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Friday 22/08/08

1 message
Buying Kerry for 5500 clintz pm me for faster deals and negotiations
1 message
Hi I'm Buying Ghiest Pls reasonable(Cheaper than in Market if Possible)
1 message
i'm looking for one or more Wanda ONLY 0xp
please contact me with PM
9 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from RedSanjee, Friday 22/08/2008, 12:05.
Offer for Rescue Characters Only Real Buyers TY
8 messages
English orange rocket - subject is closed
Only selling to people under the lvl 17 and have not bought credits for fairness!!!
1 message
Im buying any good Roots and junks for chap ( im really low on cash i mean really) Ive already got some junks but no Roots so post ur offers on here. remember im low on cash!

z-sphinx-z-FI, thanks
3 messages
English UM_TrpleDoubl - last answer from UM_TrpleDoubl, Friday 22/08/2008, 08:47.
Is anyone willing to sell me any of the following cards:


i hope they will be sold to me in lower prices.. feel free to post here for offers, or just pm me.
2 messages
English sutanrii - last answer from orange rocket, Friday 22/08/2008, 07:37.
11 messages
English OffTheHeezay - last answer from orange rocket, Friday 22/08/2008, 07:35.
Its that deck /

Selling for 7800 clintz, well below market price currently!
2 messages
English LeeMitLeZ - last answer from Marubin2080, Friday 22/08/2008, 07:00.
Pm me your price
70 messages
English polakus - subject is closed
Yea well whoever answers first can have my best cards
1 message
Like i sayd before , i trade my 2 vickies at full lvl for 5 marco any lvl
1 message
I am trading FOR GraksmxxT, Uranus, and TrinmkkT

Plz post or pm good offers
2 messages
English jaykayjk1 - last answer from lsuchef, Friday 22/08/2008, 04:53.
GraksmxxT, TrinmkkT, and Uranus

Trading FOR them not trading thm

Plz pm me if u r trading 1
10 messages
English shumai - subject is closed
I'm pretty little compared to some of these other sellers, but here's what I have to offer

Sentinels (attack +:
Coby: 8/3, 4*, Support: damage +1 (2490)
Dayton: 3*, 7/2, Damage +3 (390)
John: 3*, 5/4, Support Power +1 (765)
Josh: 3*, 3/6, Stop opp bonus (375)
Luis: 3* 6/3, Stop opp ability (490)
Miranda: 4*, 7/4, Damage +2 (1290)
Rick: 2*, 6/1, Support damage 1 (540)
Skiner: 3*, 4/5, Attack +12 (1490)
These cards work well together as a deck, and they're not super expensive like some of the heavy hitters. I'm selling them because I want to try other clans and don't feel like buying lots of credits because, well, I'm poor. I'll sell these individually for market the value listed or as a set for 6,999! (It sounds more like a deal that way, huh?)

But wait, there's more!

I also have available, for a limited time, one copy of Vickie, Montana's powerhouse 5*!

Vickie: 5*, 7/8, Stop opp bonus, -12 opp attack, min 8 (22,500)

This card rocks pretty hard. I was lucky enough to get one in a booster pack, but I don't play Montana, so there's not much point in me really keping her just for sentimentality (My efforts at a Montant deck crashed and burned. Yes. I suck.)

That's it for now. Happy gaming!
6 messages
English LiL JoKeR 21 - last answer from holywar, Friday 22/08/2008, 02:27.
Looking to buy Bangers for cheap!

i have Lennox Platoona Leila and Laetitia
and i bought them all for 50 Clintz
im not lying i swear

private message me
3 messages
English Alan WMD - last answer from Alan WMD, Friday 22/08/2008, 01:28.
Looking for Jackie
plz post your price here or PM me ,thnx!
1 message
English justin123194 - subject is closed
I want to buy them both
but im only paying 5k for each
message me
for send me the private sale
Thursday 21/08/08

1 message
I am looking for Sentenls and Juckz just starting collecting them so i have none. I am not intersed in the cheap part of the clan.

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