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Friday 15/08/08

2 messages
English fincho - last answer from justin123194, Friday 15/08/2008, 21:32.
Selling Gran Vista and Zoltan offer on pm
2 messages
English Lord Urizen - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Friday 15/08/2008, 19:59.
Eklore is up for auction.
Immediate Purchase Price: 45k
Starting Price:43K
End of Auction:Aug 16,08
2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im buying

Ironfield 450

Vassili 500

Titus 2200

Crassus 2750
5 messages
English Gumbo123 - last answer from chainz-old, Friday 15/08/2008, 19:13.
I am trading Lao Cr for the following cards ONLY, sorry... XD

I am looking for:

Selysa Cr 39 000
Skullface Cr 49 750
Reine Cr 77 000
Elya Cr 78 000
Dragan Cr 187 000
Sigmund Cr 199 999

All are exact prices at the time, which totals to 630 749... XD You can remove either Selysa or Skullface to make it around 590k, which is about market price... Please PM me if you are interested, thanks!
3 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed
I need Ella, Feelyn, Yayoi, and Charlie.. priv msg me..
8 messages
English madmaxbtd - last answer from Shadow_na, Friday 15/08/2008, 18:11.
In it were Willy, Zatman, and Hax!!! Highest value pack yet!
1 message
I need a good elo deck
1 message
If you have any cheap u cards from this clans please post them here with the price and I'll see if I can afford it.

A really cheap Rubie,Dorian,Frankie Hi or Samantha just to start off my 1st ever deck, will be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
1 message
4 messages
English matt5888 - last answer from 0 Chopper, Friday 15/08/2008, 08:25.
Idk which just i want soem for cheap i have 91 C now but will get more pm me kk
3 messages
English garyskillz - last answer from 0 Chopper, Friday 15/08/2008, 07:54.
Plzz email me about the cards
5 messages
English matt5888 - last answer from 0 Chopper, Friday 15/08/2008, 07:51.
if u have any not grand vista or Cyan i have 250 C as of now but i am doing tons of tornaments and with have MANY more soon
2 messages
English LW-Joe-LW - last answer from 0 Chopper, Friday 15/08/2008, 07:31.
Any underpriced ill accept and maybe other if i need
10 messages
English Immortal One - last answer from frankydoodles, Friday 15/08/2008, 05:05.
Selling elklore level 1 for.........

u offer
2 messages
English OgsMC - last answer from Shenki, Friday 15/08/2008, 03:37.
Can someone sell me Saddy for 3400? Thanks.
2 messages
English Oneiroi - last answer from Oneiroi, Friday 15/08/2008, 02:07.
I want a Dragan Cr. I don't have cards to trade, but I have some money to acquire them with, just not enough to buy a dragan. please respond if you're interested
1 message
Buying Hawkins message me dont post with your offers
1 message
So im buying a Kolos and Kenny
put up prices here, i will also do trades
just ask me if i have a certain card
1 message
Can anyone sell it to me for 2700. That's all the clintz that I have

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