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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 21/06/08

9 messages
English Vithzerai - last answer from Vithzerai, Saturday 21/06/2008, 19:26.
Fang Pi
Mini Mosu, Yusuke

La Junta
Chiro, Masamu



All Stars
Allison, Bhudd, Eyrton, Katsuhkay

Flyer, Lolly, Nobrocybix, Onik, Perle

Tshern, Jeena, Ataoualpet, Kiki

Lunatik, Halley, Globumm

Slyde, Frida, Denise, Bobby

Lennox, Platoona


Selsya Cr

Eve, Esmeralda

Ulu Watu
Warren, Sandy


Noon Stevens

Fang Pi
Macumba, Linda, Lao Cr

Z3r0 D34d
Sigmund Cr

La Junta
Jane Ramba, Bryan, No Nam, Bruce, General Cr

Timmy, Kenny, Kolos

Katan, Hawkins, Rhed, Smokey

Serious traders only!!
Please send me a private message if you're interested
Please do not offer me cards that I don't want on my Want list and please do not ask for any cards that I don't have on my Have list.

Thank you.
4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 21/06/2008, 17:43.
I am buying all fang pi chage cards 500 and up
if u want to trade post what u clan
15 messages
English mets86 - subject is closed
Let me know what you have to offer for Sum Sam Cr
2 messages
English ownedlol - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 21/06/2008, 17:40.
Sellin level 2 Vansaar your offer
7 messages
English mantisboyN - last answer from mantisboyN, Saturday 21/06/2008, 16:52.
Should i sell my Andsom now for 6500 clintz or should i wait to see if he goes up in price?
2 messages
English Griffonmor - last answer from Griffonmor, Saturday 21/06/2008, 16:10.
Need Daylia or wateva her names is ill swap all of theese for
Loma Noju
2 messages
English Pure-Unsanity - subject is closed
Easier to link to a preset of em
... decent offers please
(any stupid offers will be ignored)
15 messages
English UF0 - last answer from Kate, Saturday 21/06/2008, 14:30.

all for 8k
just pm me with offers
4 messages
English killer-A - last answer from Swoozie183, Saturday 21/06/2008, 14:30.
I have a extra Gertrud
anbody want to TRADE
i will trade with the offer i like the most
6 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from Angel No Fry, Saturday 21/06/2008, 14:17.
1 message
I will buy cr's, tell me your offers
1 message


dead eye

I would like trades better..... PM me!
3 messages
English Saturosso - last answer from Saturosso, Saturday 21/06/2008, 12:35.
I want to sell / trade my kenny for 17k or Katan (4000), Deadeye (5500), Hawkins (4800).. total 14300 plus 2000 clintz
pm me
6 messages
English Relentless007 - last answer from WEN CHANG, Saturday 21/06/2008, 10:20.
Lennon x8
Tyler x4
Tanner x3
Rico x3
Pam x3
Esmeralda x3
Chiro x3
Ghoub x3
orion x3
Kolos x2
Murphy x2
Buck x2
Vermyn N x2
Eve x2
Tank x2
Vladimir x2
Sai San x2
Spycee x2
Mona x2
Mojo x2
deiter x2

please pm me for cash or trade i would prefer to trade though
10 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 21/06/2008, 08:19.
I want to sell my Montana clan all the montanas card are here accept lesye tesa cr
most cards are maxed
i want to sell the clan as a whole not in bits so dont wast tour time by saying: vickie 26k?
or begging like: i really need vickie please for 5k? (i dont care really)
please make sensebal offer
fnx tinygerrard12
2 messages
English husky1 - subject is closed
Looking to buy lamar for 50k clintz pm me if u have a double and want to sell it. or if just dont need the card anymore and looking to buy something else.
2 messages
English Slayernator - last answer from -Cypher-, Saturday 21/06/2008, 07:05.
Looking for:

Tyd - 1.4k
rhed - 1.5k
Katan - 3k
1 message
Gary level 1 or 2 = 250clintz
Phonos level 1 or 2 = 200clintz
Mort Bax level 1 or 2 = 150clintz
2 messages
English Toas - last answer from Toas, Saturday 21/06/2008, 00:28.
As said in the title: Buying Smokey + Hawkins for 5K

Trading is a possibility too.
Friday 20/06/08

4 messages
English Golden Flare - last answer from Golden Flare, Friday 20/06/2008, 20:23.
PM me with offers. =)

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