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Saturday 14/06/08

5 messages
English Tinuvial - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Saturday 14/06/2008, 22:59.
I have the following cards to trade:
B Ball x14
Onik x4
Edd x4
Keanew x7
Kerry x3

And I'm looking for the following cards:
Baby Q

For any possible trade please contact me through private message.
1 message
Anyone selling Graff for a good price?
7 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from worldpad, Saturday 14/06/2008, 21:42.
This is an auction for a maxxed Kenny. The starting bid is 13k. The reserve price is 17k. Each bid must be at least 300c higher than the previous bid. The auction will end Sunday, June 15 2008 at 1:00p.m.(U.S. Midwest time). Good luck and happy bidding!
3 messages
English Relentless007 - last answer from Pillow9, Saturday 14/06/2008, 21:04.
I need Hawkins, Katan, Rhed, Smokey i will trade for a mixture of cards below is a list please send me offers

Sai San
Flesh Pimp

pm me with offers or other cards
2 messages
English Lord Xavier - last answer from Pillow9, Saturday 14/06/2008, 21:02.
Im looking for a Jim Cr + 5k pm me if intrested
4 messages
English LoA_Kabuto - last answer from LoA_Kabuto, Saturday 14/06/2008, 20:45.
As topic suggests fully lvled
price around 55k
plz dont post if u cant afford it. trade is only for good offers
1 message
I can't sell it for more than 299 in the market hehe, anyone wanna it for elo?
If u interested offer me^
5 messages
English icedog lee - last answer from MAD DAWGz, Saturday 14/06/2008, 20:37.
Im selling my Timber at 4 star for 800 clintz any offers mail me.
1 message
Looking for a someone to be my best mate to sell me some cheap cards of any clan just pm me
3 messages
English microdot - last answer from rohanpatel1984, Saturday 14/06/2008, 20:27.
PM me your offer. Must be realistic. He is worth about 50k on the market. Check my sales as proof that I have him.
8 messages
English Pride of Pitt - last answer from 8H D-Sparky, Saturday 14/06/2008, 18:35.
I am selling a maxed kenny i am willing to sell him but i am mainly looking for Striker, Marina, Oyoh, and Hammer

Also if interested I have another maxed kenny and 10,000 clintz i am willing to trade both kennys plus the clintz for a Lamar Cr
2 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from DarkShifter, Saturday 14/06/2008, 17:29.
Page Cr
Diyo Cr
casse cr
full xp
3 messages
English Pillow9 - last answer from DarkShifter, Saturday 14/06/2008, 17:26.
Mp please
7 messages
English IAmCanibal - last answer from IAmCanibal, Saturday 14/06/2008, 16:33.
I'm currently selling Olga, Erzsebet, Frida, Dayton, and Stanford
4 messages
English pls_play_fast - last answer from pls_play_fast, Saturday 14/06/2008, 13:19.
Private sale me ASAP i need many tnx
1 message
Max Yaman for 200
max Matthew for 250 or 280
max Sydney for 400 or 450
8 messages
English PEPE TIGROU - last answer from PEPE TIGROU, Saturday 14/06/2008, 11:36.

Sorry from my rotten English I speak about it not courament

I look has to echanger my Manon Cr 0xp against one Manon Cr Full Xp + a complement of 300 000 clintz cash.

The complement can etre also of Marlysa Cr Full Xp and 100 000 clintz cash.

I post here because Manon Cr Full Xp in France sound almost thus innexistante etre can that I shall have more luck(chance) here.
If you are to interesser, want me contacted directly by Mp because I do not often pass here.

Thank you has all to have read to me and has the moderation to accept my subject.
1 message
Can any1 sell me Graff for 1.8 k pplz post ur info here. Or pm me

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