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Sunday 08/06/08

1 message
I am Buying Mayhem for 1400 for lvl 1
2 messages
English Sifrus - subject is closed
I will buy Mayhem for 1400 for last level private sell me im rushing....ty
3 messages
English kilakela - last answer from MOB--SQUAD, Sunday 08/06/2008, 10:05.
Hi im sellin blaster (Bangers) maxed n im sellin Fifty (Bangers) lvl 4
i sell blaster 4 5.5k n Fifty for 2k
5 messages
English 7_se7en_7 - last answer from Returner, Sunday 08/06/2008, 09:39.
I need clintz,,so buy that card
3 messages
English dark mokona - subject is closed
Your max Olga to my 0xp Olga
6 messages
English dark mokona - subject is closed
Looking for Miss Twice Cr for 20k
2 messages
English joseph_her - last answer from Dark Alpha_OC, Sunday 08/06/2008, 07:20.
Selling chikko, Endo, and Yaman for just 400.
5 messages
English lilbebo89 - last answer from LesPaul_LoA, Sunday 08/06/2008, 06:08.
Im selling a Kolos and dont make dumb offers like sell me Kolos for 1k ill ill say sorry on lower than 15k
1 message
Plz sell me Jeeves and Tyler less then market price. i could trade u something and pay
5 messages
English IM_Judge - subject is closed
Do you want any of your card's to level up, if yes i can train them for you, for free. what do you think?

you sell me your card for 50 clintz, and after i level it up, i will sell it back to you for 50 clintz.

if you are interested pm me
1 message
Looking for Crs I have 50k and over 100,000k in cards
48 messages
English Dritan - last answer from 0-Mystogan, Sunday 08/06/2008, 02:07.
I am looking for people to fight against me, you just me able to sell cards on the market.


You will either use type if it is aginst me

The game must be played in danger zone

The number of fights is optional wiht me it is either first to 3 or 5


It is optional

Level Entry:
I cant be higher than level 33

Good luck

11 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Angel No Fry, Sunday 08/06/2008, 01:33.
If anyone could help me get some Piranas i'd apprichiate it.

Hawkins (U)-22k
Katan (R)-18k
Rhed (R)-12.5k
Mayhem (C)-1.8k
3 messages
English JUNKYZZ - last answer from JUNKYZZ, Sunday 08/06/2008, 01:22.
Need Rowdy and Keanew post ur price and ill buy
5 messages
English detorious - subject is closed
Im trading or selling an elo deck for another deck ,or clintz worth its price.



Na Boh

pm me or post if interested.
5 messages
English Blade Demon - subject is closed
Allison 2
Lennox 2
Luba 4
Jeena 2
Dayton 4
Stanford 2

Pm me if you want to work out a price but I will not sell anything lower than 85% of its market price.
10 messages
English KkAaTtEe - last answer from McV, Sunday 08/06/2008, 00:48.
Please help me can you hook me up with some cheap cards
1 message
My Olga to your Wolfgang maxed Esmeralda maxed and Eve maxed
ill add up clintz if needed or ill add cards
5 messages
English Blade Demon - last answer from Blade Demon, Sunday 08/06/2008, 00:13.

Rhed 11,500
Mayhem 1,400
Spycee 1,000
Hawkins 20,000

I will negotiate but no less than 90% of current market price, and if you try using the logic that these cards will be worth a lot less in a month so you want it half price, I'll use the logic that in a year any one of these could be a Cr so I will double the price =D
Saturday 07/06/08

1 message
I have 5k and these cards * in brackets is lvl*
Montana : Enzo , Murphy , Don , Aldo , Flesh Pimp ( all base lvl )
Bangers :Leila (base )
All Stars : 3 Allison ( 2 base 1 max) , Ashley and Mario (max)
Ulu Watu : Buck (base)
and a few more... not much else of major interest but ask if theres any cards ya want and i'll check

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