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Thursday 24/07/08

8 messages
Español The_Godfather_ - last answer from artax32, Thursday 24/07/2008, 16:37.
I need a Don or Murphy an ill give u anything
2 messages
English Xeltos - last answer from LOA-Warhawk, Thursday 24/07/2008, 13:17.
Was wondering how much it would cost to buy all Piranas at their lowest lvls..
7 messages
English TDDP - last answer from robomonke7, Thursday 24/07/2008, 13:02.
I want some crap cards...those tht you don't use....basicly worth 1k or less...
*I WILL DO WITH YOU A DEAL ONLY-----> IF IT IS 0XP!!! more then 0xp won't be taken unless it is in the package deal.
i will do just package deals (i don't want to buy them one one...cause there are 147 cards that i am looking for!)so those are the cards i have for trade:
Wee Lee
Swidz Cr
Seldnor Cr
and more...
you can talk with me privately...and please- no stupid offers!
i have a lot of time to hear any fair deal so come on people- offer!!!
think about it- you give me some crap cards- and i give you good card/s!
if you will ask for clintz i will think about it just if it is a package deal not one one!
8 messages
English hibees - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Thursday 24/07/2008, 12:36.
1 message
I'll trade 4k and a Toro for Yayoi
2 messages
English WM_hanzDaryle - last answer from 443, Thursday 24/07/2008, 12:08.
Please PM me...

Make it CHEAP

2 messages
English UF0 - last answer from TDDP, Thursday 24/07/2008, 10:39.
For 45k
pm me with real offers
3 messages
English 0-Mystogan - subject is closed
Hello i am buying 4 junk card these are
If you have them please sell me them lower then market price plz
36 messages
English 0-Mystogan - subject is closed
3 messages
English Frozzy - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Thursday 24/07/2008, 08:12.
300 Clintz for whoever can offer me a good card
1 message
Whats up? im looking for a Bree so all i can pay is 630 clintz, but i really need 1, preferrably a lvl 1, but lvl 2 works also
7 messages
English Oilrunner - last answer from Pride of Pitt, Thursday 24/07/2008, 07:52.
Pm me for the following cards
7 messages
English Stewi3Griffin - last answer from Kate, Thursday 24/07/2008, 06:59.
Ill buy Lyse Teria Cr,for every single clintz i have.
1 message
I only have 1612clints please be generous
1 message
Looking for the following cards for under market price. Thanks.

Mac Hen

Looking for some of Montana too..pm me.
Wednesday 23/07/08

10 messages
English JM(TR) - last answer from Dennis1012, Wednesday 23/07/2008, 21:51.
1 message
English mikee616 - subject is closed
I will buy any crappy card for 50 clintz under market price if you have one just put it in my private sales

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