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Sunday 24/08/08

1 message
I'm looking to buy Ombre Cr. I'll pay 50k for him. If anyone has one for sale either set it up for Private Sale or send me a PM.
Saturday 23/08/08

1 message
Buying all your cheap and unwanted cards for about 100-120 each.

PM me if interested
7 messages
English - 409 - - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 21:51.
This is probably very unlikely but is anyone willing to be generous and sell me either Lamar Cr or Nahi Cr for a cheap price?
2 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 21:45.
Selling cards just check out the profile
3 messages
English Rocket Raccon - subject is closed
1 message
PM me with offers
12 messages
English JokerofFire - last answer from wiredkill, Saturday 23/08/2008, 21:27.
The deck is a fusion of Nightmare and GHEIST. I personally love this combination as you will always have the SOB and SOA option in your hand. The Deck includes:

Z3r0 D34d

This combination comes out to a perfect 25 Star balance. Glorg and Dieter off the SOB + SOA option which is nice to have when faced with Kolos etc. Kenny is also able to put you up by 15 Life in one attack. With fury his attack does 5 damage to the opponent and raises your life by ten. Platinum is a wonderful card as his ability allows him to bring an opposing card's attack down to one. Which is perfect to take care of those pesky bluffs. Hel is a very decent 2 star card as she has 6 power and life steal. XU52 is a heavy hitter and a wonderful bluff with 8 damage and a good ability. Luba has 7 Power and the steal damage ability and Z3r0 D34d has 7 attack and a potential to do 4 Damage. However as i said before, the wonderful thing about this ELO deck is its ability to stop both abilities and bonuses. Works very well. I will accept a Clintz offer or a trade for a similar ELO deck. Feel free to message me as i am always on. Happy Bidding [=
3 messages
English orange rocket - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 21:06.
Message me in private if u want to sell me any thing
3 messages
English PLAY-FAST PLZ - last answer from PLAY-FAST PLZ, Saturday 23/08/2008, 20:56.
Hi hu ever reads this thread
I need to buy a Wee Lee for 6 000
If u have one PM me or ost in thread
1 message

I'm buying Gary (no full xp) and Phonos (no full xp).

1 Gary = 600

If you want, send me your card on private space...
(sorry for my horrible english, because i'm French)
2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
I'm looking for these cards under market price please


Na Boh


1 message
Will buy for 14k PM me.
5 messages
English fincho - last answer from LOA_Rannoch, Saturday 23/08/2008, 18:32.
5 messages
Español GA Trooper - last answer from Ninja-zero, Saturday 23/08/2008, 18:22.
Well, I'm selling it for 715 000 clintz, if you want it, send a PM
2 messages
English Hellequin101 - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 18:03.
Buying Leviatonn 10k= 10000 clintz!
2 messages
English lordstrider - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 18:02.
I have 32k
13 messages
English FM_HBJ - last answer from FM_HBJ, Saturday 23/08/2008, 18:00.
I'm auctioning a maxxed Page Cr

Stating Bid:14,750
Reserve Price:16,000
Automatic Price:22,000

End Date is August 26 2008 at 5:00 pm
2 messages
English cashee21 - last answer from kaneholt10, Saturday 23/08/2008, 17:57.

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