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Saturday 03/05/08

1 message
So as of right now i prob dont have the clintz for both. And at the time of post, prob only Akendram if not going market price. but ill come as close as you wish. Just post up.
1 message
I have a 0xp Kenny that I would like to trade for:
Z3ro D34d
and Lulabee

Lulabee has to be level 3 or lower, not 4 or 5. The level of the other 4 don't matter.
1 message
That I seek to Marlysa Cr, to a minor price the market, to do offers for deprived
Thank you

5 messages
English Thizzman - last answer from Thizzman, Saturday 03/05/2008, 21:27.
Its level 4,will get it to level 5 for you
want to sell it for 850 clintz
or trade it for a card worth around what its worth...pm me offers please
2 messages
English dj_hamster - last answer from philk, Saturday 03/05/2008, 20:58.
Currently...this leader's price is : 295 000 (taken from market)
expecting to exchange with cr's...or a heavy bundle of clintz..
interested parties can pm me or post in this thread....
and no ridiculous offers....
11 messages
English Random trash - last answer from Xadvid, Saturday 03/05/2008, 20:49.
Looking to sell Hattori for more than hes worth on the market or trade him for Mona or if any one has any other offers tell me
6 messages
English TRK_Meepy5 - last answer from TnT_Yo, Saturday 03/05/2008, 20:47.
Hi, does anyone have any Ulu Watu cards for sale?
5 messages
English TheTechnician - last answer from McV, Saturday 03/05/2008, 17:45.
I'm looking forward to collect as many Rolph as i can so post your offers guys...but don't get too far
17 messages
English Doctor Acula - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Saturday 03/05/2008, 17:30.
I am looking for an experienced player to mentor me in the more advanced aspects of the game (Deck Building, ELO, Tourneys) in exchange for rares or clintz. I'm not a beginner and I was not born yesterday. I want solid tips and tricks, or a solid learning experience. The better the experience the better the pay/reward. If you are interested contact me.
1 message
I would like to buy Kolos for 10k, Dieter for 3k, and Sheitane for 2k.
Pm me if you are willing to sell.
3 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Saturday 03/05/2008, 16:24.
I like to buy levition or ux52 for 3k-3100 can any one cut me a brake an sell me one i can only buy in private sales. can some one give me 1 brake for a nice card only wont 1 an hope its a 1 star plz give me a brake.
5 messages
English vampx - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 03/05/2008, 15:53.
Selling lot double cards , i will decount 10% off market price name. no crs
2 messages
English wL_StarZ - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 03/05/2008, 15:50.
Thanksz!!! nid it name ur price below market price
7 messages
English winnerkyna - last answer from Myztyrio, Saturday 03/05/2008, 15:43.
Pls. anyone give me this cards


pls. for only 1000 in total
3 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Saturday 03/05/2008, 15:27.
Like the title says..would only look for offer above 200k..no stupid offer..

pm me with your offer..

clints or cards is accepted
Anger_HM is at your service..
3 messages
English DriftingFlare - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Saturday 03/05/2008, 15:15.
Any offers for my max Marco. Except trades and clintz. Would like cards better.
2 messages
English hieu301 - last answer from TL-Nexarcus, Saturday 03/05/2008, 13:33.
Hey pplz i got a Mikki maxed out lvl send me a message if u wanna buy it and name ur price and ill think about it
3 messages
English NoTerroriZe - last answer from NoTerroriZe, Saturday 03/05/2008, 13:12.
Thankszz!! Buy Charlie for 6k
just Private to me
4 messages
English Milstrum_WP - subject is closed
I am buying Dorian for 4.3k.

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