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Tuesday 20/05/08

1 message
Ill buy Kolos with 10 546 + Dayton + Lennox+ Luba + Miranda please don't put irrelevant offers like " id like to buy your Lennox blah blah" right ? just private sales me your Kolos and i will private sales the cards above but first pm me or ans in this forum
19 messages
English darkone178 - subject is closed
Starting bid 100 reserve 8.5k
starts now and ends may 20
offers have to be at least 300 more than the last one
5 messages
English Personaphobe - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 16:31.
I have many characters from many clans. A few are Wanda, Estalt, Ghoub, Lullabee and many many others from many clans. Feel free to message me what you want and what Allstar youll trade for it. I have bought most cheap Allstars (except for Allison) so keep that in mind.
5 messages
English Rael587 - last answer from Falvern, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 16:06.
2 messages
English PEPE TIGROU - last answer from PEPE TIGROU, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 15:55.
Good morning.

I sell the lot Marlysa Cr + Vohlt everything them two 0xp.
I sell only two together. Clintz or Cr only.

I post here as ca everybody sees them francaise offer. Made your offer I shall re-lay you by Mp if that ci me interf-hole. Desolé I speak English well...

Thank you has all those who shall post here or send me a mp with their offer.





Je vend mon lot de Marlysa Cr + Vholt 0xp.

Je souhaite vendre le lot complet et non une carte seul. Je recherche des clintz ou Cr uniquement

Je post ici car tout le monde peu voir les offres francaises.. N'ayant pas le meme horaires que vous je vous repond des que possible par Mp.

Merci a toute les personne lisant ce topic ou postant une offres convenable


13 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from ur_cute, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 13:53.
122 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome to the 5th edition of RG. Each of u who post have a chance of winning one of these 2 cards: Nympheea and Vassili. I will sell them to u for 99 clintz. This will end the next day after I post this. There's just 1 rule: You're post must contain the name of a type of food.

4 messages
English OC-Vanity - last answer from johnie-boy, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 11:54.
I want a Timmy and will offer 300-500 clintz + Bridget(maxed) so it is about 1300 clintz for 1300-1500 clintz .
3 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from darkrider4, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 07:58.
I buying any Leader for 500-700
16 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from WEN CHANG, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 07:04.
8 messages
English Byakuya renji - last answer from SHDW_CLN, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 04:30.
Have Vickie and some other cards for sale
1 message
Looking to purchase the following:
Kenny - 15k (any level)
Kolos - 13k (any level)
Sheitane - 1,700 (any level)
Hel - 1,400 (any level)
Please private message me or send a private trade request with offers. Thanks.
2 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Ibko, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 02:58.
I buy All Stars! sell them to me!
6 messages
English Chipper_DvF - last answer from Ibko, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 02:55.
Will trade a Marco Rescue.

Please make an offer
5 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed
I need these 2,doesnt matter about level
will offer XU52 and 4000 clintz
1 message
I buying allstars card. send me a private message if ur going to sell me one.
1 message
That's all, MY Kolos and 4000 clintz for YOUR kenny pm me if you want thanks
5 messages
English OC-Vanity - last answer from OC-Vanity, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 01:27.
Ok first bid is robb for 2k who has the highest by the end of today at 9:30 gets him so hurry up.
5 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 01:12.
I'm Looking for Thaumaturge Cr FOR 7k.

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