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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 14/08/08

1 message
I will buy any card for 150 clitz

if they are a bit better e.g Mort Bax, Dan i will pay 230 or we can arrage a price

pm me for offers thanks
5 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Charlie level 3 one on sale
Rico level 1 and level 3 two on sale
Sakura level 3 one on sale
TrinmkkT at level 3 three on sale
Wanda level 2 one on sale
1 message
Buy Gwen 1*

500 clintz
2 messages
English OffTheHeezay - subject is closed
Im selling or trading Janine, Sydney, Mickey T and Samantha. Say your ofer on the post please. I'll accept the highest offer made.
2 messages
English clemclem16 - last answer from 0_madrid, Thursday 14/08/2008, 15:51.
Cyan 140
Spycee 150
Glorg 1300
Tyd 390
Mayhem 300
Sting 800
smokey 450
Andsom 380
Armand 1200
Tshern 200
Erzsebet 165
Wheeler 160

thnx a lot !
2 messages
English jaykayjk1 - subject is closed
8259 clintz

Pm me or post if u want to buy.
8 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
I am looking for:
1 message
If someone is willing to sell me a Dalhia at level one for a price range from 500 to 1700 clints, mail me.or if you decide to sell me a Bloodh at level one ill give you 2000. (please private sell me the cards)
1 message
Pm me your prices for Smokey and Katan not max. Thanks
1 message
Ive got a maxed esalt for sale and ill take any bid from 1500 to 2500
2 messages
English 3L Janissary - last answer from 3L Janissary, Thursday 14/08/2008, 15:25.
Any offer??
1 message
Wanna sell Vansaar liv1 for 850C , pls contact me
1 message
English jaykayjk1 - subject is closed
Marco- 10800
Slyde- 300
Anita- 1250
1 message
Offer Price for Willy And I'll buy him
8 messages
English orange rocket - last answer from orange rocket, Thursday 14/08/2008, 08:41.
If you have any montana's i will buy them of u from 250 +
4 messages
English The_Supremist - last answer from The_Supremist, Thursday 14/08/2008, 07:36.
What are the new cr's going to be and when?

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