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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 31/05/08

1 message
Im buying any Leader for 700 clintz please private trade me if you wish to sell or just let me know
26 messages
English spillzord - subject is closed
I really love the card Kolos(R) but idont want it anymore as my deck has been changed is there any chance ne one want to buy this card it is maxed out. Also Kolos is the only card that can stand alone and 1 hit kill. and i do have a couple of other cards if you want Venus(max) Beetenka(max)
1 message
Everyone is bitches. you herd me
4 messages
English Bax2theFuture - last answer from UC-stephenUR, Saturday 31/05/2008, 20:53.
I have 1,000 clintz and some cards I don't need. They are:

Zlatar (Uppers)
Elliott (Uppers)
Bob Joby (Uppers)
Lilith (GHEIST)
Erika (GHEIST)
Brutox (GHEIST)
Kharl (Freaks)
Tunned (Bangers)
Kevin (Bangers)
Myke (La Junta)
Candy Jack (Nightmare)
Zdrone (Sintinel)

If you'll sell me XU52 for some of these cards and the money, hit me up.
1 message
I'm trying to trade for Lyssa seeing into it that only one person ever sales her and her price is so high she'd never be sold. I want just that one cad, name your offer, will to part with other CR's and Rares i have for her
1 message
Non maxed
cheap around 2000
1 message
Please private message me or post your message here and by the way i have 3 Hattori
1 message
I'm looking for anyone who has Rare or Uncommon Nightmare cards who is willing to sell them to me cheap.
2 messages
English -(TDK_JK)- - subject is closed
Someone that can sell me Wardog on private sale for 3500???
2 messages
English Dritan - last answer from Lil Seb, Saturday 31/05/2008, 17:38.
Well i need some between the level 10-16 to battle we have a pottential 5 fights who ever gets 3 wins first has to give the other a card, and the people fighting each other firs must agree which card they will win.

It must be no random
Type1 vs type 2 or 1 the choice of opponemnt
It will have to be agreed between the two people fighint eachother on wt type of deck they want to use

pm me of u wnt to battle me. the first cards that i would battle for would be lets say Bristone (U)
4 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - subject is closed
Just let me know if you want to buy him or what you would like to trade for it
5 messages
English 0UM_Phoenix - subject is closed
Will trade my XU52 for one
3 messages
English Don Gould - last answer from UC-stephenUR, Saturday 31/05/2008, 15:49.
I'm looking to buy a Don
Tell me how much here
2 messages
English iwentpeepee3 - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Saturday 31/05/2008, 15:17.
Buying Anita for 1300 clints if you are interested send me a message
14 messages
English Xadvid - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:57.
Selling Copper,Havok and Miranda.
I'm selling and trading.
2 messages
English JokeKing - last answer from Sobe_Pre-full, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:52.
If u have Hax pm me ill give you 2400 for him
5 messages
English 0UC_JackBlack - last answer from 0UC_JackBlack, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:50.
Can anybody sell me Macumba at cheaper price ? i will buy it around 1500.
2 messages
English 0UM_Phoenix - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:42.
Read the title will pay 870 clintz for one

2 messages
English dark_slash - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:41.
Help me pls , what' does these power mean is that hp , and what about damage , pls explain :::::::
4 messages
English ste123 - last answer from ChRoM3 SaB3r, Saturday 31/05/2008, 14:29.
I have 2696 clintz
i nedd some cards
will anyone sell me some

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