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Friday 06/06/08

3 messages
English KeenEyedUzzy - last answer from IM_Judge, Friday 06/06/2008, 20:30.
U want your cards trained cards?
uve come to the righ place...
alhough im not a charity shop ill need money
its cheap thoug h so dont worry...
10C for each level on common cards
15C for each level on uncommon cards
20C for each level on leaders
30C for common cards max lv
35C for uncommon cards max lv
50C for leaders max lv
BONUS!=Each number of cards i get to train there is a 20%off bonus!
maximum 4 cards for the bonus to work (80%off!:*

P.S. ive u have problems with the prices send me a message

3 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from McV, Friday 06/06/2008, 20:28.
If your looking to sell Lamar Cr quick to buy the new clan, put him in my Private sale for 45K

That goes for ALL CARDS. Will be on for a while. Just put it in my Private sale and I will either accept or reject.
1 message
I have Marco & willin to throw in 20,000
For A Award Cr or Skullface Cr

or any other CR....i have 15 CRs....message me if you are interested
2 messages
English lilbebo89 - last answer from lilbebo89, Friday 06/06/2008, 18:47.
I want to buy Rhed but i can only pay like 9k for i if ur intrested plz pm me thankz
2 messages
English ennnath59 - last answer from SHDW_CLN, Friday 06/06/2008, 18:32.
3 messages
English kilakela - last answer from PHDalques, Friday 06/06/2008, 17:49.
Hi im sellin:
vansar (x3)

they r all maxed selling them 4 5k each exapt Hugo wich is 3.5k
2 messages
English midnight-1 - subject is closed
Ok,would u rather have vickie or would u rather have tanerivra and weelee and 2,000 more clints witch one would u choose????????????????
7 messages
English juran - subject is closed
2 messages
English KillerTeddyy - last answer from OWL hell dog, Friday 06/06/2008, 16:56.
Place bids here plz
3 messages
English Ruim - last answer from Ruim, Friday 06/06/2008, 16:49.
Buying cards from Sentinel clan, and i do mean any card from that clan, please sell it to me on my private sales
and don't OP cos i'll be refusing OP prices, sell me your Sentinel cards kays?
6 messages
English 199631 - subject is closed
Buying rhed for 8k and below
1 message
willing to haggle
pm plz
4 messages
English CakeGod - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Friday 06/06/2008, 15:18.
Im Selling my Rescue deck
every chracter max level
looking for a good price
no less than 20k
5 messages
English Blade Demon - last answer from ceo2, Friday 06/06/2008, 15:03.
Vassili (U)
Jenny (C)
Amelia (C)
Zlatar (C)
Janine (U)
Lolly (C)
Yusuke (U)
Lennox (U)
Vladimir (U)
Ielena (R)
Billy Bob (C)
GraksmxxT (R)
TrinmkkT (U)
SkrumxxT (R) 2 of them

Pm me if you want to work something out.
146 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome to the 10th edition of RG. Each of u who post has a chance of winning one of these cards: Eve and Warren . There is only 1 rule: U'r post must contain the name of u'r favorite clan. This will end the next day after I post it and IF YOU Don"T PICK UP THE CARD 24H AFTER I SELL IT TO YOU, YOU WILL LOOSE IT.

Good Luck!
3 messages
English ennnath59 - last answer from Reiss2005, Friday 06/06/2008, 14:36.
Pm for the offers
1 message
Buying Kolos, offering 12,000
2 messages
English play_quick - last answer from WEN CHANG, Friday 06/06/2008, 14:14.
Can anyone sell me Freaks card ill buy any Freaks you have that is out of my collection i got the full first page and several for the second page
1 message
I will buy one of these cards:
Vryer, Lilith, Meyen, Brutox, Gheistling, Morlha, Igniss,
3 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
Post offers here

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