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Thursday 19/06/08

25 messages
English redtom7 - subject is closed
Auctioning whole Piranas clan

reserve 36000
post offers here
auction ends on June 10th
17 messages
English LoA_Kabuto - last answer from ON_Ragnarok, Thursday 19/06/2008, 20:20.
Contact me by pm with ur offers. looking for cards of equal value or just clintz
13 messages
Español CabalEVO - last answer from SA_BlackHeart, Thursday 19/06/2008, 20:01.
Selsya Cr (Cr)
Miss Twice Cr (Cr)
Seldnor Cr (Cr)
Kerozinn Cr (Cr)
Marlysa Cr (Cr)
Thaumaturge Cr (Cr)
Ambrose Cr (Cr)
Swidz Cr (Cr)
Chad Bread Cr (Cr)
Jim Cr (Cr)

2 messages
English WindtheGreat - subject is closed
1 message

Pm me!
3 messages
English Fatecalling - last answer from Leon Anthony, Thursday 19/06/2008, 18:43.
Calm down peoples..everyone is trying to sell theirs the highest or whatever.talk about ripping people off.I'll give 5k for Ielena and anything less than 2k for Sheitane.
4 messages
English damassta - last answer from GoC DeMoN, Thursday 19/06/2008, 18:20.
Will Trade
Dacha Macha
Mort Bax
Noon Stevens
1 message
I just dont want to end up spending all my clintz on him so if anyone has one for less than the marked price...
1 message
Im selling my good Bangers deck ( note: look at Bangers Death. u will see my deck) for a Montana deck that inlcudes a vickie and Enzo. if it does not contain vickie please let it contain Edd and Rosa. pm me if u want to trade decks
14 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from iwentpeepee3, Thursday 19/06/2008, 16:54.
All 18 of em....all maxed
pm me offers...or post here
2 messages
English MAD DAWGz - last answer from MAD DAWGz, Thursday 19/06/2008, 16:14.
I am willing to tradesum cards for All Stars pm me sayin what clan u like igive u card u give me All Stars but name the card plz
5 messages
English -Cypher- - last answer from -Cypher-, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:28.
I'm looking to buy Lamar Cr. PM me with serious offers.
5 messages
English gizmo_ult - last answer from husky1, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:12.
I have a Nympheea card 2/6 and i have max with her ability of Courage: power +3 and I'll start it at 330 clintz and to the highest bidder will get it just pm or post here for how much you will pay for her.
3 messages
English Hawkeyes82 - last answer from WindtheGreat, Thursday 19/06/2008, 15:10.
Selling for at least 500 clintz.
2 messages
English Dennis1012 - subject is closed
Starting at 2100 full lv highest bidder wins until i get back Rolph on market
no rip off people like Luba for Rolph seriously
7 messages
English p1n0y - last answer from omerkey, Thursday 19/06/2008, 12:20.
14 messages
Português Zk_Imloz - last answer from Zk_Imloz, Thursday 19/06/2008, 11:44.
2 messages
English Falvern - last answer from Falvern, Thursday 19/06/2008, 10:04.
Buying Bulks of 1* Pino.....

PM me if interested
1 message
Ill trade my Miranda + 1800 clintz for maxed Havok
6 messages
English death knightx - last answer from lovebugger, Thursday 19/06/2008, 09:06.
I have all the La Junta so pm if u have a offer

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