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Sunday 18/05/08

1 message
Im buying the following cr's

Splata Cr
Diyo Cr
Geuner Cr

place ure offers here must be under market value (if i wanted market value id buy off the market so no stupid offers like 1 clintz under market value... i know alot of noobs like that...)

thanks all
1 message
These are the last to complete my deck. I willing to buy these cards for around 2000 and up a little.
I'd really appreciate any offers, post here or pm me.
4 messages
English wertqwertywer - last answer from dagwin, Sunday 18/05/2008, 20:51.
I am auctioning:

Narenda-950-max level
Ella-250-max level
Rebecca-348-max level
Josh-350-max level
Endo-440-max level

If someone else has asked for it u can bid higher then them to maybe win the card
4 messages
English the bad boy 69 - last answer from AndyUhOh, Sunday 18/05/2008, 19:22.
Ddoudble or any i will take it ur hands i know there is nice people out there please help
3 messages
English OPeration PNY - last answer from Ibko, Sunday 18/05/2008, 18:04.
Selling Hikiyousan for 2800
2 messages
English 0Reversal - last answer from OC-Vanity, Sunday 18/05/2008, 17:58.
Any Leader, any level, 700 each. PM me or offer here.
1 message
I am trading my whole Nightmare deck for a Manon Cr but i don't have any cr's Pm me for more info
1 message
Im buying a Splata Cr just post or pm me the price and we can negotiate... thanks all
3 messages
English ur_cute - last answer from ur_cute, Sunday 18/05/2008, 17:08.
Need Dorian add give me a message active player

23 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from ur_cute, Sunday 18/05/2008, 15:41.
XU52 lvl max
ends tomorow 17th may at 9am
reserve 9.2k
quick sale 9.5k

good luck
ps starts at 2k
ands bid have to be 200 clintz apart
2 messages
English LordChase - last answer from Monsterlord, Sunday 18/05/2008, 15:22.
Can anyone give me cards!!!!
1 message
900c plz sell in private
24 messages
English Seanio - last answer from dagwin, Sunday 18/05/2008, 14:41.
Here are some rare cards that i want to sell, please leave an offer below, ty

Erika [level2]
Meg [level2]
Na Boh
3 messages
English McV - last answer from OC-Vanity, Sunday 18/05/2008, 14:23.
Im buying any Erzserbet for 100 please and thanks. Send them to me in a private sale ill buy them please
4 messages
English Xadvid - subject is closed
Post offers or PM Offers.
2 messages
English Milstrum_WP - subject is closed
I am buying B Ball.
1 message
Yayoi + 9000 clintz someone is interested?contact by via private message
2 messages
English Slayernator - last answer from DarkShifter, Sunday 18/05/2008, 13:37.
If anyone is kind enough to sell me Methane for 3k then can u pls pm me and post in this topic about it just so that i know.

thank you
3 messages
English Milstrum_WP - subject is closed
Buying Vermyn N for 6k.

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