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Wednesday 09/07/08

3 messages
English nick mo bo - last answer from Simple0313, Wednesday 09/07/2008, 05:59.
If anyone has any unwanted cards i will buy them cheap and get them off ur hands that all thanks
7 messages
English -Knight-EVO - subject is closed
I'm looking for Jackie just post your offers here if you're interested...
1 message
Hey wats up, i need a Yayoi, i am willing to trade an Elvira, Alexei, Gran Vista, Amelia, and 370 clintz for 1, i no its not much, but thats all i got
1 message
I need Her really bad!
4 messages
English reaper13797 - last answer from UC-stephenUR, Wednesday 09/07/2008, 01:45.
Sellin both put up offers no beggin and no bad offers
Tuesday 08/07/08

1 message
Im selling maxed Aldebaran Cr mail for offers. I will try to mail back as soon as possible.
1 message
I have 2, one is maxed out and one has zero exp... i'm Trading/Selling the one with zero exp... please make an offer... if you want it PM me... and please no dumb offers...
1 message
Selling 3 noodile's 0xp
5 messages
English aka Blaaster - last answer from TzeentchAL101, Tuesday 08/07/2008, 21:25.
Selling all Montana except vickie nd lyse tesria CR
9 messages
English FAST IS FUN - last answer from ARMADA_3, Tuesday 08/07/2008, 21:10.
I have 2 copies of Marlysa Cr available for trade. She normally sells for about 250k on the market. I'm willing to trade to an English speaking player for cash + cards worth about 240k. Cash portion of a deal is negotiable, but must be substantial.

Serious offers only please. I'll ask for a threadlock and take the deals to the French forum if people post ridiculous things like "I'll give you my Kolos for your Marlysa Cr."
1 message
Well i have a lot of Kerosinn cr 0xp and i wanna trade then for a lot of Melissa Cr !!
if same one is intrested Mp me !!

thank you
1 message
Im selling it or tradeing it for equal value i got he for 245k PM me if ur intrested
1 message
Pm message me with your offers
1 message
I'm buying pirates plz list ur pirces with it too
-pm me and post offer here
1 message
Im looking for an Ambre at a cheaper price.
i will offer 7000 clintz for her
i will trade you one Miss Chloe.

any offers, pls PM me only.
thank you
3 messages
English 0 Rapsky - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Tuesday 08/07/2008, 15:26.
8 messages
English 0 Rapsky - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Tuesday 08/07/2008, 14:37.
K Cube
Need Piranas for trade or Ulu Watu cards post here
3 messages
English 1partyboy1 - last answer from Nocontent, Tuesday 08/07/2008, 14:27.
6 messages
English martin_010 - subject is closed
I will be selling
2 Luba
make a good offer and i wil reply

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