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Wednesday 03/09/14

2 messages
ελληνικά 0 Teo - subject is closed
Hello everyone!
I am selling my 32 Tameshi 0exp for 2950 each!
I am also buying 19 Brody 0exp for 9k each!
Pm me for faster response or to negotiate!
Thanks and have a nice day!
2 messages
English vural11 - subject is closed
I will sell 2 Dounia Cr 0xp 230k/ each
i am looking for clintz only
1 message
English UM Kolossus - subject is closed
If you trade me duplicates, I'll just contact you to say I already have it, and ask for another card/clintz instead. The priority of clans I'm looking for are: Rescue, Bangers, Uppers, Vortex, Sentinel, Ulu Watu, Skeelz. As long as it's of equal value, I will accept.
1 message
Português 0 Vegeta - subject is closed
Hey peepz.

Trading a Sum Sam Cr (1,3M) for :

- Kerozinn Cr full (680k)

- Vickie Cr full (620k)
Tuesday 02/09/14

2 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - subject is closed
Hello all, i sell
6 Dalhia Cr 0xp 105k/each
7 Lost Hog Cr 0xp 30k/each
28 Hemdall 0xp 19500/each
i can accept Dounia Cr full 190k,0xp 205k
1 message
Hey guys, I want to buy a Rowdy. Something lower than market.

1 message
Hello to everybody i'm looking for some Dounia Cr full/ 0exp (198k/209k)

i can offer a few Qubik 0exp that i value 11k/t

18 Qubik 0exp -> 1 Dounia Cr full

19 Qubik 0exp-> 1 Dounia Cr 0exp

if you are interested contact me

we will trade with private sale or with a moderator

1 message
English -clive- LW - subject is closed
Buying full xp Numar for 34k + Bridge 0xp
1 message
I want to trade my Dounia Cr full xp for your Dounia Cr 0xp, plus i will give you 3000 clintz..
anyone interested PM me.
3 messages
English xxkl0s3xx GK - subject is closed
I sell my Jim Cr for 266k only cash, mp me
1 message
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
As the title says I have 31 Rahanpah 0xp

I value them at 2.8k/e
I would prefer cash, but I will also trade for other lots

1 message
Hey, i trade my 2 cr for:
-Lamar Cr 0xp (849k) for Vickie Cr full + 225k clints
-Rass Cr full ( 860k) for Vickie Cr full + 230k clints
if you are interested contact me in chat ty
1 message
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
Hi there

I have 50 Betelgeuse that I would like to sell:
27 Full
7 Mixed Xp
16 0xp

I would like to sell them at 6.2k/e

I am mainly interested in clintz, although I am also happy to trade for playable Collectors or lots of cheaper cards

1 message
English 0 Nomi - subject is closed
Well, that. Anyone interested?
Monday 01/09/14

3 messages
English Grixxxle - last answer from Grixxxle, Monday 01/09, 23:06.
Hi Everyone I have 6 Lots up for sale today:

1. 50 Rahampah Full XP
2. 50 Rahampah Full XP
3. 50 Rahampah Full XP
4. 50 Rahampah Full XP
5. 50 Rahampah Full XP
6. 50 Rahampah Full XP

Ideally Looking for cash but willing to trade for other lots and Cr Cards. Price each card at 2500 Clints.

Thanks for Looking

1 message
Dounia Cr full for your piranhas:

Smokey Cr

Only im interesting on this cards
13 messages
English Subz3ro77 - last answer from Subz3ro77, Monday 01/09, 21:16.
Hi !

After 5 years of playing, I don't have more objective, so I decide to make a batch of 10000 Eadh only 0xp, because it's my favourite card !

Here is my prices

1-50 = 250/head.
51-100 = 300/head.
100 + = 350/head.

You can send me them directly in private sales, but please put a message here before

Thank you

5 messages
English elite cr - subject is closed
Buying all Wanda 0exp 3300 each in private sales.
1 message
Português Marcelobr4 - subject is closed

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