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Tuesday 03/06/08

11 messages
English TNT_KoRn - subject is closed
I am short on clints at the moment but have Kolos to trade if you are willing to take them or if you would rather me sell them and pay you in clints let me know, send me a PM or post your thoughts here.
4 messages
English Kurosake - last answer from darkdargon49, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 23:09.
One Bryan (R) for 4000 clintz or for trade
3 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - subject is closed
Im selling 2 Buck so just private message me if you want ot buy one or both
2 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - subject is closed
Im selling Blaster private message me if you want to buy him and tell me your price or post your price right here please
5 messages
English MOB--SQUAD - last answer from THE BRINGER, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 17:42.
Good offer.
2 messages
English UP_LilKiller - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 17:15.
I am willing to buy some Marco's
1 message
I have a uransus and Samantha for trade iam only willing to trade them and there not for sale if ur intrested i would prefer if u messeged me or u could just post here?
3 messages
English LordChase - last answer from MikePinkney, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 15:37.
Selling Sai San
for 400 clintz

Pm me.
1 message
Selling max lvl TrinmkkT for 850 clintz. pm me who ever wants it. i will trade also
2 messages
English LordChase - subject is closed
Selling this cards

Feelyn and Zoltan

Pm me for offers or post here.
8 messages
English SD_thesecret - last answer from 0 Angel_TNT, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 13:29.
3 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - subject is closed
For XU52 , Rolph and 4.1K
7 messages
English paolo07 - last answer from ur mums top, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 09:06.

Windy Mor
Xia Leming

-I'd love to trade it for Ulu Watu cards
2 messages
English SD_thesecret - subject is closed
Just Look At My Current Sales
6 messages
English helpsicnarf06 - subject is closed
Ill buy ottiva, Mona,edd and vicke
1 message
Selling for 10k
3 messages
English ste123 - last answer from LordChase, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 06:41.
What should i buy for 20 000 clinz
1 message
Like title says pm me if u sale current price is inflated
2 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from SD_thesecret, Tuesday 03/06/2008, 05:38.
Pm me offers please
he is maxxed
2 messages
English boshok - subject is closed
Just pm me my friend has many Kolos
but he is so lazy to put it on the forums
he only accepts card/cards

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