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Tuesday 12/08/08

5 messages
Español conkero_05 - last answer from worldpad, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 17:24.
I change the following letters collector to the nvel max into the same ones but 0xp or at least to the nvel 1
1 Marlysa Cr 2 Elya Cr 2 Kerozinn Cr 2 Lamar Cr 2 Geuner Cr 2 Diyo Cr 2 Splata Cr 1 Sigmund Cr 2 Ambrose Cr 2 Ombre Cr 2 Dwain Cr 2 theumaturge cr 2 Cassio Cr 1 Beltran Cr 2 Nahi Cr 2 Page Cr 2 to award cr 2 reigns cr 5 Tessa Cr 2 Swidz Cr 2 dredge cr 2 skulface cr 1 Melissa Cr 2 Jim Cr
I REPEAT the letters that I have just said estan to the nvel max, and change them into the same ones but 0xp or to the level 1
Example: someone has a Splata Cr and it(he,she) it wants to the max, but this one 1 and he(she) says to the nvel that it(he,she) wants to Splata Cr, I spend(pass) it to the nvel max and 1 spends(passes) it to the nvel
Postscript: Every sera under control of a moderator
2 messages
English F L I P - subject is closed
Like the title said.. im looking for a cheap Mayhem.. hopefully max..

around 150-200 clintz
11 messages
English BF_DaPwner123 - last answer from BF_DaPwner123, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 16:04.
Im looking for a very good elo deck plz i need help
10 messages
English 0-Jade - last answer from 0-Jade, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 12:27.
5 messages
English rohanpatel1984 - last answer from the jr mlg, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 09:54.
I have a Vickie and a Eklore to sell or trade PM me offer
1 message
Im buying Mona for 2300 clintz

if you wanna sell it right away just private sale
1 message
Just name your price
1 message
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Im trading my 0xp Jane ramba for a Gaia at any level
4 messages
English Mystic Kitty - last answer from ab210_LR, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 03:01.
Okay folks, I'm seeing the point that I'm never going to have enough clints to get the CR's I want so here is an offer. I am willing to trade my complete set of fully leveled Rescue Team for either a Scarlett Cr (Cr) (which I really want) or a Shawoman Cr (Cr) (second choice). Anyone out there want to make a deal?


= =
2 messages
English A7X Skylit - last answer from WAHHH, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 02:53.
Alright im buying 2 resuce cards ::::
Lea (U)
Lobo (u)
2 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 01:38.
Im looking for a Kati fang pi clan card 1 star for 400-450 clintz if you have one plz sell it to me.
4 messages
English Ikidakimasu - last answer from WILD-1, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 01:28.
Im selling my Bangers stash.


All are maxed, lets start the bid at 28 000 (This is a bargan compared to buying them seperatly)
10 messages
English calz XC - subject is closed
I am looking to trade or sell all of the Rescue cards

i have

2x alec
3x Anita
2x Bobby
2x Denise
2x Elvira
2x Frida
2x Ghoub
2x Hax
3x Kerry
2x Larry
3x Lea
3x Lobo
3x marco
2x Mark
2x Pam
2x slyde
2x Steve
2x Tanner

pm me for faster anwsers
15 messages
English elo_dragon - last answer from chileno1109, Tuesday 12/08/2008, 00:47.
Im selling my deck for more money so this r the players starting at 15k
Frankie Hi
Monday 11/08/08

16 messages
English jaykayjk1 - last answer from Ikidakimasu, Monday 11/08/2008, 23:02.
Starting Bid:8250

Buyout: 8600

Pm me or post if interested
10 messages
English jaykayjk1 - subject is closed
Linda, Hax, Alexei

Post offers no stupid 1s!!!!!!!!!!

Can pm me too
3 messages
English po-po-police - subject is closed
Buying them so just pm me or put the trade up
2 messages
English CDG213 - last answer from stevey10, Monday 11/08/2008, 21:54.
Reserve 9500 for eyric and 870 per Narendra
Ends 17th 5 pm english time
Post offers here don't pm me or they will not count
8 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
K Cube

Miken Moose

plz make decent offers
i accpet trades
The prices of these are:

market price:
999 and under 50 off
1 - 2.5k 100 off
2.6k - 5k 200 off
anything aboce will be deicde later

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