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Tuesday 30/09/14

2 messages
English 0_AAR - last answer from 0_AAR, Tuesday 30/09, 21:42.
Hi, I'm looking for Scarlett Cr and Dragan Cr to complete my collection.

I value Scarlett Cr at 1,3M and Dragan Cr at 940K

What I'm able to offer you:

250 Spyke 0xp (32k/t)
90 Zatman 0xp (32k/t)
190 Wee Lee 0xp (32k/t)
100 Marina 0xp (35k/t)
40 Dagg 0xp (24k/t)
50 XU52 (20k/t)

Just tell me what you're interested in, so we can make a deal.

PM me for faster response
3 messages
English Jamox360 - subject is closed
I have a Miss Twice Cr 0xp, which I value at 310k (cash) or 330k (cards)

I will consider all offers you have
7 messages
English -Azrael- - subject is closed
Hello every body , i'm looking for some Collector to finish My Collection

This what i'm looking for with the estimation
Marlysa Cr = 1M450K
Vickie Cr = 770K
Kerozinn Cr = 800K
That's all , i don't kirr if they 0xp or full

Let's go now for what i'm offering , u can choose the offer what u see good for u

I have to trade :
400 Linda 0xp = 3K/E
200 Aaron 0xp = 5K5/E
1 message
As title says, I'm looking to trade my 0XP Geuner Cr + difference for your Kreen Cr 0XP.

PM disabled, let me know if you are interested in this thread.

2 messages
English 0 Shrek - last answer from MadLampy, Tuesday 30/09, 12:58.
Hi as title says, I wish to exchange my
32 Jackie Cr 0xp
for your
General Cr (any xp)

Thank you~
2 messages
English bOCneehog - last answer from 1st B Player, Tuesday 30/09, 12:18.
Hey guys, I have 100 Flush 0xp for sale or trade. I will consider any offer but I primarily want Cr's or smaller lots. I value them at 1k/ea, so 100k for the whole lot.
1 message
English syg_chaos - subject is closed
I need her for my deck , i know its less than market price but could anyone give her to me for

10k clintz + Mario
1 message
Selling 150 copy of Windzy going for 2300 gold each 72x of them are full xp rest 0xp leave an offer and im intersted in trade if its fair price
2 messages
English caarot - subject is closed
Marlysa Cr full for 1.450.000
Monday 29/09/14

9 messages
English AKP_Kaiser - last answer from AKP_Kaiser, Monday 29/09, 18:17.
Hello all,i sell

50 Zatman 0xp 32k/each
20 Rolph 0xp 10700/each
13 Uranus full 21800/each
11 Ratanah full 21700/each
11 Terry Cr full 11500/each
5 messages
English sch0rz - last answer from Vural11, Monday 29/09, 17:09.
I want 20k cash as a compliment for your full Kiki Cr
1 message
Română Bh0 - subject is closed
Hi all,

I have decided to trade: 1050 Dorian 0xp 25k/each ---> divisible en lots 50 - 100 - 200 ....

I accept :
- cash
- DJ Korr Cr 9.9M
- Guru Cr 9.7M
- Kiki Cr 9.4M
- General Cr 8.5M
- Lyse Teria Cr 7M
- Scarlett Cr 1M360k
- Marlysa Cr 1M320k
- Sum Sam Cr 1.2M
- Manon Cr 1.2M
- ----> I can accept all the cr
- ----> I can also accept normals cards 10k+ en lots 50

Contact me
2 messages
English XC Levi 69 - subject is closed
I trade my 0xp General Cr vs your full xp General Cr + 7k cash(negotiable)
2 messages
English Eric WMD - last answer from Eric WMD, Monday 29/09, 08:01.
Hey, I have 113 copies of Beeboy for Trade:

Beeboy 0xp = 29k
Beeboy full = 28.5k

Name your Crs you wanna trade and I only trade at market value. Mostly I'm interested in Sigmund Cr, Lao Cr, Sam Sung Cr, but other are fine
6 messages
English canopusHOA - last answer from CO_Moctezuma, Monday 29/09, 04:46.
I have two 0xp Jackie CRs. I would like to trade them for 20 Dr. Copernicas. I am willing to take other offers, though I prefer cards in NB. Thank you!
1 message
I want to sell my 25 Oyoh for 110 000 or
Sedlnor Cr or two Kenny Cr
or maybe some other cards
just inbox me
2 messages
English 0 Nomi - last answer from 0 Nomi, Monday 29/09, 04:25.
As the title says, i want to trade my Seldnor Cr 0 xp for a Robb Cr full xp (intended for play, not interested in 0 xp) + GraksmxxT (same). I can listen to offers. Thanks.
Sunday 28/09/14

2 messages
English lord of war 15 - subject is closed
I want to trade or sell my Selsya Cr
250 000 Clintz
The 8 cards in my list:
Ed 12
Lin Xia
+ 100 000 clintz
Thank you Inbox me
2 messages
English Vural11 - last answer from Vural11, Sunday 28/09, 21:15.
My 1 Charlie 0xp for 14 Lennox 0xp
my 1 Charlie 0xp for 14 Askai 0xp
my 2 Grace 0xp for 4 Lennox or 8 Askai 0xp
my 1 Dr Copernica 0xp for 8 Lennox or 8 Askai 0xp
my 1 Charlie 0xp + 1 Aaron 0xp for 1 Ongh 0xp

pm me
1 message
English 0_AAR - subject is closed

je vends 100 Zatman 0xp pour 34k/t

fin: 21:30


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