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Wednesday 27/08/08

2 messages
English lsuchef - last answer from kaneholt10, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 18:18.
Looking to finish off my GHEIST collection looking for
Ludmilla (C)
Methane (R)
Toro (U) and
Miss Twice Cr (Cr)
7 messages
English orange rocket - last answer from Mariolopes17, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 18:03.
Any thing u dont want offer to me
2 messages
English FK_Bruce - last answer from Mariolopes17, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 18:01.
I need Katan Bloodh Hawkins pm me when you have it
7 messages
English frozen14 - last answer from Mariolopes17, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 17:59.
Ho want to buy my Striker and Bloodh+ 13 000 Clintz for Dregan cr
2 messages
English w3akyo_018 - last answer from kaneholt10, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 16:52.
6 messages
English Klurklurk - subject is closed
Vickie 5stars 24500

selling asap.
1 message
Buyingg him looking or under 3.7k
3 messages
English listrum - subject is closed
Lvl one Timber for sale really good card if anyone wants and the effect is really good
18 messages
English 0 Wiivja - last answer from Shane Falco, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 15:00.
I dont play this game much any more due to less time. Send me PM on what cards you want
8 messages
English ZeroTetsuoWMD - subject is closed
0 Exp any offers?
Im also looking for
Miss Twice Cr
Splata Cr
Tessa Cr
Jim Cr
Kerozinn Cr
And Tanaereva
3 messages
English Vorpal Scarab - subject is closed
Starting price 750 clintz
reserve price 950 clintz
instant buy 1100 clintz
instant price is negotiable
personal message me if you want instant buy first one to do so wins instant buy
this subject is for bidds only not instant buy offers
6 messages
English elo_dragon - subject is closed
Im selling Kerozinn Cr,Miss Twice Cr,Tessa Cr no stupid offers... just pm for quiker response
1 message
Hay im buying Kolos for 17k
if thats good with ayone send sale
or just message me
1 message
? want these cards cheaper than market....please good offer me...
2 messages
English Klurklurk - last answer from Black23Mamba, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 12:26.
Title says it all.

buying asap.
2 messages
English PL_WILSON - last answer from PL_WILSON, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 11:58.
As a title say i want a 0xp vickie for my Thaumaturge Cr...
pm me if you want to trade...thanks
2 messages
English UMAR - last answer from k-rek, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 11:56.
I dont mind at what level but i need him cheap
2 messages
English 0utlaw - subject is closed
Buying tanaereva 20000 any lvl
4 messages
English Klurklurk - last answer from Klurklurk, Wednesday 27/08/2008, 09:07.
Selling vickie 5stars for 24500 non negotiable
or lets trade

vickie = kenny, sheltane, Azel, Hel and Timmy.
11 messages
English Gryazzie - subject is closed
A maxed Kerry ( Rescue )
6/6 courage SOB
4 stars
really really awesome card as you know

Start bid : 6000
reserve : 8500
instant buy : 8500-inf
ea raise must be atleast 100

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