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Saturday 05/07/08

3 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Buying Bloodh just leave a comment of what you want for him this will close on the 6th
Friday 04/07/08

2 messages
English ShockWav - last answer from jaykayjk1, Friday 04/07/2008, 20:59.
I tried selling them at my collection clicking public then putting in the price but it doesnt show up on the market. (i found this out from a friend.)
2 messages
English jaykayjk1 - last answer from jaykayjk1, Friday 04/07/2008, 20:58.
Does anyone have a Graff they can give me for a price under market value?
5 messages
English reaper13797 - last answer from midnight-1, Friday 04/07/2008, 20:46.
Put offers, bad offers

Luis no less than 450

Rosa no less than 1750
8 messages
English IM_Nem8 - last answer from MaccaJake, Friday 04/07/2008, 20:38.








im low on clints so i cant buy them unless your selling one of the 2000+ cards for 1000 lol so im trading.

the cards i have for trade are Linda, Bryan, Hax, Armand, Tshern, Clara, Don, Nanook, Ice Jim, Beetenka (one is fully lvled and one isnt), Frankie Hi, Janine, and Jeeves.

PM me with trade proposal because i dont get on everyday and dont really check these message boards often. ill get back to you ASAP. THANK YOU

P.S. no stupid trades, at least make them negotiable please
2 messages
English DEION SANDERS - last answer from MaccaJake, Friday 04/07/2008, 20:28.
1 message
I want to get like one or two fang pi players, if your selling i might buy
1 message
I want to get rid of this card and i dont want to sell it to Kate. So i want to sell it lvl 2 for 250 which is pretty cheap.
1 message
I am buying a Vansaar for 520 clintz
1 message
Willing to trade any card or cards for Andsom
1 message
Can anyone give me a cheap Graff under market value?
3 messages
English Teutonic - last answer from CDG213, Friday 04/07/2008, 17:16.
I wonder how u trade cards with other poeple for other cards.
6 messages
English KY Zakzy - last answer from KY Zakzy, Friday 04/07/2008, 16:15.
Pm me if you are interested
4 messages
English ThePIMan - last answer from ThePIMan, Friday 04/07/2008, 16:10.
I have
Mayhem -700
Smokey -650
Rhed -1800
all fully upgraded
mail me if you are interested
4 messages
English The_Manly_Man - last answer from The_Manly_Man, Friday 04/07/2008, 15:25.
Yayoi level 3 900 xp

starting at 6749
1 message
Yes! i need Olga and Soushee and i need them now!
i will pay in clintz
please pm me!
2 messages
English (((ELITE))) - last answer from amethysta, Friday 04/07/2008, 12:05.
1 message
Below market price plz...
24 messages
English Colourless - last answer from jrtabije14Top, Friday 04/07/2008, 08:40.
Grand Auction (rofl)

Each new bid must be at least 5% of the starting bid...(starting bid/reserve price)

All Stars
2* Frank 180/230
3* Kimberley 155/210

Fang Pi Clan
2* Lihoi Chun 150/200
3* Tatane 180/230

3* Keanew 1700/2000
4* Malmoth 1000/1400

La Junta
2* Diego 160/200

3* Lino Borsa 140/190

3* Smokey 1100/1500

4* Ninja Nyne 350/420

3* Lobo 890/1000

2* Ben 160/210
2* Miken Moose 500/670

3* Caciope 550/750
2* Halley 140/190
3* Thomson 160/220

4* Coby 2500/3300
3* Robin 200/270

Ulu Watu
3* Tafa 170/225

2* Mickey T 180/230
3* Mo DiFalco 150/210

Write your offers here... In three days, I`ll sell the cards privately to the player with the highest bid... (if existing)
Starting - 15.06.2008
Ending - 18.06.2008
14 messages
English omerkey - last answer from FK_Bruce, Friday 04/07/2008, 06:34.
S E L L I N G :
chikko (c)
Lennox (u)

Zlatar (c)
Samantha (c)
Elliott (c)
Sydney (u)

La Junta:
Niki (c)
Molly (u)

Lolly (c)
Brandon (c)

Rebecca (c)

ducha macha (c)

Gwen (c)

Lobo (u)

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