm selling 80 Yodd (0 exp) for 2k a head. Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate. Thanks for your time!
5 messages
English DT Tricky - subject is closed
10 Mefisto 16k/tete
2 Willy 20k/ tete
Blaaster Cr 110k
5 messages
English SEAN-TN - subject is closed
Selling 2 0xp Liona
looking for 60 k each

or i can add
0xp Mona Lady Charlie to trade for cr's
4 messages
ελληνικά 0 Teo - subject is closed
Hello eveyrone
I am buying 0exp Clover Noel at 350 each
Throw them at my ps and i'll buy them asap
For bulks pm me
1 message
English adb98 - subject is closed
Hello, I am buying Tuck (0 exp) for 4500 clintz a head. I only need about 38, and just place them in my private sale. Thanks for your time!
6 messages
English 0_Abigail - last answer from Mr Kourtekeu, Tuesday 25/03, 16:27.
Will buy your Rahanpah, 1700 for a head. Private sales.
1 message
English Kyuzo Blade-- - subject is closed
I am selling 16 copies of Mona, is anyone interested on buying them for 48k each on a private sale?
6 messages
English Zerikichi00 - subject is closed
Hi ...

I can't make a public sale (I know this because I haven't bought any credits at the shop)
But a friend of mine whom also haven't bought any credits can make public sales.

How come he can do that and I can't even, though we both did not yet buy credits at the shop?
1 message
I am looking for:

Vickie Cr - 585k cash
Lamar Cr - 570k cash

In private sale
12 messages
English 0MystiQ QJON - subject is closed
General - 8M cash
Marly - 1,5M cash

PM me if you are interested in this offer
4 messages
English DUC-San - last answer from DUC-San, Tuesday 25/03, 10:23.
I buy all your Westwood

full xp: 230 / unit
0 xp: 260 / unit

1-25 Westwood -> Private Sale
25+ Westwood -> Send me Private Message

I can also offer:
25x Konrad 0xp à 19k / unit
25x Muze 0xp à 3.700 / unit
2 messages
English Wanzley17 - subject is closed

i'm selling 210 Oxo 0xp for 1400/u, private and only clintz
1 message
English A-Trak - subject is closed
Tanaereva Cr - current lowest price is 286k
Tessa Cr - current lowest price is 800k

i will require a reasonable compliment based on market prices. please no stupid offers
3 messages
English AusRule14 - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy:

Dr Korr Cr - 8,8M Cash
Guru Cr - 8,4M Cash

Send it to my private sales if interested!

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