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Sunday 09/03/08

6 messages
English Y R U MAD - subject is closed
I'm trading a Globumm (C) lvl 2 for a expensive rare or cr card
but before you close this thread, i need to explain
you know the red paper clip story (you know, the one where that guy trades a red paper clip for something and it trades up to a house)
i'm trying to do that

first of all, i want to trade the Globumm (C), who has 2 times the power of Flavio Cr (Cr) Maxxed (that MUST be strong) and TRIPLE the damage of Sheintane (whose one of the most common in Nightmare decks) and has an ability of stop opponent bonus (very good for Rescue) and an ability of -8 attack!!!
i want something cheap-ish like Tatane (C) or Halley (C) and then the challenge officially starts!!!

hope you like me enough to help me pass this challenge i set myself
1 message
Buying Veenyle below 1200clintz !!!! pm me
1 message
I am willing to sell/trade chad bread. And no real money purchases.And the chad bread is maxed.

I will sell it for 20,000 clintz

I will trade it for cards which will make the price 20,000 clintz altogether

PM me requests or write in this post.
I am going to round of the market price if you are trading cards.

Eg= Angelina is 220 so I am going to round off her by 2|20= 200. If she was 250 it would be 200. If she was above 250 it would be 300. Hope you have learned round off in your school. I have round off the chad bread too. he is 21500 in market and I have made him 20000. So we are equal.( remember I dont scam people )
5 messages
English TnT_Ch0p-Suey - last answer from soliuz, Sunday 09/03/2008, 06:47.
I wanna buy a Methane for 1200 clintz plzz anyone help like i really need it just one card and i will have my deck completed plzzz anyonemethane for 1200 cltz plzzzz
7 messages
English 0 SpeeD - last answer from brent24, Sunday 09/03/2008, 06:21.
Buying lamar and kenny..
offer ur price here or message me

1 message
Im buying lamar for 80k each if you want the deal just private sale it to me ill check often
1 message
I am willing to trade for a Nahi Cr or Lamar
Pm if you want to trade
5 messages
English sasuke_cs2 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Sunday 09/03/2008, 04:14.
Buying any all star cards for 500-1000 clints
1 message
Trading Splata Cr, Diyo Cr, or Swidtz Cr for other Cr cards
4 messages
English Xinister X - subject is closed
Im selling Oyoh and Vansaar level max.
Post offers please
7 messages
English blakezz - last answer from -sHh-, Sunday 09/03/2008, 01:18.
I have many commons prittymuch all of them that are under 250clint few rares like 4 and like 10 uncommon !!!!! just ask and youwill have thecard you want for under ah price !!!! also tradein
1 message
Best offer 4100 is where it starts
3 messages
Español Aztk kike - subject is closed
MY vickie in exchange for jackie and GraksmxxT both send me a pm please
4 messages
English Remou12 - last answer from Remou12, Sunday 09/03/2008, 00:01.
I will accept minimum 500 clintz. Make your offers.
Saturday 08/03/08

1 message
Frank26-6 opp attack, min 2-2 opp power, min 1x1Kimberley35No ability-2 opp power, min 1x1Mikki23No ability-2 opp power, min 1x1B Ball62-2 opp damage, min 2Power +2x1Chikko41No abilityPower +2x1Tunned12No abilityPower +2x1Lihoi Chun41No abilityDamage +2x1Mini Mosu12Courage: power +2Damage +2x1Natrang32No abilityDamage +2x1Otome31No abilityDamage +2x1Tatane22No abilityDamage +2x1Dacha Macha21No abilityPoison 2, min 3x1Kharl21No abilityPoison 2, min 3x1Brutox53No abilityStop opp abilityx1Gheistling53Poison 1, min 1Stop opp abilityx1Igniss41Damage = damage oppStop opp abilityx1Lilith54No abilityStop opp abilityx1Meyen42No abilityStop opp abilityx1Nina62Poison 2, min 1Stop opp abilityx1Platinum43-3 opp power, min 1Stop opp abilityx1Vryer44-4 opp attack, min 1Stop opp abilityx1Acid DC22No abilityAttack +8x1Allan53No abilityAttack +8x1Brandon44Stop opp abilityAttack +8x1Nobrocybix15No abilityAttack +8x1Amiral Py15Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Diego21No abilityDamage +2x1Leo41Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Mitch24Ability at level 3Damage +2x1Myke41Ability at level 2Damage +2x1Niki22Courage: power +4Damage +2x1Aldo41No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Lino Borsa21No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Mort Bax42No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Prince Jr53-2 opp power, min 4-12 opp attack, min 8x1Ricardo43-3 opp damage, min 4-12 opp attack, min 8x1Zodiack24No ability-12 opp attack, min 8x1Cell23No abilityStop opp bonusx1Elixir32No abilityStop opp bonusx1Endora22No abilityStop opp bonusx1K Cube52Damage +2Stop opp bonusx1Melluzine32Ability at level 3Stop opp bonusx1Mojo41+2 life per damageStop opp bonusx1Sakura24Ability at level 3-2 opp damage, min 1x8Svelthlana22Power = power opp-2 opp damage, min 1x1Denise44Courage: -2 opp. dmg, min 2Support: attack +3x1Larry12Ability at level 2Support: attack +3x1Mark61+2 life per damageSupport: attack +3x1Ataoualpet34-5 opp damage, min 5Stop opp abilityx1Ben41No abilityStop opp abilityx1Ogoun Kyu11No abilityStop opp abilityx1Sunnygoat13No abilityStop opp abilityx1Globumm23Stop opp bonus-8 opp attack, min 3x1Halley31No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Ingsthra22Ability at level 3-8 opp attack, min 3x1Oryon11No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Pulsar21No ability-8 opp attack, min 3x1Gaia Noel55-3 opp attack, min 1Power +2x1Ice Jim63Stop opp abilityPower +2x1Mac Hen21No abilityPower +2x1Sandy22No abilityPower +2x1Tafa33Stop opp bonusPower +2x1Warren33Power = power oppPower +2x1Bob Joby11No ability-10 opp attack, min 3x1Colin33Courage: power +3-10 opp attack, min 3x1Elliott21No ability-10 opp attack, min 3x1Maeva21No ability-10 opp attack, min 3x1Mickey T22Ability at level 2-10 opp attack, min 3x1Mo DiFalco31No ability-10 opp attack, min 3x1Zlatar
2 messages
English Lord Davco - last answer from SKELET0N_GUY, Saturday 08/03/2008, 21:06.
I need a Ratanah Yookie Gabrielle get back to me if you have any of those cards and ill see if we can make a deal

3 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Saturday 08/03/2008, 20:52.
Trading my Kerozinn Cr 0xp for a Tessa Cr 0xp. Pm me or post here if u have other similar offers. Thanks.
3 messages
English -0 Azarath- - subject is closed
1 message
Best offer to trade must be equal or greater value
starts at 4000
1 message
I pay 1900 for Steve
please someone can sell it to me?

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