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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 11/06/08

1 message
Buying Smokey for 1500 level 1
3 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from spillzord, Wednesday 11/06/2008, 06:15.
Buying Uppers and recuse
4 messages
English mage chocobo - last answer from mage chocobo, Wednesday 11/06/2008, 00:17.
Buying max cards

Thomson for 160
Yaman 200
2 messages
English omerkey - last answer from Mekstrom, Wednesday 11/06/2008, 00:04.
Buying what ever giests you'll offrer
Tuesday 10/06/08

9 messages
English LoopyLogan - last answer from 443, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 23:59.
Post prices or message me (Messages will most likely be answered faster than posts.) and I'll either accept them, refuse them, or possibly try to negotiate a bit. Here's the list!

Please note: This list may not be completely up to date, so do not get mad at me if an item hasn't been listed as sold after it has been. All characters are at their BASE level. Thank you.

Dr Saw
Lino Borsa x2
Globumm x3
1 message
Selling Vholt lvl 1

Price 180.000 Clintz
2 messages
English omerkey - last answer from IF KEVIN5132, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 21:41.
Plz look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please help me, would you people sell me some giests you do not need?
1 message
Selling Sigmund Cr 210 000 Klintz.

Want Klintz or Cr (but no suns)
If good offer, i can add some klints (up to 200k)

Answers in Pm.
1 message
Please make an offer and if its good i'll buy it

1 message
I'm trading my Dorian for one or several cards of one of those clans. Must be approximately the same value.
You can try to propose other clans though.
I prefer if you pm me but you can post also.
4 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from 0_Maverick, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:16.
Dorian 1x 4-stars and 1x 5-stars
8 messages
Español CabalEVO - last answer from CabalEVO, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:12.
Dont do stupid offers
3 messages
English Yellowcar - last answer from 0_Maverick, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 19:12.
Im selling my Katan for 17k or high bid. Or any collector. Pm me
1 message
Buying ghiests, im only level 11, so not for too much money! ill be happy to trade too!
20 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from Yellowcar, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 18:40.
Accept money, cards, credits
82 messages
English DriftingFlare - subject is closed
I have loads of cards.
Here r some that r for sale. In order of clans.

Alec Lv 4
Elvira Lv 4
Hax Lv 5
Ghoub Lv 4
Kerry Lv 4
Tanner Lv 3
Steve Lv 2

Ula Wata
Bree Lv 2
3x Buck 2x Lv 1 1x Lv 4
Hikiyousan Lv 3
Joao Lv 3
Rass Lv 3

La Junta
Emeth Lv 5
Gertrud Lv 2
Python Lv 2
Tank Lv 3

Bristone Lv 3
Dr Saw Lv 4
Luba Lv 3
Nina Lv 4
Vladimir Lv 3

Giovanni Lv 1
Mona Lv 3
Prince Jr Lv 2
Simon Lv 3

B Ball Lv 2
Fifty Lv 5
Graff Lv 2
Leila Lv 3
Willy Lv 5

Fang Pi Clang
Hattori Lv 5
Kati Lv 4
Kinjo Lv 5
Lost Hog Lv 5
Macumba Lv 4
Windy Mor Lv 3

Akendram Lv 3
Crassus Lv 4
Erpeto Lv 5
Esmeralda Lv 2
Eve Lv 3
Olga Lv 3
Vassili Lv 3

Chloe Lv 5
Havok Lv 3
John Lv 3
Miranda Lv 4

Frankie Hi Lv 3
Janine Lv 2
Sydney Lv 2
Rubie Lv 3
Tyler Lv 2

Dolores Boss Lv 3
Elly Mae Lv 4
Emma Lv 3
Meg Lv 3
Wanda Lv 2
Yayoi Lv 4

Estalt Lv 5
Mojo Lv 3
Timmy Lv 3

All Stars
Alexei Lv 4
Mario Lv 2
Oyoh Lv 5

Lolly Lv 3
Perle Lv 3

Noodile Lv 2
Ratanah Lv 2
Tshern Lv 2
Yamam Lv 2

Ambre Lv 5
Ashigaru Lv 5
Bridget Lv 5
Hugo Lv 5
Timber Lv 5
Vansaar Lv 5

Corrina Lv3
Gastroboy Lv2
SkrumxxT Lv5
Venus Lv4
I am not bothered if they sell or not. They will not sell to noob offer. Serious offers only. Trades and clintz. I except both.
9 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from DarkShifter, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 16:19.
I have an extra Charlie I am auctioning here are the ticket prices.
15 tickets have to be sold then the lottery will be held
1 tickets=1000 clintz
5 tickets=4000 clintz

#1 rule=have FUN
4 messages
English 8H D-Sparky - last answer from 8H D-Sparky, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 15:54.
Will anyone sell me Zdrone for 500 clintz
3 messages
English Josiah10 - last answer from Josiah10, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 14:59.
I currently bought credits and got a Rubie would anybody mind trading my Rubie for Methane or Toro

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