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Saturday 07/06/08

3 messages
English Donnie85Darko - last answer from bounce_00, Saturday 07/06/2008, 13:28.
1 message
I need Petra but the market price is to high
If somebody want to sell Petra lower than the market price, send me private sell
5 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Gryazzie, Saturday 07/06/2008, 12:03.


post REASONABLE price pls
1 message
Exchange the following cards Rowdy Lennox Chiro Masamu Jeena Rico
29 messages
English bob81 - last answer from bob81, Saturday 07/06/2008, 10:24.
I'm searching for

Juicy Lord
Vermin T
Z3r0 D34d

let me know with private message- thanks
1 message
Please Sale in PRIVATE.
Dont Expensive BOS
13 messages
English MAD DAWGz - subject is closed
The auction will start at 15k this ends tomorrow @ 8pm btw this is my 1st auction
6 messages
English dark mokona - subject is closed
Card for auction is Katan maxed

starting bid : 10 000clintz
reserve price : 22500clintz
Buy out Price : 23 000clintz

go bid please
2 messages
English Scarblade - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Saturday 07/06/2008, 08:15.
Selling full level Myke and Leo from La Junta for only 500 clints!!
1 message
Buy Mona Ottavia and edd


pm me
2 messages
English dark mokona - subject is closed
Im tradin my Titus for another Freaks cards

any cards from Freaks but not the weak part cards
i have nanastacia Akendram Graziella Miss Ming

so if you have please trade

generally looking for these possible trades
Olga = Titus Akendram (but you refund me clintz if my offer has got higher)
Wolfgang and Esmeralda = Titus
Eve and Erpeto = Titus and Jenny
2 messages
English dark mokona - subject is closed
24 messages
English TnT_Yo - subject is closed
Im auctioning my bulk of ellas
very good investment as they are a staple card in a pussycat deck
17 ellas (4 maxxed and 13 lvl 1s)

starting bid @ 2.5k

auctioning ends @ this coming saturday

okay happy bidding

and gudluck
6 messages
English NukaBoon - last answer from AC_Swancino, Saturday 07/06/2008, 02:44.
6 messages
English lolmo3 - last answer from light00, Saturday 07/06/2008, 02:27.
Any Freak card I want to buy , But i have only 200 Clintz.
2 messages
English Fast_LoA - last answer from light00, Saturday 07/06/2008, 02:15.
7 messages
English SD_thesecret - last answer from light00, Saturday 07/06/2008, 02:13.

to those people who will think that i will steal your cards ____THEN uR WRONG_____
1 message
I'm buying the cards that no one wants in their decks so you dont have to put up with them anymore. I'm buying them for more than Kate most likely will, and if not then just sell them to her. PM me telling me the cards name and how much you want to sell it for.
1 message
I have both a 0xp Splata Cr and max Splata Cr and i want to trade for other crs post ONLY trades. If you want to buy my Splata Cr go look at it in the market and buy it from there

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