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Sunday 29/06/08

7 messages
Español Nachojc - last answer from Dennis1012, Sunday 29/06/2008, 01:53.
The best Leader Vholt, chipiest than the market

I accept cz or cards, ask me pm
63 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from GENERALSURGE, Sunday 29/06/2008, 01:46.
Here are my doubles i am selling.
Erzsebet x2
Mayhem x3
Spycee x2

only reasonable offers will get replys
4 messages
English zarwalski-TL - last answer from zarwalski-TL, Sunday 29/06/2008, 00:57.
I have a vickie card want to sell/trade for either cards i dont have or cash. around 23k
8 messages
English d0gt0t0wn - last answer from elo_dragon, Sunday 29/06/2008, 00:31.
Im actioning off my Timber has 1980xp starting off at 500 clintz. i have a certain aount of money and if i doesnt get that high i wont sell it but its a secret. come to the auction
Saturday 28/06/08

1 message
Maybe ur should make a weekly stock charts on all cards to find out if they are incresing in price or dropping. this will be very useful if you need money but don't no wat cards will make you profit
6 messages
English lee12308 - last answer from lee12308, Saturday 28/06/2008, 21:29.
I am sellin my Bodenpower bidding starts at 3k i wont sell until the bidding is past 3.5k
1 message
Hi i´d like to buy Kenny for 14 400 clintz fast deal just send me a message and a privat sale and il buy him!

i´m also interesed in buying Kolos and Leviatonn but not right now i need to save up some more Clintz first

That´s all Have a Nice Day
1 message
I'm looking for here. If you have her and want to get rid of her post that you have her and what you want for her.
9 messages
English bob81 - last answer from T-Bone1_ECL, Saturday 28/06/2008, 20:39.
Hi everyody! I'm looking for this card:


Jane ramba



Vermyn N
Juicy Lord

Baby Q

I will pay with clintz... no trade
Send me a private message if you want a fast answer
1 message
Swapping my elle mae for your Emma any offers
2 messages
English ur_cute - last answer from ON_Ragnarok, Saturday 28/06/2008, 19:06.
Kolos for 10k if maxxe 11k
kenny for 13k nay lvl
2 messages
English TagoNgTago - last answer from Sen-Star, Saturday 28/06/2008, 16:52.
I'm buying good ghiest and pirana cards for my new deck. My budget is only 1.5k so please make good offers or atleast cheaper than the prices on the market
6 messages
English TDDP - last answer from MAD DAWGz, Saturday 28/06/2008, 16:49.
I want to sell or trade my Eklore and please fast if you can....
put on your offers but please don't write stupid offers like "i will trade it with you for....Eve..."
i wouldn't take those deals.....
7 messages
English pimpachu_COV - last answer from Vithzerai, Saturday 28/06/2008, 15:26.
I'm buying any unwanted or lower leveled fang pi clan cards
5 messages
English RedSanjee - last answer from Vithzerai, Saturday 28/06/2008, 15:14.
Cheap priced cr card only...
1 message
The Cards I Am Selling Are:

Dacha Macha
Mort Bax
Noon Stevens
Billy Bob

All Are Max Levels
If You Want Any Please PM Me
16 messages
English OPeration PNY - subject is closed
I have so many dhalias that i am already a novice so i am trading one and im selling the others....
2 messages
English CDG213 - subject is closed
Looking for level 1 Sydneys.

pm me and ill see what i can trade for them.
7 messages
English DECLAN_JOE - last answer from Froztee ICe, Saturday 28/06/2008, 13:26.
All Piranas trade
apart from dalhia

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