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Thursday 25/09/14

4 messages
ελληνικά skepasti - last answer from eleos83, Thursday 25/09, 22:39.
I trade Kiki Cr 0 xp with Guru Cr or DJ Korr Cr +cash
2 messages
English Pumjection - subject is closed
Hi! I sell them for 900 each one.

Via PS

2 messages
English SYG_Chaos - subject is closed
Hey guys I'm making avatars for 3k each , check out my profile to see my work

Pm me for cool avatars
2 messages
English O Isatic - subject is closed
I buy Tasty Tast for 1200 each
only 0xp accepted
i have the following cards to trade
15 Proffer Man 0xp for 12 Tasty Tast 0xp
2x Redra full for 2 Tasty Tast 0xp
pm me or post here.
i'm only interested in 0xp Tasty Tast
2 messages
English UM Kolossus - subject is closed
Hello fellow clintizens of Clintz City, I am starting an avatar business ! Just tell me a character to use (For now, just Urban Rivals characters only) plus the name to place on it as well, and I'll start at 3,000 Clintz, a pretty cheap deal if you ask me . I will consult to you via private messages, sending you the final result to see if you like it or not. I also have a DeviantArt for my artwork, so if you want to see some samples before spending your time with me, go check it out at ---> http://a-generation.deviantart.com/ . I hope to work with you all in the future!
1 message
Hi, change mi lot of 30 D4 Funk 0xp 10k each for 65 Pr Hartnell 0xp 4600 each
Trade for vp

1 message
Oxen for 2k pls pls pls
Wednesday 24/09/14

1 message
Lamar 0 xp for your lamar full and 10k complement
1 message
Hi eng forum

I sell 1000 Ganx 0xp for 1.1k/each
TOT: 1M 100K.
Not separable

Accept only cash, thanks
1 message
Hello all, I'm buying Splata Cr for 770k, pm me
7 messages
English General Bose - last answer from 0 Spycee, Wednesday 24/09, 17:15.
Linda X500
I value them 4k
2 messages
English SPT rozzo - subject is closed
Salut j'echange :

-Lyse Teria Cr (7M2) + 2 400 000 cash !!!!!!!!!!! vs DJ Korr Cr (10M)

Pas la peine de dir : 7,2 vs 10M parce que personne à jamais payè 3M cash de complement

En VP , merci .
8 messages
English - Pillman - last answer from XC Levi 69, Wednesday 24/09, 13:37.
Hello everyone,

I want to sell some:Cr's,Lots & some cards

--- Lots ---

- 73x Anita 0xp 1,3k/e -

- 108x Anita Full xp 1,2k/e -

- 12x Tameshi 0xp 2,2k/e -

- 8x Tameshi Full xp 2,1k/e -

- 65x Gradymag Full xp 1,1k/e -

- 34x Westwood 0xp 500/e -

- 111x Balorg 0xp 300/e -

- 11x Balorg Full xp 250/e -

--- Cards ---

- Lizbeth 0xp 67k -

- Hemdall Full xp 17k -

- Shogunn 0xp 9k -

--- Collectors ---

- 2x Blaaster Cr 145k/e -

- Rhed Cr 0xp 18k -

- Dalhia Cr Full xp 95k -

- Caelus Cr 0xp 175k -

- Manon Cr 0xp 1,39 Mil -

Interested in

- Collectors such as: - Lamar Cr 0xp 780k -
- Diyo Cr 0xp 95k -
- Geuner 0xp 90k -
- Vickie Cr 0xp 610k -
- Cassio Cr 0xp 90k -
- Seldnor Cr 0xp 115k -
- Kerozinn Cr 0xp 650k -
- Page Cr 0xp 83k -

P.S: I do NOT,I repeat,I do NOT accept Bulks,and I accept the 0xp version of each Cr.

Thank You!
12 messages
English General Bose - last answer from General Bose, Wednesday 24/09, 13:27.
I'm BUYING Marco Cr FOR 49k
and if trade 50k.
7 messages
English -riuga- - last answer from -riuga-, Wednesday 24/09, 10:42.
21 Aaron 0exp 4,5k/t=90k tot

200 Houtay 0exp 950clint/t=190k tot

pm me or post here
1 message
English O Isatic - subject is closed
The title says all
i have 29 Proffer Man 0xp to offer
i value them at 1k/each
that makes it 29k
looking for cash mainly but would listen to other offers as wel..
pm me for faster response
10 messages
English 0 Scarface - last answer from uT_Morebless-, Wednesday 24/09, 05:08.
Looking for offers
2 messages
English caccapippa - last answer from caccapippa, Wednesday 24/09, 01:02.
1000 clintz Alexandrea full
1100 clintz Alexandrea 0xp
send me in private sale
1 message
[SELL] Miss Twice Cr 0xp X6 Miss Twice Cr FULL X1
I want to sell Miss Twice Cr . The price is 340K . I accept cash or cr ,rare,cards. we can negociate
2 messages
Español Vural11 - last answer from Vural11, Wednesday 24/09, 00:07.
I want to buy
1 Cortez 0xp 55k
5 Askai full xp 3,5k / each

pm me

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