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Sunday 17/08/08

6 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from fire_(evo), Sunday 17/08/2008, 04:06.
At the moment there are no lvl 3 vickie so i am looking for the highest bidder
1 message
Any1 planning to sell Leviatton and Hawkins (U) for a cheaper price????

and these others too :
-Toro (U)
-Methane (R)
-Rhed (R)
-Sting (U)/Katan (R)
-Smokey (C)

really need em,

i wanna make a Piranas GHEIST deck
1 message
Buyin edd Mona and Ottavia
message me for some deals
12 messages
English MrJak_RDN - last answer from zawaha, Sunday 17/08/2008, 02:42.
PM for a faster reply, I may want people to show me how to trade cards but yh....


Linda Olga Sting Meg Wakai Lunatik Yusuke Lennox Kati Oyoh

(Maybe) Buying:

Ambre Steve Bobby Marco Dorian Jackie Rubie

You can write your offer up FIRST
Then we negoiate (however its spelt...).
1 message
I want to buy Loma Noju and Liu. i have currently got 2000 clintz. i can get more but if you want more you will have to wait. if you are willing to sell me ether of these cards for around 2000 clintz or less send me a message please because i will check my messages more than i check this. i will buy who ever sells me a card for the cheapest prise.
Saturday 16/08/08

1 message
I sell theese characters:

-lvl 2(max) Morlha
-lvl 3(max) Acid DC
-lvl 3(max) Zodiack
-lvl 3(max) Cell
-lvl 3(max) Elixir
-lvl 3(max) Elixir
-lvl 2(max) Mickey T

Just check the market if you wanna buy
2 messages
English rohanpatel1984 - last answer from scar-ak, Saturday 16/08/2008, 20:29.
I'm looking to Purchase any card in bulk PM me with Offer. I also have a Eklore up for Trade.

PM me with any offer.
9 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
Indeed I am looking to trade my max Marlysa Cr+clintz for a max Melissa Cr and a max Dragan Cr. You can post here or message me. You can also make offers involving the cards I am looking for. Thank you.
9 messages
English JokerofFire - last answer from LW-Joe-LW, Saturday 16/08/2008, 19:35.
I have four GHEIST cards i am looking to trade for any four cards from another clan. I expect equal trades to be posted. No noob or garbage trades.
Following GHEIST Cards:
Z3r0 D34d

Each card is at its maximum level.
1 message
Buying her at any level for 11000

PM me offers
1 message
Will sum1 giv me sentinels cheap but they hav to be the sentinels on the secon d page of the market excluding Z Drone And John
post cheap offers here
or pm me!!!!
4 messages
English VampireFred - last answer from VampireFred, Saturday 16/08/2008, 17:20.
Looking for :Charlie+Yayoi+Wanda+Feelyn

I got more than 40 ricos ,several smokey ,Tyd and Andsom,be wiling to trade dem for the cats' deck

plz name ur reasonable offer ,thx

no offer with clintz as I'm short of clintz now (bought too many Katan and other cards for storement ,lol)
1 message
I am looking for a Jackie but i only have 9k can anybody sell her/hime to me for 9000 clints please
4 messages
English LilKing - subject is closed
I will trade anybody a Kenny for a Cassandra or a Hawk or a Jackie or a Zatman
6 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
B Ball
Vermyn N
Juicy Lord

plz make decent offer or trade decent cards
2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im looking for all montanas exept from Pino Angelina and Zodiack and i don't want vickie or LT please pm me with what you want or post here.
1 message
I am looking to buy ether Loma Noju or Liu. i have only got 2000 clints. i will buy which ever one i get the best offer for. please send me messages rather than posting stuff here because i probebly wont check this very often. i will buy best offer.
11 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Vorpal Scarab, Saturday 16/08/2008, 09:56.
Selling/trading my sentinels
my sentinels are

Aurelia maxed
Carlos *2
Coby maxed
Dayton maxed
Havok maxed
John maxed
Josh maxed
Klaus maxed
Luis maxed
Miranda maxed
Rebecca maxed
Rick maxed

Will not accept charity sale
1 message
Im buying a cheap Spycee for 140-160 clintz
pm me ur prefer price thnx!

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