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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 24/05/08

3 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 24/05/2008, 18:32.
Someone plz sell me
48 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from Sobe_Pre-full, Saturday 24/05/2008, 18:16.
Im coping nizimaness a little bit but i have 10k and i want to see wat i get offer for it so offer me a card and the best offer.best card will get 10k
2 messages
English blackheart35 - last answer from Sobe_Pre-full, Saturday 24/05/2008, 18:12.
As long as It's still good for a deck, name your price.
7 messages
English Knightmarre - last answer from Knightmarre, Saturday 24/05/2008, 17:49.
Hes maxxed

make ur offers
2 messages
English Returner - last answer from Returner, Saturday 24/05/2008, 17:02.
I have a Charlie at 4*, would wanna sell it 2k off the current market price, its now 16k so that means im sellin it for 14k.
however, im willing to trade my Charlie for your maxed Charlie, u just have to add 4k clints or cards that are worth 4k

pm me to nego, or just offer here.
1 message
Looking for noodile 0xp under 1000 clintz please let me know
4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from Shadow_na, Saturday 24/05/2008, 15:23.
I buy allstars post them and send me a private meesage of what u sell and asking price
1 message
16,000 clintz for Kenny message me
1 message
Buying Hugo level one Hugo for 750.
5 messages
English Nintendan WMD - last answer from Nintendan WMD, Saturday 24/05/2008, 13:18.
Well for my new Presents Forest of Demons Im going to need a few more then 1 Lvl 1 noodle

So I have 5,500 clints so If I can get some help from you guy that would be great.
1 message
I had a jackie for trade, of course, i will add some clintz.
or buy it for 19k
24 messages
English Locopizza - last answer from Shad03JXX, Saturday 24/05/2008, 13:13.
Ends may 26
start 50
reseve 15000
good luck
1 message
Pls. if someone want to offer for only 200 clintz

Igniss,Frankie Hi,Yaman for clintz

and pls. put here a card for 100 clintz

pm me :kynaleonardo
2 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from Capn Clintz, Saturday 24/05/2008, 10:05.
Trading Havok and William for Enzo and Filomena. I will only accept both cards at the same time.

I will not accept any nooby offer, I will not buy from someone who I have had a altercation with in the past. IF those two goes down, you will have to add clintz/card(s). As Stated before, I will only accept those two cards. Nothing else will be taken into account. I don't care if you go Ombre Cr for them, I will say no. If you post here not looking to trade then remember you made that choice, and I will have to deal with that when the time comes. I will how ever allow friends or people I respect to chat on here if they give helpful advice and not just saying ogkodlkgodgko.
2 messages
English American Punk - last answer from American Punk, Saturday 24/05/2008, 09:08.
If anyone has him would you offer to sell him half-priced like around 20,000 - 25,000 clintz if so please pm me or post here.
6 messages
English Damgark - last answer from Damgark, Saturday 24/05/2008, 09:05.
I have Charlie lvl 4 and 7k. I hope it could trade it with your Vickie.
3 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from jordan-griffo, Saturday 24/05/2008, 08:50.
Tessa Cr LVL 4 + 4-6k
for a Splata Cr MAX
12 messages
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
Starting bid 5k
until tomorrow..
6 messages
English Returner - subject is closed
Alright, i know most of u ppl uses Charlie at 4*, so now im offering to trade my 4* Charlie for ur maxed Charlie + 4k clints, it is quite reasonable

my 4*Charlie has low exp and i'll put it for sale in the market for 99999999 to prove it, so pm me, i'll reply in a few hours when i get home

3 messages
English scott1337l - subject is closed
Give me your offers then i will chose one

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