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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 09/06/08

1 message
I want to buy Vholt pm me your offers
2 messages
English mage chocobo - last answer from mage chocobo, Monday 09/06/2008, 05:37.
2 messages
English Eric C - last answer from Eric C, Monday 09/06/2008, 05:13.
I want to buy a Kiki. Let me know if you want to sell.
2 messages
English Eai - last answer from Eai, Monday 09/06/2008, 04:45.
For 2000 clintz

1 message
Buying Don!!!

For 900 clintz
2 messages
English Random trash - last answer from Falvern, Monday 09/06/2008, 04:03.
Will anyone sell me Lamar Cr 30'000 or 37'000 clintz
1 message
Wolud anyone be willing to part with a Gabrielle for 3900 clintz??
2 messages
English killer-A - last answer from ur mums top, Monday 09/06/2008, 03:52.
Anybody wanna buy a Python fully leveled up for 1500clinz?
thank you
1 message
I'll buy Alexei for 456 clintz.send me private sell thanks.
2 messages
English Mekstrom - last answer from Mekstrom, Monday 09/06/2008, 02:18.
I will buy a Spycee,Onik, Zero Dead, and Rolph
I have a 1640 budget, so if u wanna sel me anything then say so
I wont buy Spycee for more than 990
1 message
I am buying Smokey for 1500 clintz level 1
1 message
Any body willin to sell Rowdy for cheap look hear
3 messages
English PL_WILSON - subject is closed
Im selling 2 Svelthlana and 2 noon steven both oxp for only 2k.....
just pm me if you like those 2....
Sunday 08/06/08

1 message
Buying Uranus for 1750clintz and Petra for 1000 clintz
Send me private sell
3 messages
English The_Top_Killer - last answer from red back, Sunday 08/06/2008, 23:30.
How do u trade with other people??
6 messages
English -PLG-vHiin- - last answer from The_Top_Killer, Sunday 08/06/2008, 20:55.
Selling This cards PM your offers

Anita x2 max and lvl 2

Pm your offers don't pm if your offers is so cheap
5 messages
English AxelSteam - last answer from AxelSteam, Sunday 08/06/2008, 20:11.
I am selling every banger apart from sum sam (I wish...)
i dont care how many buy at a time, but no noob offers
1 message
WhEre caN i bUy cHeaP cArDs?anD cAn i bUy cRediTs wiTh cLinZ?pLeAse p.M mE.tHanKz
1 message
For around three hundred
2 messages
English ste123 - last answer from Romney, Sunday 08/06/2008, 17:22.
I realy nedd some Rescue i will buy or ttrade i have
pm me offers

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