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Saturday 02/08/08

2 messages
English RollUpTG - subject is closed
PM Me. Selling Bloodh (Maxed) only 7000 clintz
Pm Me.
5 messages
English Whitethorne - last answer from Vule 0, Saturday 02/08/2008, 14:17.
Looking for Fi pang, La Junta, or Pussycats
1 message
Need a marco. any offers??
7 messages
English OTV_jinhazama - last answer from Papagali, Saturday 02/08/2008, 11:24.
Trade your special and uncommon cards like Aktara
1 message
PM me if you're interested
1 message
I will buy anyones Chiro for 300-350 plz!
1 message
I just need Vermyn N and Gaia please post your offers
9 messages
English The_Supremist - subject is closed
Selling kenny message me with offer
6 messages
English TdB_DubStep - last answer from TdB_DubStep, Saturday 02/08/2008, 08:16.
Hey so i'm selling my Miss Twice Cr full for:
XU52 (R) 0xp
leviaton 0xp
Z3r0 D34d (U) 0xp
Rolph (R) 0xp
Toro (U) 0xp
Dr Saw (C) 0xp
Bristone (U) 0xp
+ clintz
16 messages
English kulz - last answer from kulz, Saturday 02/08/2008, 08:14.
Smokey for 600 clintz...
Cyan for 175 clintz...

pm me... thx...
4 messages
English DriftingFlare - last answer from Midny, Saturday 02/08/2008, 07:55.
These r the cards I'm sellin. Any1 intesed message here or pm me for faster deal.

Nistarok maxed
Gertrud 2 stars
Willy maxxed.

no noob offers.
2 messages
English OTV_Banger94 - last answer from slick_back, Saturday 02/08/2008, 05:55.
I dont plan on using leaders so how do i get rid of them and how much willi get
2 messages
English Jabbles - last answer from Jabbles, Saturday 02/08/2008, 05:51.
It can be annoying for any reason... personally, I hate Venus . Art is retarded looking at 4th level and she jst annoys me for some reason. what about you peoples?
1 message
BUYING UR Katan(R) for 1200 if deal send me a private sell thingy
1 message
Help... ill buy any card for 50 pls. tnx
19 messages
ελληνικά ELM_Kalanapat - last answer from Hooked On, Saturday 02/08/2008, 03:38.
I put on auction Luba of Geist
startin price 150 clintz
expir. of auction 1/8/08
3 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 02/08/2008, 02:24.
I am looking for these
1 message
Hi if you have Diego and Chiro, ill buy them both for 500 clintz..! please..! thanks..!
4 messages
English xExtacyx - last answer from theshooter97, Saturday 02/08/2008, 01:39.
Looking for the strong junks
3 messages
English ex-p - last answer from OTV_jinhazama, Saturday 02/08/2008, 00:50.
Im seling an Ashiagru(R) maxed

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