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Sunday 10/08/08

2 messages
English ab210_LR - last answer from calz XC, Sunday 10/08/2008, 06:28.
Buying Crs i have 30 k i have every Cr 28k and under. So im looking for any other Cr card
5 messages
English mx666 - last answer from REDHAWK_FIST, Sunday 10/08/2008, 04:15.
I need one 4 reasonable price below market. PM me your offers.
8 messages
English SekiSeki - last answer from REDHAWK_FIST, Sunday 10/08/2008, 04:08.
1 message
Can someone sell me a copy of Katan when I have the total money? I will be willing to buy it for 2,400 clintz in 9 days-2 weeks time. I am simply asking to reserve a purchase as it takes time to amass the clintz.
3 messages
English Zz_Roy_zZ - subject is closed
I'm poor i need cards
Saturday 09/08/08

1 message
This auction will go on for about 3 days or after i see a really good bid. I will then Private sell it to the highest bidder
1 message
If anyone is intrested ill trade Katan and 6.8k for a Bloodh of any lvl
2 messages
English Cravin - last answer from John Clark, Saturday 09/08/2008, 21:35.
I need smokey pm whith an offer
8 messages
English Potts - last answer from Potts, Saturday 09/08/2008, 21:28.
I need any Sentinel card u have!!!
I have Zdrone Rick Rebeaca Carlous and Louis so please tell me if u have any other! thanks
3 messages
English Immortal One - last answer from WP Biser, Saturday 09/08/2008, 19:54.
I am willing to buy 2 star bobbys with 0 xp for 1500 clintz. pm me if you are selling, if u arent happy with the price we can negotiate through pm.
thank you, have a nice day.
7 messages
English brock00100 - last answer from brock00100, Saturday 09/08/2008, 19:44.
Any1 sellin?
1 message
Need Gabrielle real cheap! Will make a deal. Please help.
1 message
Looking for lv 1 Pino send me private offers
1 message
The title says it all. Im looking for a Dr. Saw with 0 exp and 1 star for 1100 clintz if anyone wants to. Sell it to me in a private sale ....ty.
2 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from LoA JuNtA, Saturday 09/08/2008, 15:14.
I want Robb for 1000 Thnx I would veru appericiate
1 message
Ill trade someone a boris and Eve for her. pm me if interested
2 messages
English clemclem16 - last answer from LoA JuNtA, Saturday 09/08/2008, 14:30.
BUYING Rico (U) for 270-300 clintz
1 message
Rarest i have is kenny i also haev lelena
9 messages
Español 87Belfast - last answer from elo_dragon, Saturday 09/08/2008, 13:51.
Common/uncommon cards cheap...

150 clint cards...

Terry (possibly future cr)
Lino Barsa
Gran Vista
bob Jody
mo diffalo

200 clint cards...


other prices

Windy Mor: 700
Tank: 750
Flesh Pimp: 350
Mort Bax: 300
Zlatar: 350

This is only my first batch of cards for sale. there will probably be plenty more.
46 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Check my sales and pm or leave a message here for trade details

crazy offers wont be entertain

clintz and cards any combination is acceptable

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