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Monday 28/07/08

4 messages
English robomonke7 - last answer from James-LoA, Monday 28/07/2008, 19:36.
I want Kinjo (U) under market price. Also will buy any Sakrohm for a reasonable price.
6 messages
English JM(TR) - last answer from VampireFred, Monday 28/07/2008, 19:07.
Trading my Ghiest Collection For Kolos and Kenny

Zr3r0 D34d

If you wont to Trade with me please send me pm!
2 messages
English UC-stephenUR - subject is closed
I have a jackie for sale 10008 clints
8 messages
English CapnScarface - last answer from XCDreamweaver, Monday 28/07/2008, 18:26.
Still a newbie on here and wanting to know of a good card for under 600
1 message

ill sell them 950 each
3 messages
English SB_COMMANDER - last answer from Roarkz, Monday 28/07/2008, 14:43.
I dont have very many clintz only like 3k and really need Zatman to make my new deck. anybody want to be really nice and help me out?
2 messages
English Dr_lord - last answer from Roarkz, Monday 28/07/2008, 14:42.
I want Methane for 2500 send a message with offer! Thnx
11 messages
English matt5888 - last answer from WindtheGreat, Monday 28/07/2008, 14:07.
Timbert for sale level 2 (i hate him he sucks) is a rare card over 150 C only please
1 message
Im looking for

Murray (C)
Uranus (U)
Petra (U)

looking for GraksmxxT (R) too. ill trade Yayoi (U) for him. ill trade Baby Q (R) for Uranus (U) also.

i guess ill buy the other 3. below market price please. pm me for faster replies (willing to trade for all, just make an offer)
3 messages
English The_Supremist - last answer from Grav-Rs, Monday 28/07/2008, 13:15.
Buying jane ramba for 3500 4 stars !!
5 messages
English death knightx - last answer from -commander-, Monday 28/07/2008, 12:23.
I have every La Junta for trade not jane ramba and the cr and is will to make a deal pm me
3 messages
English death knightx - last answer from -commander-, Monday 28/07/2008, 12:16.
4 messages
English Mdott33 - last answer from CDG213, Monday 28/07/2008, 12:04.
Trading lvl 3 Timber aalmost lvl 4 for a lvl 1 Vansaar
2 messages
English D15K - last answer from Kazezaki, Monday 28/07/2008, 11:45.
People PM me if u have to sell
3 messages
English ttsts - last answer from Kazezaki, Monday 28/07/2008, 11:32.
I have


to trade. pm me with your offers
2 messages
English esvetlicinii - last answer from mx666, Monday 28/07/2008, 10:57.
I'm giving 18-20k + Jackie for the Piranas clan.I'm only looking for the complete set of Piranas, so don't offer singles.

Thank you in advance
1 message
Price as listed below +/- 50-200 depends on card value

Estalt (U) 600
Timmy (R) 900
Eadh (C) 1300
Sheitane (U) 1800
Ielena (R) 2000
Nistarok (R) 2500

Dalhia 6500
Bloodh 7000
1 message
Hi I'm kage93 looking for cheap Sentinel and sakromh
3 messages
English death knightx - subject is closed
I have all La Junta and i want all resuce i will acept 1 card for 1 card of more

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