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Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 01/07/08

10 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from armageddon69, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 23:00.
Baby Q
PM me
no PM, no sell

26 messages
English rohanpatel1984 - last answer from BF_DaPwner123, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 22:02.
I have the following cards to exchange or sell. PM me with offer
2 Kolos
1 Kenny

2 Alec
1 Hax

2 Clara
4 messages
English LawLessChaoz - last answer from LawLessChaoz, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 21:21.
Looking for Page Cr or make an offer.
4 messages
English Shadow_na - subject is closed
I want:

i selling:

Frankie Hi
Gina Glitt

i am Willy to trade for these cards as long as it is reasonable
1 message
Preferably somewhere below market, otherwise there's no point asking here, is there?

But yeah, I won't take it for anything more than 3000, so please don't ask that.

Other than that, If anyone feels generous, just PM me
11 messages
English juran - last answer from wwe_rules, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 20:26.
Chloe 2x

Dont post prices uder 10 000 clintz
or i can trade for some other cards or code
1 message
9k please thanks f you do
4 messages
English lee12308 - last answer from wwe_rules, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 19:52.
Ive got a Hawkins max level if anyone wants to buy it just pm me with a offer
10 messages
English Returner - last answer from wwe_rules, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 19:34.
I have 3 cards for sale:
Jane Ramba

all are at level 1 unless u want me to train em for u
offer here or pm me (no foolish offers), reasonable trades accepted

and 14k if u wanna to buy the whole lot
1 message
I want to start all new clan
so i want to trade them all for
all Rescue cards
any offer post here or pm me
2 messages
Español 4L3jAnDr0_0 - last answer from ARMADA_3, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 18:45.
All the ricos, but i prefer to be in level max. , the price has to be maximum as the market.
2 messages
English AwwReally - last answer from roy79, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 18:26.
I need Amiral Py for my La Junta deck I will give you 270 clintz for Amiral Py
4 messages
English leilaboogie - last answer from wwe_rules, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 18:21.
So i open one and get a Leviatonn (still at 0xp)

can anyone trade me either

Dorian + Rubie + Beetenka


Charlie + Yayoi ( i add small cards if not enough)


Wardog + Bryan + No Nam ( i add small cards if not enough)
2 messages
English thorynDG - last answer from wwe_rules, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 18:06.
I will buy a Kolos just messege me the price and ill tell you if ill buy it lower the price the more likely ill buy it i will except any level
5 messages
English 443 - last answer from Shadow_na, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 17:54.
3 messages
English Ryu Koki - last answer from Ryu Koki, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 17:43.
I am collecting Ulu Watu cards and I want some so far I have 3

Razor and

if you have anymore can you sell them to me at a very cheap price maybe 500 clints and under?
2 messages
English liljay14 - subject is closed
Buying Z3r0 D34d for around 2k
7 messages
Română 3M Allex - last answer from 3M Allex, Tuesday 01/07/2008, 17:15.
1 message
Buying Rico maxed for 350

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