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Thursday 31/07/08

7 messages
English RollUpTG - subject is closed
Selling Marco (MAX) Only 10,500
(Market Price is 11,999)

1 message
Im buying Buck from water for less then 2200$
7 messages
English sUpAh_MaN1 - last answer from constantinos9, Thursday 31/07/2008, 18:43.
Can anyone pls sell me a Blaaster. Desperately need it PM me. thanks.
2 messages
English WanderingRyu - last answer from constantinos9, Thursday 31/07/2008, 18:41.
PM With offer
2 messages
English -FK-Quicker - last answer from constantinos9, Thursday 31/07/2008, 18:10.
Sellin them for 7.2k
1 message
Ill buy somones Nympheea for 230
8 messages
English xExtacyx - subject is closed
PM me with offers
1 message
I want Toro for 1800 Thnx
3 messages
English -Knight-EVO - last answer from Shadow_na, Thursday 31/07/2008, 16:36.
These are the following: (take note that i need the least minimum of their level )
3. Vermyn N
4. Gaia
and any other cards that you feel like offering..
4 messages
English 1357fallon - subject is closed
Hi every1 giving away all my rares Kolos kenny and even Rass Cr
but first i want Charlie (any lv) Goldie any lv) and Dorian (maxxed) x2
so u first private sell me and 1 of those cards 4 50 clintz and ill send usay Kolos for Goldie and Charlie and 200 clintz
2 messages
English KillerDude007 - subject is closed
I sell Katan for
1700 clinz
1 message
Sell the cards below market price
2 messages
English darcy_xoxo - last answer from G4rd3y lurr, Thursday 31/07/2008, 11:42.
2 messages
English 0S-Monkeyman - last answer from theshooter97, Thursday 31/07/2008, 10:52.
Sell to me in private sale with the price i list.

3 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from theshooter97, Thursday 31/07/2008, 10:43.
I need:

looking for these card with a discount lower than the market price
3 messages
English kulz - last answer from kulz, Thursday 31/07/2008, 09:56.
Buying Tyd for 700 clintz... pm me... thx...
4 messages
English Agent Nexus - last answer from calz XC, Thursday 31/07/2008, 08:41.
I am loking for any pirans at a reasonable price
3 messages
English FK_Bruce - last answer from justin123194, Thursday 31/07/2008, 07:40.
We are bidding on a Kolos.

Starting bid:13k
End Day of Bidding:Aug 2,08
1 message

Just pm me your price

I need like for 2500..
1 message
Just private Sale me..
thankz.. x0x0..

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