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Wednesday 13/08/08

1 message
Pls pm price.. thank you.
8 messages
English KNIGHT RIDER - subject is closed
I am selling Kolos for 100clintz
15 messages
English FK_Bruce - subject is closed
26 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 13/08/2008, 02:28.

Is a type 1 / elo deck with really good cards in it ( emeth +20 attack, Jana ramba, geturd)
Starting price: 5k
reserve price: 30k ( until i fine how much it really cost lol)
1 message
I am looking for good Bangers at low price private message me
Tuesday 12/08/08

13 messages
English Dennis1012 - last answer from matt5888, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 21:46.
I'm selling my fang pi clan freak sakrom and left over pirana
part 1
whole thing for 13k
part 2
for 11500
both for 23k
1 message
I'm buying some cards in bulk
Andsom 700 Per Piece
Tyd 650 - 680 Per Piece
Mayhem 600 Per Piece

If you have any other low value cards to sell in bulk PM me with offer.
5 messages
English Pride of Pitt - subject is closed
Just make your offers.
5 messages
Español conkero_05 - last answer from worldpad, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 17:24.
I change the following letters collector to the nvel max into the same ones but 0xp or at least to the nvel 1
1 Marlysa Cr 2 Elya Cr 2 Kerozinn Cr 2 Lamar Cr 2 Geuner Cr 2 Diyo Cr 2 Splata Cr 1 Sigmund Cr 2 Ambrose Cr 2 Ombre Cr 2 Dwain Cr 2 theumaturge cr 2 Cassio Cr 1 Beltran Cr 2 Nahi Cr 2 Page Cr 2 to award cr 2 reigns cr 5 Tessa Cr 2 Swidz Cr 2 dredge cr 2 skulface cr 1 Melissa Cr 2 Jim Cr
I REPEAT the letters that I have just said estan to the nvel max, and change them into the same ones but 0xp or to the level 1
Example: someone has a Splata Cr and it(he,she) it wants to the max, but this one 1 and he(she) says to the nvel that it(he,she) wants to Splata Cr, I spend(pass) it to the nvel max and 1 spends(passes) it to the nvel
Postscript: Every sera under control of a moderator
2 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed
Like the title said.. im looking for a cheap Mayhem.. hopefully max..

around 150-200 clintz
11 messages
English BF_DaPwner123 - last answer from BF_DaPwner123, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 16:04.
Im looking for a very good elo deck plz i need help
10 messages
English 0-Jade - last answer from 0-Jade, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 12:27.
5 messages
English rohanpatel1984 - last answer from the jr mlg, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 09:54.
I have a Vickie and a Eklore to sell or trade PM me offer
1 message
Im buying Mona for 2300 clintz

if you wanna sell it right away just private sale
1 message
Just name your price
1 message
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im trading my 0xp Jane ramba for a Gaia at any level
4 messages
English Mystic Kitty - last answer from ab210_LR, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 03:01.
Okay folks, I'm seeing the point that I'm never going to have enough clints to get the CR's I want so here is an offer. I am willing to trade my complete set of fully leveled Rescue Team for either a Scarlett Cr (Cr) (which I really want) or a Shawoman Cr (Cr) (second choice). Anyone out there want to make a deal?


= =
2 messages
English A7X Skylit - last answer from WAHHH, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 02:53.
Alright im buying 2 resuce cards ::::
Lea (U)
Lobo (u)
2 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 01:38.
Im looking for a Kati fang pi clan card 1 star for 400-450 clintz if you have one plz sell it to me.

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