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Thursday 07/08/08

4 messages
English F L I P - last answer from F L I P, Thursday 07/08/2008, 15:48.
Tank(U) 650 CLINTZ
Dean(U) 700 CLINTZ
6 messages
English Darkshooter 1 - last answer from MrJak_RDN, Thursday 07/08/2008, 13:58.

I'm bidding the whole Piranas deck! (except Bloodh)
The bidding ends on the 27th July on Sunday!
The starting bid is 31k.

PM me if you want it!!
Remember to PM me because I like PMs!!!!!!!

My name is: Dark Shooter 1

Also 31k means 31,000 clintz not 31 clintz. Thanks!
5 messages
Česky AoEM_Martan - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Thursday 07/08/2008, 13:04.
Hi auction started on 500 000
5 messages
English Gumbo123 - subject is closed
I'm buying Taham and Gil preferably lower than market price... Please PM me or post here. Thanks!
3 messages
English Lord Urizen - last answer from Black23Mamba, Thursday 07/08/2008, 11:52.
Selling these cards


Pm me if intrested
3 messages
English MrJak_RDN - last answer from mummy1, Thursday 07/08/2008, 10:32.
PM me for a faster responce


All offers must be good, I am after clintz as well as certain cards, PM me for more info.

1 message
Buying mainly any banger except for Bodenpower, Willy, Vermyn N, Juicy Lord, Sum Sam Cr
pm me ur pices
2 messages
English SkyLatter - last answer from TigerX, Thursday 07/08/2008, 06:26.
If you have doubles sell or give them to me ill accept them wit all my heart
2 messages
English calz XC - subject is closed
I am selling a larma cr

cards or money are ok

pm me for faster anwers
1 message
Starting bid:4100

Buyout Bid: 4500

Post offers now!!!!!!

I am sorry if I do not sell it quick enough for you but will respond and sell for sure.
1 message
Dalhia (U) and Hawkins (U)
pls pm me with ur offer,THX
3 messages
English VampireFred - last answer from VampireFred, Thursday 07/08/2008, 04:33.
Glorg Hel Kolos Sheitane
Baby Q Ella Wanda Yayoi

looking for whole set selling for self-use

plz pm ur offer or u can leave ur offer here as u wish
1 message
Olga - 2000
Eadh - 450
Hel - 1000
Akendram - 700
Dieter - 1500
Boris - 800
1 message
Can some one sell me Gil for 6,467 clintz please
2 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Thursday 07/08/2008, 01:42.
I am buying:

plz post ur offer
1 message
I have Bloodh but want dahlia. anyone willing to trade? send me a message.
1 message

i want to buy Marlysa Cr for 215k Clintz

1 message
Bloodh dalhia Sting anderson Hawkins

pls pm me with ur offer
Wednesday 06/08/08

4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from justin123194, Wednesday 06/08/2008, 23:20.

plz make decent offer/trade and pm me too

also plz close this post if no one makes an offer

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