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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 28/05/08

2 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from danekolos, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 13:58.
Id prefer pms only,much faster buisness
Lamar Cr max
will sell for 46k
or trade for cards equivilent to its value
1 message
On june 1st there is going to be a tournament and the winner will be crowned king or queen
6 messages
English PLAY-FAST-PLZ - subject is closed
Would anyone buy Vansaar (lv 3 really near 4) for 700 clintz!!
2 messages
English 0-Homer - last answer from 0-Homer, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 11:28.
I need only a price
2 messages
English Krunstall - subject is closed
Looked at the Market Price of 800c and think one of you guys can give me a better deal
i'll take it for the best offer under 800c even if it's 799c !
9 messages
English Fapinator - last answer from Fapinator, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 11:01.
1 message
Could someone sell me a Macumba at 1500?
1 message
Could someone give me a cheap price for Dorian you will sell me please!!
4 messages
English tree_watcher - subject is closed
I will buy Rolph for 2000 clints
11 messages
English Puppet01 - subject is closed
Anyone has Lamar Cr for worth of 45k?
13 messages
English OMG-ELMO - last answer from Puppet01, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 06:56.
Ok im selling a few rares and cr's cuz i need teh clintz....

i have Lamar Cr and Ombre Cr of my head so ill think about selling them if the offer is right
5 messages
English ste123 - last answer from Shadow_na, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 03:27.
all leveled up full
1 message
Need to buy a Ratanah
looking for 1650 and under
1 message
I sell Vholt ------250 000 clintz
10 messages
English LOA_Lightning - last answer from Berserker15, Wednesday 28/05/2008, 00:33.
I have the following cards for sale.


Message me.
Tuesday 27/05/08

1 message
English TNT_KoRn - subject is closed
The cards i need are:
Jane ramba

I am looking for to either buy or trade some cards in order to get these, I am looking for offers that are under Market price so please don't go over.

And also if you have any of these send me a Private Message and i'll get back to you sooner than if you post in here.
2 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - subject is closed
Guidelines to avoid confusion and to promtoe order:

1. If you are gonna buy a card, list it and write your offer beside it.
2. no noobie offers
3. failure to follow these simple rules will result to me not entertaining your offers.

For sale:
Mikki (C)

Lennox (U)

Dacha Macha (C)

Timber (R)

Bob Joby (C)
Stanford (C)
1 message
I'm selling Ricardo and Tyler for anyone who wants them. PM me with your offer.
2 messages
English tristan-bj - last answer from Myztyrio, Tuesday 27/05/2008, 20:31.
I hate her
2 messages
Deutsch LOKO_GUS - last answer from LOKO_GUS, Tuesday 27/05/2008, 15:14.
I have Wee Lee i'm interested in kenny

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