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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 02/07/08

1 message
Juts privet Sale me a.s.a.p

3 messages
English wwe_rules - last answer from wwe_rules, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 18:20.
I have Kolos i'll sell him at 13k nothing less or i'll trade for Havok and Miss Chloe
4 messages
English Alceus-TUK - last answer from MAD DAWGz, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 17:58.
Rowdy level 4 2800 clintz normal level 4 price 2900
2 messages
English wwe_rules - last answer from wwe_rules, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 16:46.
I'll trade any Sentinel cr 4 either 1 of them or both depending on the card
2 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 16:42.
Hi everyone! i need this 3 cards.
i will pay with clintz, no trade...
i'm looking for better price than the market's ones, but i think this is obvious...

please PM me
3 messages
English wwe_rules - last answer from wwe_rules, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 16:37.
I'm selling these
All Stars:
Amelia (200) (maxxed)
robb (1.2k) lv 1
Fang Pi Clang:
Hattori (3k) maxxed
Linda (2.5k) maxxed
x2 Luba (150) lv 1
Filomena (200) lv 1
Kolos (13k) maxxed
Deadeye(3.5k) lv 1
Tyd (1k) maxxed
Trey (900) lv 1
Meg(600) lv 2
Frida (100) lv 1

by the way i'm collecting sentinels so if you have any pm me and we will sort out a deal
6 messages
Português KiOoOo_ - last answer from KiOoOo_, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 16:35.
210 000 clintz per sigmund
260 000 clintz in Cr's per sigmund
2 messages
English PL_WILSON - last answer from LawLessChaoz, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 15:23.
As the title say im selling those 2 cards or trading those 2 for vickie...
if you want to buy just post ur offer or pm me...
1 message
Buying jackie 9k
6 messages
English UC-stephenUR - subject is closed
Kenny and Kolos 4 sale name your price but it must be over 10000
5 messages
English IF KEVIN5132 - last answer from IF KEVIN5132, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 13:33.
SELLING Tyd, SMOKEY ,Mayhem,Trey
3 messages
English Rob-_-Zombie - last answer from Eric C, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 13:03.
Im selling Melissa please offer but clintz only.
1 message
Looing for cheap Tanner pm me for offers...
2 messages
English Pirate Legacy - last answer from Gumbo123, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 11:09.
Kawwan and Flyer maxed.
This supposed to be an auction so..starting price:800 for both.
1 message
Vickie ..!!! for 21.500 k max lvl

deal just p.m me..!!
5 messages
English Do0mageddon - subject is closed
Is anyone one willing to sell or trade me for a Deadeye? here is a link to the list of cards for trade

please pm if interested
from jedimen
4 messages
English bad acid - last answer from Do0mageddon, Wednesday 02/07/2008, 10:07.
I have a dead eye for sale, if ur looking for 1 pm me
1 message
Je cherche marlysa a 200 000 et je donne vickie avec !
i seek marlysa to 200 000 and i give with vickie !
1 message
I want to trade but i will consider clintz pm me with offers
12 messages
English UM-Pinstripe - subject is closed
I have doubles of:

Nahi Cr
Geuner Cr
Swidz Cr

i mainly only want to trade

all decent offers will be concidered

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