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Monday 11/08/08

2 messages
English LiL JoKeR 21 - last answer from calz XC, Monday 11/08/2008, 11:38.
I am selling Rico And Tshern of the Roots

Rico is 500 Clintz! and is at level 3 and he is 7/4

Tshern is 600 Clintz! and is also maxed out and he is 7/2

not dumb offers thank you
1 message
If any 1 does this for me message me and make a private deal
3 messages
English turkz4lyf - last answer from mummy1, Monday 11/08/2008, 09:07.
Selling for 13000really cheaper than on markets
9 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from JokeKing, Monday 11/08/2008, 09:03.
1 message
As what the title sed I'm buying these cards .. please pm me in private if you are selling these cards.

1 message
Looking 4 an edd looking 4 a cheap price cause im a noobe and i have no good cards
1 message
4 messages
English artax32 - last answer from orange rocket, Monday 11/08/2008, 07:35.
I have a full level Murphy, Uxoh, and if you have a card like Edd or Burger i might trade or sell or buy to you. i would like to trade only La Junta and Montana i will use unless you have a better idea.
6 messages
English MYTHsong - subject is closed
Pm me with your offers
4 messages
English Rocket Raccon - subject is closed

Im Lookin For Marco , Jackie , Vickie, Vermyn N, Taham , XU52 , Copper , Kerry , GraksmxxT , Zatman , Dorian , or Maybe All Of Them For Miss Twice Cr or Kerozinn Cr
2 messages
ελληνικά -lykos 21- - last answer from WAHHH, Monday 11/08/2008, 02:32.
I am looking for this card : Miss Twice Cr
1 message
Olga 2000
Eadh 600
Hel 1500
Akendram 900
Dieter 1900
Boris 1100
Sunday 10/08/08

4 messages
English Fiat Lux - subject is closed
I am looking for a Marco everyone
i am also willing to trade Bloodh
2 messages
English Fiat Lux - subject is closed
3 messages
English UMAR - last answer from BIG_DIZZ, Sunday 10/08/2008, 22:41.
Message me or send cards to my private sale
3 messages
English D15K - subject is closed
4 messages
English A7X Skylit - last answer from Dennis1012, Sunday 10/08/2008, 19:01.
Except Piranas....La Junta..and only need 2 resuces thats all
9 messages
English Gumbo123 - last answer from Gumbo123, Sunday 10/08/2008, 15:40.

I am looking for any and all Crs EXCEPT Kerozinn and Marlysa preferably below market price... I can trade bulk cards too...

That is all... XD Thanks!
8 messages
English epayne WMD - last answer from epayne WMD, Sunday 10/08/2008, 13:54.
100 clintz
5 messages
English Piggybank - last answer from Piggybank, Sunday 10/08/2008, 13:37.
The leveled up version please

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