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Friday 08/08/14

3 messages
English NEW Nidari - subject is closed
I want to exchange DJ Korr Cr and Kiki Cr
I value them 9,8M/each

I'm looking for cash and playable Cr as Caelus Cr (170k), Alec Cr (180k) ect ..
4 messages
English XX-MAXIMUM-XX - last answer from Simple_, Friday 08/08, 01:00.
I sell Splata Cr for 800 000 or i trade him and 250 000 for Sum Sam Cr
Thursday 07/08/14

4 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed

I am looking to trade dj korr for smaller crs like jackie, caleus, blaster, or lots of cards 10k plus. I may also be interested in trading for Kiki Cr plus a small complement from me.

I value dj at 9.6m

thank you
1 message
English 0_Censored - subject is closed
How in the title, i sell or trade my dragan full exp (900k)

i'm looking for:
Lamar Cr any exp (715k) + 185k cash

contact me by mp
5 messages
English OC_Striker - subject is closed
As stated in the title...
i have a 0xp Daddy Jones which is up for grabs
i'll add UPTO 2k as complement

and im only interested in a 0XP Hammer
post ur offere here
3 messages
English elliott3 - subject is closed
I am selling 50,000 clintz please make me an offer for how much you would pay for this
Wednesday 06/08/14

1 message
I value Dorian at 16k and Spyke at 33.2k so that equals 49.2k

I have a Louise valued at 14.2k, Wardom at 12k and 3 Brodys valued at 9.3k (27.9k). That means my offer stands at 54.1k leaving 4.9k in cash to be added to Spyke and Dorian to even the deal. This offer is pending whether my Lousie and Wardom sell in which case I can offer cash

pm me

edited by Shanks Miagi Thursday 07/08, 03:25
5 messages
English Duc-Tiwi - last answer from Duc-Tiwi, Wednesday 06/08, 19:54.
650k cash
1 message
7 fulls for 74k a pop
1 0xp for 83k a pop

Private sale, message me
1 message
English FMA Suez - subject is closed
I exchange Berserkgirl Cr 0exp (900k), I search full:
Dwain Cr 230k
Reine Cr 270k
Melissa Cr 300k
Ambrose Cr 375k
NDololo Cr 700k
Aldebaran Cr 800k
Rass Cr 800k
Dragan Cr 900k
Lao Cr 900k

Contact me here or with mp.
1 message
English NOS_DarkSide - subject is closed
15 Grouchy 0xp 10,5k/h
30 De Couture 0xp 1450/h
40 Reeplay 0xp 850/h
25 Molder 0xp 600/h
I accept cash and cr as caelus, jackie and tanaereva.
2 messages
English Izy79 - last answer from Izy79, Wednesday 06/08, 14:31.
I want to trade my Marlysa Cr + 4 Saki for Kerozinn Cr + Lamar Cr
5 messages
English L4F-Teddy - last answer from HarleyxQuinn, Wednesday 06/08, 11:52.
Looking for Ongh, Mona, Dalhia
1 message
Español Warrior_Wolf - subject is closed
0xp is preferred 225k + 0xp Hemdall
Tuesday 05/08/14

10 messages
English ZZ-James - subject is closed
I sell my Lyse Teria Cr 0 xp x 7,15 M cash or 4/5 M cash min + crs.
3 messages
English unikho - last answer from unikho, Tuesday 05/08, 18:19.
Via private sale
18 messages
English troll4663 - subject is closed
Best offer gets her. I accept cash or collectors or some cards.
2 messages
English HoA - Frozen - last answer from HoA - Frozen, Tuesday 05/08, 14:54.
Selling 11 Campbell 10k each. (Negotiable)

1 0xp
1 3rd level
9 Full xp

Looking for other lots or cash mainly. Post here or PM me(Preferred).
1 message
Português PA_NirvanaPT - subject is closed

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