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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 18/10/14

1 message
English Ghostlyking829 - subject is closed
I have 39 copies of Flush from the Berzerk clan with 0xp and i would like to sell or trade them all. i am willing to sell them at 1000 and will trade for something of equal value. Message me if your interested.
3 messages
English G33K-GIRL - subject is closed
You have a lot of double-triple see map see no problem sent me his private sale cheap I take a little while depending on the price
Thank you
9 messages
English theking6198 - last answer from theking6198, Saturday 18/10, 18:15.
I want To buy 50 kevlaers lil jeys and meroos for a negotiable price. Thanks guys
13 messages
English Faint Man - last answer from Faint Man, Saturday 18/10, 17:18.
Earl GOOD OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST SEE!~!!!!!
3 messages
- Patrom - - subject is closed

I wish to exchange my lot of 150 Kalindra Cr 0xp, I estimate this one in 180K / head is almost the market first prize;

In exchange for these beautiful ladies, I can accept it 0xp only:

- Lyse Teria Cr (6.7M)
- Marlysa Cr (1M3)
- Tessa Cr (810k)
- Splata Cr (815k)
- Kerozinn Cr (650k)
- Vickie Cr (635k)
- Tanaereva Cr (315k)
- Dounia Cr (285k)
- Jackie Cr (225k)
- Caelus Cr (178k)

- Cortez (63k)
- Dregn (65k)
- Dorian (20k)
- Ielena (7.5k)
- Bodenpower (13k)
- Don (15k)
- Hammer (15k)
- Bloodh (20k)
- Ongh ( 58k)
23 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
I am willing to buy your Noctezuma (any xp; preferably full xp) for 76000 clintz.
what your profit?
you get a free avatar worth 8k. either for your guild or for yourself its your choice.
check out my gallery in my profile.
anyone interested plz. PM me
9 messages
English Spykeiartist - subject is closed
I am willing to sell my Edd Cr for 44k.
the person who buys it also gets a free avatar
3 messages
Español DL-SharkBTO - subject is closed
2 Sera M1 0xp+120 k

1 Dounia Cr
8 messages
ελληνικά -Tatsumaki- - last answer from -Tatsumaki-, Saturday 18/10, 10:07.
Looking to trade Shawoman Cr 0xp for NDololo Cr +80k

or Shawoman Cr for Flavio Cr straight trade
5 messages
English 0 ComeAtMe - last answer from 0 ComeAtMe, Saturday 18/10, 08:18.

Today I would like to sell my 4000+ Treeman 0xp to you all. I value him at 1400/head in clintz, and 1550/head in trade value. Willing to trade in however quantity you would like, however the prices listed are non-negotiable.

I accept:
High priced rares

Please, please no lots.

PM me for evaluations and/or offers. Thank you!
1 message
English sch0rz - subject is closed
je souhaite échanger un Kiki Cr 0xp,

Pour cela je souhaite :
Kiki Cr full + 20k.

Merci, à vos offres.
1 message
Español CO_Moctezuma - subject is closed
Small batch of cards
  0XP that are not in opa

I offer the following prices

1 alexandra 0xp 950 clintz
1 Boomstock 0xp 4000 clintz
1 Dr Copernica 0xp 29.4k
1 Geo 0xp 180 clintz
2 Grace 0xp 6.8 clintz cada una
1 kenji 0xp 420 clintz
1 Molder oxp 370 clintz
1 Octana oxp 19.4k
1 Pericles 0xp 69k
1 Pr Hartnell oxp 4.1 clintz
1 repplay 0xp 600 clintz
1 Vera oxp 3.6 k

por pequeños lotes de cartas 0xp que no esten en opa
1 message
I have 98 Beeboy 0xp and I value 27k each. Here is my offer:

1 Jackie Cr 240k = 9 Beeboy 243k + 1 Jean 4k5 (247.5k) (Up to 5)

1 Vickie Cr 620k = 23 Beeboy 621k + 2 Jean 9k (300k)

1 Sum Sam Cr 1m250 = 47 Beeboy 1m269 + 2 Jean 9k (1m27

Please Pm if you want to negotiate.
7 messages
English Sakamaki - last answer from SPT rozzo, Saturday 18/10, 00:38.
I'm interested in a Manon Cr. What would people want for her?
1 message
I have 3 Vickie Cr I want to sell. I value vickie crmat 622k.
cash only. Not interested in trades or lots
Friday 17/10/14

4 messages
English Atlas TpU - last answer from Atlas TpU, Friday 17/10, 22:22.
I have a Tessa Cr full.
I am only interested in cash. Not interested in trades or lots.
Pm me a cash offer
3 messages
English brahmaman - subject is closed

I offer up today 60 graks Oxp. 63k each lot is indivisible.

I accept the following.

Clintz +2%
4 messages
ελληνικά Guts - last answer from G33K-GIRL, Friday 17/10, 18:57.
Good evening,
I am looking for an Elya Cr and I will give in return one Tanaereva Cr 0exp and one Nahi Cr 0exp. Nothing else.
Let me know if you are interested.
I prefer an 0exp elya to a full one or if it's a full one I will give priority to old copies of her.
Let me know,thanks.
3 messages
English RAMZYxUK - subject is closed
I want to sell the following:

Sasi Lovelace 0xp- 10.7k
Uranus 0xp- 22.5k
Sigma 0xp- 6.5k
Charlie 0xp- 55k
Wanda 0xp- 2.8k
Ghumbo 0xp 17.4k
Karrion 0xp- 34k
Raven full xp- 40k
Thormund full- 5.5k

PM ME with other offers or trades you may have also.

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