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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 11/07/08

3 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
I am buying Brandon for 150 each
3 messages
English drakenkanon - last answer from Shadow_na, Friday 11/07/2008, 15:49.
This are the cards i sell with the price and the level next to it:
Aktara lvl 989 clintz
Aldo lvl 3 200 clintz
elixer lvl 1 209 clintz
elliot lvl 2 165 clintz
Frida lvl 2 168 clintz
Jeeves lvl 2 1349 clintz
Lino Borsa lvl 3 180 clintz
Vansaar lvl 1 845 clintz
3 messages
English Dat New New - last answer from Dat New New, Friday 11/07/2008, 14:27.
Buying Rolph for a fair price. Please PM me offers. Thanks.
2 messages
Unknown Sinow - last answer from Unknown Sinow, Friday 11/07/2008, 10:26.

i have some cards for trade pm me your offers
4 messages
English Time Of Fury - subject is closed
I need Fang Pi Clang tell me what price and i might buy the card no cr
2 messages
English -Knight-EVO - last answer from -Knight-EVO, Friday 11/07/2008, 07:10.
3000-4000 clintz Hawkins just pm me
2 messages
English EEBurritoLOA - last answer from EEBurritoLOA, Friday 11/07/2008, 07:02.
I need Toro, dr. saw, and z3ro z34d
2 messages
English LoA JuNtA - last answer from Titto23, Friday 11/07/2008, 06:12.
Dont post stupid offers
the miroo is lvl 1 and therefore worth more
2 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from -Knight-EVO, Friday 11/07/2008, 05:44.
Same thing ^ post ur offers i acceept all tradees as long as they are resonable
1 message
I am buying all of your unused cards buy plz make it cheap like half the market price just sell in my private sale and ill buy it
1 message
Buying Dorian Zatmen or Jackie in spcial prce
7 messages
English the jr mlg - last answer from lilbebo89, Friday 11/07/2008, 03:50.
Im sellin 7 maxed yookies

starts @ 2k

ends friday

reserve: 3.5k
20 messages
English Manciolo - last answer from lilbebo89, Friday 11/07/2008, 03:49.
I have 17.000 clintz and i want buy some card.....give me your offer!!!!
1 message
Or sell for clintz msg me price
Thursday 10/07/08

3 messages
English smccormack21 - last answer from PunkInDrublic, Thursday 10/07/2008, 23:43.
I have 4000 Clint to spend on Hawkins from Pirhanas - any offers? Lv1 or 2
2 messages
English Boss Z - last answer from Azure Demon, Thursday 10/07/2008, 20:21.
I know many people like these cards... but i was wondering if anyone had multiple copies would they mind selling them to me a little under market price... I'm currently missing the following...


I really want/need these cards... i don't know what else to say but if you are willing to sell please either PM or post... but PMs are prefered... and remeber to make them "business"

Thanx - Boss Z
10 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Azure Demon, Thursday 10/07/2008, 20:19.
Yes i am buying all priates expect for any that is over 15k post offer here and pm me i have a whole Freaks deck and some Montana for trade
1 message
I am looking for toro's...if you have and want to sell- sell in to me privately in a fair price (2000) or if you want i have some cards for trade...for ex. Swidz Cr, Zatman, ratanha...
you can message to me privately for a specific deal...
2 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from KY Zakzy, Thursday 10/07/2008, 19:04.
Pm if you whant a swop
2 messages
English 443 - last answer from 443, Thursday 10/07/2008, 16:14.
Z3r0 D34d

send me offers here or through pm's thanks...and let me know what your looking for as well...serious trades plz!

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