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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 18/06/08

1 message
I want to buy Alexei from U guyz for 660 clintz, Deal or no deal. first come first serve>
1 message
I want to sell her...
offer your best!
i am looking for some crs...like Tessa Cr....and more
you can offer even cards that aren't crs like Gaia....and more!
clintz will NOT be accepted...
4 messages
English awat - last answer from SA_BlackHeart, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 10:07.

pm me

4 messages
Русский -Solid- - last answer from husky1, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 08:08.
Your offers please...
And if you need Dorian, I can exchange it for Kolos (+ my money).
3 messages
English nezinams - last answer from THE MAN-666, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 07:08.
Yup trading Morphun to any cr pm me with the cr your offering
2 messages
English Shad03JXX - last answer from Shad03JXX, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 07:06.
Only need 0XP, 200 clintz, privates sales pls
1 message
I am willing to trade jackie for morhun

if your willing to do it just pm me
8 messages
English whitegold11 - subject is closed
Auctioning Don, Ottavia, and Zatman!!!!
for Don - reserve is 1,320
for Ottavia - 3,550
for Zatman - 6,980

Happy Auctioning!!!
7 messages
English ShamedGod - subject is closed
Looking for Miss Twice Cr (5*)

I know she is more on the market, but you can decide if you want clintz or cards to make up the difference.

Would also consider a Trade that involved Tessa Cr (5*) or Marlysa Cr 2*
1 message

if 1.5k, just private sell to me, anything higher pls pm me for a price
4 messages
English zabuzakun_UM - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 00:32.
I have all the Freaks clann apart from splatta cr and thats also including 2 other crs i will sell to the highest bidder at 12 oclock if its a decent bid so start the bids now and nothing stupid like 50 clintz
2 messages
English kilakela - last answer from midnight-1, Wednesday 18/06/2008, 00:25.
Im sellin Ambre
Frankie Hi
pm me is interested
Tuesday 17/06/08

5 messages
English andone60 - subject is closed
Selling some cards if you want them leveled up just let me know no dumb offers plz...

2x Luba (GHEIST) lvl 1 - common

1x Mayhem (pirana) lvl 2 - uncommon

1x Katan (pirana) lvl 1 - rare

1x Buck (Ulu Watu) lvl 4 - rare

1x Pam (Rescue) lvl 1 - uncommon

1x Erzsebet (Nightmare) lvl 1 - common

1x Filomena (Montana) lvl 1 - uncommon
6 messages
English PL_WILSON - subject is closed
I have;
3x Alexei
Z3r0 D34d
Elly Mae

im looking for a fair trade!!!!
4 messages
English FreeAgent - last answer from emerald isle, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 22:18.
Selling both or separately. PM me
5 messages
English PHDalques - last answer from emerald isle, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 22:10.
Buying Luba for 140-150 clintz i need 10
3 messages
English Mayh3m - last answer from chisashiro, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 21:21.
Im selling XU52 but im only taking the first 10 offers please pm me with any offer. im taking 500 clints off the market price
5 messages
English beserker08 - last answer from beserker08, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 20:46.
I am buying Tyler from the Uppers for 1,300 clintz, will anybody sell to me?
2 messages
English damassta - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Tuesday 17/06/2008, 20:44.
Trading all for one, one for one, etc
Dacha Macha
Mort Bax
Noon Stevens

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