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Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 24/06/08

2 messages
English Diannahhhh - last answer from Mangle, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 15:06.
Buying Uranuz 1000 clintz just send me message or just put the card on private sell thank you
8 messages
English Roma bella - last answer from 0LD_Dingo, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 14:48.
I sell Splata Cr for 41.000
4 messages
English IAmCanibal - last answer from IAmCanibal, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 13:21.
Hey will anyone sell me a Skiner for 1325 clintz? if so it would be greatly appreciated
2 messages
English ambiant - last answer from Do0mageddon, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 12:51.



Say what u wanna give and for wich card(s).
8 messages
English zabuzakun_UM - last answer from zabuzakun_UM, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 12:35.
Miss Twice Cr and Diyo Cr for trade or a sale i am loking dhalia
6 messages
English pzshe - last answer from zabuzakun_UM, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 12:33.
Looking for all CR, Better at 0xp, but doesn't matter, pm or post your offer here

i got a lot of clints, if u wish to trade cards, i could buy and send to u as well
1 message
I am looking to trade Elya Cr for a deck of Uppers and Nightmares... No dumb offers please
9 messages
English SgtBrumage - last answer from Roarkz, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 11:26.
Delhia for sell or trade! Give me an offer! Also have Smokey,Rhed, and Aktara. Make an over clintz ir trade! Only high prices Rare or uncommon wanted. Marco, Jackie etc...
20 messages
English Do0mageddon - subject is closed
I am selling my Ulu Watu card's these are the following:

Gaia (r)
Buck (r)
Bree (u)
Gabrielle (u)

Any price half of what a cards worth is what i will consider however anything under twice the market price will be ignored. Sensible please. Negotiable. will be willing to trade for a Hawkins.

from the jedimen
180 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome to the 12th edition of RG. Each of u who post has a chance of winning one of these cards: Larry or Lea. There is only 1 rule: U'r post must contain the name for a new character.

This will end on Thusday, 24 june.


Good luck!!
7 messages
English (NT) Dragoon - last answer from pl4y f4st plz, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 03:51.
I got Kerry in a pack and I don't use Rescue decks. AM willing to trade or seel. Pm me offers today
2 messages
English Tiiempo - last answer from crazyo, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 03:23.
Im looking for someone who is selling Anita at a cheper price than the market. I dont understand how a common card can be so expensive..its up to like 1100!
2 messages
English Moradi - last answer from Shadow_na, Tuesday 24/06/2008, 00:28.
I looking for Bryan, Wardog, Emeth, Jane Ramba, No Nam... the problem is they are very expensive...
Monday 23/06/08

3 messages
English Tinuvial - last answer from ON_Ragnarok, Monday 23/06/2008, 21:05.
As the title says I'm trading/selling my Vholt. Please send me all serious offers through private message.
I'm looking for an offer around 230 000 in clintz or cards, and here is the list of cards I'm willing
to accept as payment, but only one copy of each card. The prices of the cards are the lowest market prices
I've seen in the last few days (rounded up to a nearest 50 clintz), so while they are certainly negotiable
I'll generaly follow them in all suggested trades.

All Stars
Striker - 5000
Loma Noju - 2000
Oyoh - 1900
Eyrton - 1000

Willy - 3400

Fang Pi Clang
Kerozinn Cr - 29900

Splata Cr - 48000

Dr Saw - 950

Gibson - 1100
Veenlye - 1950

La Junta
Wardog - 4200
Bruce - 2350
Bryan - 3600
Jane Ramba - 4000
Gertrud - 4850

Vickie - 22500
Don - 1050

Kenny - 15500
Dieter - 2000

Nahi Cr - 17500

SkrumxxT - 3200

Copper - 4500
Chloe - 4000

Ulu Watu
Gaia - 5500
Wee Lee - 5850
Gabrielle - 3900
Lulabee - 4300
Hikiyousan - 3000
Tanaereva - 16650

Tyler - 1100

Thank you all for reading this!
14 messages
English SgtBrumage - last answer from SgtBrumage, Monday 23/06/2008, 20:44.
I now have every pirana clan member except for Hawkins. Anyonw wishing to trade let me know. Im intersted in A Marco, Hawkins, Kolos, Kinjo. Let me know!
2 messages
English worldpad - last answer from LawLessChaoz, Monday 23/06/2008, 20:20.
Miken Moose
Nahi Cr

all for 24.2K
PM me or post here with offers.
1 message
Just Private Sell them to me and I will except them if the price is reasonable
14 messages
English robimtk - last answer from Mangle, Monday 23/06/2008, 15:08.
Offers for Kolos i will look at every offer but can only accept 1
3 messages
English Damgark - subject is closed
Trade my Rowdy for your Z3r0 D34d
2 messages
English KillerTeddyy - last answer from ur_cute, Monday 23/06/2008, 06:32.
8 characters in deck are:
all characters are maxxed. Price for them all is 65,000 . The lowest price I can go is 60,000. Thnx

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