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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 30/06/08

14 messages
English Sigmunder - subject is closed
A Lulabee maxed out. Bid starts at 2k
9 messages
Português KiOoOo_ - last answer from KiOoOo_, Monday 30/06/2008, 17:12.
Seeing or business the Rass Cr...
2 messages
English 8H D-Sparky - last answer from wwe_rules, Monday 30/06/2008, 15:43.
Will any one buy Wanda for 720 clintz off me please
6 messages
English omerkey - last answer from Shadow_na, Monday 30/06/2008, 15:36.
Please pm me offers fast, ill accept tradings, from the clans: ghiests, Piranas (Katan)!
10 messages
English IF KEVIN5132 - last answer from storm12345, Monday 30/06/2008, 13:12.
3 messages
English -Cypher- - last answer from Varathron, Monday 30/06/2008, 13:07.
Selling Eklore, 5% off the market which is around 46,000, I will also consider trading for Crs. PM me or post here with an offer if you are interested, don't bother asking for a discount or making terrible offers as you will be waisting your breath.
7 messages
English xcert074 - subject is closed
10k just pm me
4 messages
English omerkey - last answer from horrowshow, Monday 30/06/2008, 11:30.
Trade: for reasanabol piransa/ ghiests...
15 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from horrowshow, Monday 30/06/2008, 11:29.
1 message
5 messages
English DECLAN_JOE - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Monday 30/06/2008, 06:42.
Selling 1 kenny for 16000 if interested pm me
3 messages
English Diggy928 - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Monday 30/06/2008, 06:39.
Starting Bid: 205k
Reserve Bid: 235k
Bids must increase by at least 1k to be accepted.

Auction Deadline: July 5, 2008 (1 week from today)

If you would like to buy it right now, it is on the market for 236,500
4 messages
English TnT_MeRm - last answer from shorty12, Monday 30/06/2008, 06:34.
I am trading my Vholt to the most reasonable offer I will get from people.

PM me for some offers. Make sure they are reasonable offers.

19 messages
English cammy-rules - last answer from shorty12, Monday 30/06/2008, 06:22.
Ogla is worth 1100 clints roughly

Im autioning it

10 messages
English Vithzerai - last answer from Lord Urizen, Monday 30/06/2008, 03:23.
2 messages
English lilbebo89 - subject is closed
I need money so im selling my most valuble card so im starting the bid at 19k

my vickie is maxxed out LV5
1 message
Anyone with a Dalhia card pm me with an offer of sale or trade
Sunday 29/06/08

4 messages
English elo_dragon - last answer from Varathron, Sunday 29/06/2008, 23:14.
I need vickie ,Zatman,jackie pm if u can offer me them thanks oh and i nees kenny too thank you
1 message
I'm selling Dalhia... -_-... PLease make your best offer... no dumb offers... dalhia is a 2 star and has no exp...

The only card i will currently trade it for is a copy of Tanaereve... they are currently worth the same amount... it is a fair trade...
1 message
Selling amiral py lv 1-400 clintz, Colin lv 1-9999 clintz, Gertrud lv 1-4860 clintz, ect. just look them up and plz buy.

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