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Sunday 20/07/08

9 messages
Unknown Sinow - subject is closed
2 messages
English TNT VAMP - last answer from Lord Urizen, Sunday 20/07/2008, 02:49.
Post your offers here
1 message
Ironfield for=350clintz
1 message
Iam buying Olga for a minium of 1200clintz
plz someone sell me this card
3 messages
English devilboyhell - last answer from damien401, Sunday 20/07/2008, 00:13.
Hi im the devilboyhell and every time i have a card that i dont need ill put the card on sale the card that i dont need is Noon Steevens ,max level,6attack and 4 fury.the price is 299 clintz
Saturday 19/07/08

3 messages
English mr toast - last answer from SM_TopNotch, Saturday 19/07/2008, 23:54.
Buying Klaus from sentinal
selling a Nightmare card named Cell for a minimum of 150 clintz
2 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Saturday 19/07/2008, 23:39.
I know you've guessed
please pm me
6 messages
English Mechapolis - last answer from CDG213, Saturday 19/07/2008, 23:10.
Hey i got zdone lv4 willing to sell for 1000 clintz Mechapolis
3 messages
English zerokiller4 - last answer from penguin_boy, Saturday 19/07/2008, 21:50.
I want to trade Jeeves with cards like:



Please PM me or leave the massage.
1 message
Hi to whom this may concern!
I'm bidding the whole Piranas deck ( except for Bloodh)
The starting price is 31K
The bid ends on 27th July
So ROLL UP!!!!
PM me if u want it!!!
3 messages
English dtricks - last answer from Raisinbman, Saturday 19/07/2008, 21:42.
Buying anyone of these cards. just mail me but not too expensive.
2 messages
English Blankhead - last answer from Raisinbman, Saturday 19/07/2008, 21:42.
I really need a Steve to complete my ELO deck....Post ur offers here and i'll be sure to get back to you...Thanx
8 messages
English EEBurritoLOA - last answer from CityKid18, Saturday 19/07/2008, 21:00.
I need GHEIST cards i am willing to trade Ulu Watu, Junkz, or La Junta, and some others.
pm me with your offers.
2 messages
English Cayman1998 - last answer from abdudey, Saturday 19/07/2008, 20:58.
Has any one got the kangaroo lodo and wants to sell it for 1.18 clintz PLEASE
10 messages
English soup22 - last answer from zerokiller4, Saturday 19/07/2008, 20:21.
name the prices and i see if there reasonable ty
7 messages
English TDDP - last answer from zerokiller4, Saturday 19/07/2008, 20:07.
and some more low stars cards like Feelyn and svethlana....
offer your best, you can offer clintz and cards....
try to write by private message but you can write it here is will take a look on it....
1 message
This is my first time to write
I think this is real sale...if it isn't leave a comments bout what you do want more
Leve the comments, my UR brothers!
2 messages
English Cayman1998 - last answer from TheHolyWarrior, Saturday 19/07/2008, 18:53.
Has any one got Lobo who wants to sell for 105 clintz
1 message
Need and want maxed dhalia so i can get rid of a pooish card so someone i will buy for all ive got i think its 1890
4 messages
English 0LD_Dingo - last answer from 0LD_Dingo, Saturday 19/07/2008, 18:36.
Selling Splata Cr 0xp for about 65k, pm me and PLEASE no noob offers.

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