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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 15/06/08

1 message
Im selling Chiro from la lunta for 750 clintz its a bargain so get on in there
2 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Sunday 15/06/2008, 11:15.
I'm looking for this cards... anyone interested please send me a private message
2 messages
English Colourless - subject is closed
As the tittle says... i`m selling Lamar (Cr) for 55 555 clintz. If anyone is interested, pm me...

I Don`t accept stupid trades, but I`m interested in Montana (Vicky mostly) and/or Nightmare (Kenny for example)...

So, PM me... The best offer in 24 hours wins the deal... If I`m not happy with the offers... of course I won`t sell him

(if someone doesn`t buy it from the market in that time)

Happy bidding (=
5 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
Selling XU52 for 9600 clintz
11 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from mage chocobo, Sunday 15/06/2008, 08:35.
I am buying any Ulu Watu i am willing to trade cards for them!
2 messages
English XC 1984 - last answer from mansa84, Sunday 15/06/2008, 07:46.
Its come to my concern tht there should be limits on selling amounts to stop cards from dropping too far or increasing in price too much
1 message
I will buy it with price 300 below market price
2 messages
English RJM89 - last answer from PL_WILSON, Sunday 15/06/2008, 07:17.
I'm interested in trading my Vickie for XU52 Leviatonn and Methane. Win/Win Situation
2 messages
English Violet Skies - last answer from 0-PEACHIE, Sunday 15/06/2008, 05:40.
Hey, does anyone have a spare Glorg that i can buy thanks
12 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Just check my sales or just pm me for the details

Send ur offers, i donk make offers unless i'm interested on the card

I can give a 500 - 100 max discount on the current market price
2 messages
English Pimpin Playa - last answer from McV, Sunday 15/06/2008, 04:39.
Zoltan is my baby <33
But my deck is!
Frank(max),Laetitia(level 3),Timber(level one),Elixir(level 2),Ninja Nyne(level 2),Slyde(level 2),Thomson(max),Mo DiFalco(max)

just offer =P
1 message
Who can sell a Mona to me or trade it
3 messages
English Raisinbman - last answer from Shadow_na, Sunday 15/06/2008, 01:46.
Looking for low end Ulu Watu(Tafa/Mac Hen/Nympheea) can pay or trade with mostly the starter deck.
2 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Sunday 15/06/2008, 01:44.
I am buying La Junta plz send me a pm and post them here if u have any
1 message
I'm selling Xia Leming for 50 clintz lower than the market price


Just look at my sales and buy
1 message
English DEION SANDERS - subject is closed
PM me or leave offers here thank you
Saturday 14/06/08

8 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from mage chocobo, Saturday 14/06/2008, 23:20.
Yayoi,max or 0 exp,your choice for trade
looking for Alec and another card
or Will do Yayoi and some of my other Doubles for Kerry
5 messages
English Tinuvial - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Saturday 14/06/2008, 22:59.
I have the following cards to trade:
B Ball x14
Onik x4
Edd x4
Keanew x7
Kerry x3

And I'm looking for the following cards:
Baby Q

For any possible trade please contact me through private message.

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