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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 08/05/08

1 message
Anyone that has Gertrud and wants to trade pls post here or PM me.
I have quite a lot of cards I can trade
1 message
Im looking for Buck, Bree, Gabrielle, XU52 and Leviatonn, does anyone have any of these?
84 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Each of u who writes a comment will have a chance to win a Yookie and a Yusuke. After 24 hours after I post this, I will randomly select 2 players and sell these one card to each of them for 99 Clintz. Do u belive in luck?
2 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from DJ Vamp, Thursday 08/05/2008, 13:24.
Your Dorian for my Striker and my Flo. PM me for trades.
4 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - last answer from NvM, Thursday 08/05/2008, 12:49.
Selling Na Boh (R) for 800 clintz
7 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from Roarkz, Thursday 08/05/2008, 11:42.
I am selling cards that i have doubles of
here is a list of some:

best offer gets card
13 messages
English Dritan - last answer from toultanbraz, Thursday 08/05/2008, 11:02.
If u have got any cards message the cards and their price plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
Pm me when you are willing to sell Estalt or Kinjo
11 messages
English guest999 - last answer from guest999, Thursday 08/05/2008, 09:55.
I'd love to trade
2 Diyo Cr
2 Cassio Cr
1 Kerozinn Cr
1 Nahi Cr
1 Geuner Cr

all 0xp

for another big Cr
2 messages
English wootsauceman - last answer from Force Majeure, Thursday 08/05/2008, 02:33.
It said i would get one but i didnt
2 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed
Any offers?
2 messages
English sasuke_cs2 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Thursday 08/05/2008, 00:07.
I will trade a vickie for
Wednesday 07/05/08

2 messages
Español MC Eragon - last answer from MC Eragon, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 23:26.
I am selling/trading Vholt in 0xp..., if you give clintz : 288 000 , or the prince in Vholt in crs card

1 message
Ill pay 9-10k for her please and thank you
2 messages
English combot2732 - subject is closed
I am looking to buy Keanew, Dash, and Otakool for just a little bit less than the market. Make me an offer.
1 message
Im lookin for Splata Cr looking .
4 messages
English UM-CoNraD - last answer from M3RCY HAVE IT, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 22:44.
Aucting Emma from Pussycats

lowest ill accept is 1050clints
max 1250 clintz
14 messages
English M0hamed - last answer from jerromy, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 20:55.
I'm selling my leaders for clintz and only clintz unless u wanna give cr cards for them and don't waste time with stupid offers please


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