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Saturday 26/07/08

4 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
I have all Rescue and i want too trade them they are all maxxed but i will accept trades before selling them if i don't get a good enuf offer by the 26 at 5pm english time i will not trade/sell them.

please post your offers here and please don't send me a pm.
6 messages
English tredman - last answer from frozen14, Saturday 26/07/2008, 18:55.
Wanting zydrone (u) not sure on price
1 message
Would like to trade for Bryan. pm me
4 messages
English Spazdude - last answer from ttsts, Saturday 26/07/2008, 18:50.
I M buying Zdrone Under market price, or I could trade for him you name the price or card, pm me
7 messages
English fejhiofndsaj - last answer from Tanto89, Saturday 26/07/2008, 17:53.
4 messages
English elfayra - last answer from chanceb, Saturday 26/07/2008, 14:42.
Buying the following card, send me a private sale. Thanks.

Gran Vista 150
Cyan 200
10 messages
English GoodnightSWEE - last answer from chanceb, Saturday 26/07/2008, 14:39.
2 messages
English kulz - subject is closed
Im buying Jeeves for 1k... pm me... thx...
2 messages
English belziedoodle - last answer from nibblets, Saturday 26/07/2008, 14:02.
Can any one sponsor me?please.yeah,my i'm level 11 but my cards suck.and i heard that my cuzin has one.i promise i will give some cards back in return when i get enough money.please.and thanks in advance.
3 messages
English ExXima - last answer from Drotor, Saturday 26/07/2008, 12:12.
I have a Zdrone for sale at lv 4 and needs a good home/deck,he is 900 clintz,anything under 750 will be declined
1 message
Buying: Vickie For 20K
Any lvl is fine. Go ahead and private sales me if interested.
1 message
I will auction Bridget full lvl bid starts at 1000clintz
2 messages
English shadow power - last answer from shadow power, Saturday 26/07/2008, 10:20.
Tell me what price you will sell to me and ill say yes or no

i need
Wakai (R)
Zatman (U)
Jackie (R)

so tell me card and price

when i mean Pussycats or nightmares i mean cards from that clan

thats it
1 message
I am looking to buy the following:

Ice Jim

Just leave ur offers here and I'll be sure to get back to u...Thnx
1 message
Buying Crassus for 1k PM me anyone please...
1 message
Buying Gaia for 3500 clintz level 1 pm me
3 messages
English ExXima - last answer from ExXima, Saturday 26/07/2008, 06:43.
I have a Ielena at lv 4 that needs a good deck/home,3k, anything under 2.5k will be declined
2 messages
English lu1gi - last answer from Fiat Lux, Saturday 26/07/2008, 06:18.
If you hav any cards preferably piranhas which you dont want anymore ill take them off your hands for 50 clintz thnx
9 messages
English TNT VAMP - subject is closed
Post your offers here
1 message
Ill buy Clara for 1300

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