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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 20/08/08

3 messages
English justin123194 - last answer from UM_TrpleDoubl, Wednesday 20/08/2008, 09:06.
Sellin some guys
just look at what i got
if u want any just buy them
or message me for a deal
3 messages
English The_Supremist - last answer from The_Supremist, Wednesday 20/08/2008, 07:35.
21k 1k bellow market pm me!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
For 7300

just private sale me
5 messages
English po-po-police - subject is closed
Selling fully leveled vickie
7 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Gryazzie, Wednesday 20/08/2008, 02:51.
Will not sell indivudally
only sell the whole thing

SELLING ENTIRE Rescue CLAN ( so far......without new cards and marco)
FOR 32k!
( no marco)
clintz only
and the whole thing only
if u do not belive me..check mah sales
9 messages
English helgithor - last answer from Alan WMD, Wednesday 20/08/2008, 02:36.
Both of them are lvl 1

Now how much will you pay ?
1 message
Currently looking for ( I just started this game today, and would only be able to afford a few, but am posting here to save a few dollars off the market. I gota start somewhere!
*Z Drone
1 message
I want to buy Emeth for lower price if you dont mind. Might buy for 2,700 clintz. Message me if you will sell it. Thanks!
2 messages
English Alan WMD - last answer from Alan WMD, Wednesday 20/08/2008, 01:22.
Looking for Jackie with good price
PM me plz,thnx!
Tuesday 19/08/08

1 message
I am buying Ratanah

If you sell PM me pl0x! with a price on it =)
4 messages
Česky 0 Sketch - subject is closed
1 message
Looking for:
1 message
Buying esalt for 950 clintz
5 messages
English Ikidakimasu - last answer from steel dragon10, Tuesday 19/08/2008, 17:56.
Hey guys. Its me and I would like to know which pack of cards have the best value interms of the value of the cards you get.

If you were a merchant like me who buy credits all day long and buy packs then sell the characters to make clintz to assemble a private godly army, which pack would you buy?

I don't care about the race or anything, I care about which pack has the most expensive cards in it.
8 messages
English ERming - last answer from ERming, Tuesday 19/08/2008, 17:49.
Selling Larry MAXXED

Starting Price:299 Clitz
Instant Sell:599
2 messages
English Epic Fresh - last answer from Shadow_na, Tuesday 19/08/2008, 17:45.
WANTED: Someone who is willing to help me collect sentinels after i have them all i pay. Message eldeano for more info or a specail deal.
1 message
This is probably unlikely but is anyone willing to sell a Lamar Cr for a dirt cheap price?
19 messages
English WP-Peace- - last answer from LOBSTER MEAT, Tuesday 19/08/2008, 12:44.
I am sellin my La Junta coz i need clintz
to buy the expensive allstars and Piranas
offers for
jane ramba
Chiro x3
amiral py
and another one that i cant actually remember
also sellin random
Xia Leming
and Windy Mor

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