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Sunday 08/06/08

10 messages
English KkAaTtEe - last answer from McV, Sunday 08/06/2008, 00:48.
Please help me can you hook me up with some cheap cards
1 message
My Olga to your Wolfgang maxed Esmeralda maxed and Eve maxed
ill add up clintz if needed or ill add cards
5 messages
English Blade Demon - last answer from Blade Demon, Sunday 08/06/2008, 00:13.

Rhed 11,500
Mayhem 1,400
Spycee 1,000
Hawkins 20,000

I will negotiate but no less than 90% of current market price, and if you try using the logic that these cards will be worth a lot less in a month so you want it half price, I'll use the logic that in a year any one of these could be a Cr so I will double the price =D
Saturday 07/06/08

1 message
I have 5k and these cards * in brackets is lvl*
Montana : Enzo , Murphy , Don , Aldo , Flesh Pimp ( all base lvl )
Bangers :Leila (base )
All Stars : 3 Allison ( 2 base 1 max) , Ashley and Mario (max)
Ulu Watu : Buck (base)
and a few more... not much else of major interest but ask if theres any cards ya want and i'll check
4 messages
mansa84 - last answer from MegaGobbler, Saturday 07/06/2008, 22:13.
Offering 5k + small commons for both (i have no Piranas..)
2 messages
English WayOfFist LoA - last answer from WayOfFist LoA, Saturday 07/06/2008, 21:34.
I have 130k for him. Any takers?
14 messages
English J for Jackie - last answer from Leon Anthony, Saturday 07/06/2008, 21:02.
I will sell a dj koor for all Piranas
1 message
Buying following cards:
1.Edd (1500-1700clintz- max lvl)
2.Mona(2400-2600clintz-any lvl)
3.Ottavia(about 3000clitnz- max lvl)

All Sales Private Deal Plz.TnX.
1 message
Hello people, i'm an unexperienced player yet so ima lookin for cheap Following Montana Cards:
1.Edd- (max lvl- 1600ctz or lvl1-- 1400-1500ctz)
2.Mona(any lvl- about 2500ctz)
3.Ottawia(least wanted-- 3000ctz)

For Deal Private Sale me. Tnx.
10 messages
English 0-Mystogan - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Saturday 07/06/2008, 20:18.
2.8k and up
1 message
Post your offers here do not post pointless offers like plz give me ur Nistarok for 100clintz or trade your Nistarok for my Bob Joby
1 message
I am looking for Hawkins or Katan for my Kenny... PM me
14 messages
ελληνικά pl91 - last answer from TnT_Ch0p-Suey, Saturday 07/06/2008, 20:00.
I give 7k(all my money)for rhed and Katan.if anyone is interested(i doubt it)plz pm me
1 message
I would love to trade my Swidz Cr to your Tanaevera!

PM or leave a message here!!
1 message
Trading sms code for some good cards worth 3-5k each
1 message
Buying it for 3.5k and Enzo
1 message
I will buy immediatly the first Z3r0 D34d sended to me at 2000k

please be fast!!!
6 messages
English king of dew - last answer from king of dew, Saturday 07/06/2008, 15:37.
Im looking for Freaks so i'll take theme over athere stuff
2 messages
English SD_thesecret - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 07/06/2008, 15:08.
Just look at my current sales
1 message
I will Buy it for 44k Right now

just put it in my Private sale.

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