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Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 10/06/08

7 messages
English AxelSteam - last answer from bad acid, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 07:36.
Im selling Alec, Elvira, Ghoub, Kerry, Larry, Lea, Lobo, Slyde and Steve
i want 25k for all of them
1 message
Title says.

I will buy one Glorg for 1800-2000
Maximum price: 2100
1 message
Looking to buy Hel (C) for 1200 or Sheitane (U) for 1500 or Glorg (U) for 1600...
15 messages
English kdgns - subject is closed
Start at 100 clintz, minimum increase is 200, reserve price is 3700.
19 messages
Español TheKingKoz - last answer from KNIGHT RIDER, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 04:44.

All the clans, just send me a private message with the cards that you need
1 message
Will anyone please help me out and sell me cards that you dont need for cheaper than regular market value price?
1 message
Im wanting to buy a Tessa Cr or Miss Twice unplayed, im willing to pay 45k for tessa and about 25k for miss twice, if you want to get rid of one of the 2 and think thats to cheap shoot me a price, i would really like to have one if not both.
9 messages
English 0-Mystogan - last answer from vsavic007, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 03:35.
3 messages
English bangerup - last answer from Ezanon, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 03:26.
Can anyone sell me a Buck for 400???
1 message
I'm willing to trade and buy. . just pm me. .
4 messages
English ste123 - last answer from Simple0313, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 03:02.
500 clintz per tiket
winner gets Nanook
1 message
Ok buying:

and Spycee

all for 12k
6 messages
English UF0 - last answer from SHDW_CLN, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 01:59.
1 message
Hey i'm looking for Sentinels. I need a Z-Drone for about 600 clintz?
any one out there willing to sell? Or if you have any other Sentinels you'd like to sell i'd be more than happy to hear the offer and possibly buy the card
3 messages
English frosty01 - last answer from Tuby5629, Tuesday 10/06/2008, 00:53.
450 clints for the two its a good deal and i am willing to talk
1 message
Buying Smokey for 1500 clint level 1 private sale me thanks
Monday 09/06/08

2 messages
English microdot - last answer from guardian-x, Monday 09/06/2008, 22:02.
Check my sales. All cards are 10 clintz below market (at this time) so go buy
3 messages
English andone60 - last answer from MegaGobbler, Monday 09/06/2008, 21:51.
Im looking for a Oyoh, or Robb from allstars and Rolph and Methane from GHEIST, i only have 1459 clintz to buy one with and i also have a Buck card from Ulu Watu and meyhem from Piranas to trade for them, just message me to let me know thanks
1 message
5000 great price but I don't want to wait on the market.
2 messages
English dan59 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Monday 09/06/2008, 19:07.
If you have alec Hax or marco sell them to Dan59

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