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Thursday 22/05/08

1 message
I want to buy Coby (U), but i offer 7000...
6 messages
English Rf Lorien - last answer from Rf Lorien, Thursday 22/05/2008, 18:39.
I sell or change it
10 messages
English NvM - last answer from Shad03JXX, Thursday 22/05/2008, 17:04.
I have two Splata Cr maxed as stated before

I would like to trade for other Crs
Such as Lamar

Make me and offer i can add clints for some Crs
2 messages
English Bax2theFuture - last answer from daddy_man, Thursday 22/05/2008, 16:50.

Message me if you can sell me these for a slightly discounted price. Thank you.
1 message
Looking for a deal on Charlie and/or VermynN...PM me or respond please if you have em. Check my sales page if you want to know what I have to trade.
4 messages
English TheTechnician - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Thursday 22/05/2008, 16:07.
Hey guys i'm offering to train your cards for a few fee...and here's the rules :
1-you sell me your card privately for it's price on the market (to guarantee that i'm not scamming )
2-the prices as follow :
a 2 stars card =200
a 3 stars card =250
a 4 stars card =350
a 5 stars card =450
so just send the cards with it's price on the market and when i'm done i will sent them back with the clintz i payed+leveling fees
3- i can accept up to five cards at time
4-the maximum limit is 2 hours from the time i receive the cards
good luck
4 messages
English periliva - last answer from Technootjes, Thursday 22/05/2008, 15:28.
1 message
Nanook 900
Gabrielle 3500
Buck 1800
Just Send Them To Me Via Private
9 messages
English Josiah10 - subject is closed
Hi Im buying all cards in the cool attitude packs but no crs since im not that rich below I will put the groups and the cards that I ALREADY HAVE below them and you can post a price for a card not on the list and I may buy it understand example: I will sell you Lennox for 900
I would then look at your offer and i'll message you if im interested on not understand

_ Bangers _ _ Junkz _ _ Roots _ _ Ulu Watu _ and for the Freaks I have all BUT Crassus
Chikko Acid DC Ataoualpet Coraille
Jenny Akiko Ben Ice Jim
Kevin Allan Billy Bob Mac Hen
Platoona Brandon Ogoun Kyu Nympheena
Tunned Flyer Sunnygoat Rass
Lolly Yaman Sandy
Nobrocybix Tafa

((also for your convenience I will post my amount of clintz I currently have so you can know ahead of time if I have the clintz you want for your card)) ((also I buy privately this is my first time under the public market so bear with me))

current amount of clintz=5181
2 messages
Português UC-lactus - subject is closed
Im buying a Ielena for 4050 clintx if anyone could sell me i would be apreciated
6 messages
English Shad03JXX - last answer from Shad03JXX, Thursday 22/05/2008, 13:02.
I got :
Chloe Lv4
GraksmxxT Lv5
Lost Hog Lv5
XU52 Lv5
and some clintz.....
plz give me a PM, thx.
99 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Welcome to the 6th edition of RG. Each of u who post will have a chance to win one of these prizes: Burger and Vladimir. BONUS: Nympheea from last RG since the winner didn't pick up the prize in 24h after i've sold it to him.

There's only one rule: Your posts must contain the name of you're fav card.

As an extra note: B4 u post, u should check the last page in order to see if it's closed.

This will end 24h after i post it. GOOD LUCK!!!
5 messages
English TheTechnician - last answer from TheTechnician, Thursday 22/05/2008, 11:29.
I want to buy 10 Gwen at lev 1
post your offers plz
21 messages
English soliuz - last answer from Jay-jay21x, Thursday 22/05/2008, 11:20.
Ok im really sick of the newcomers spamming the boards so heres how it works

must be lvl 1-15 only and not buy credits yet

first 10 to post a reason why they deserve it gets a card 700 clintz and or under simple as that
1 message
I am selling Charlie lvl 4 w/ 1170xp for 14.5k

or Trading it w/ Vickie. I'll add 6k (or so)

9 messages
English cueball95 - subject is closed
Here's how it goes. You sell me the card you want me to train privately for 50 clintz. i train it within an hour of when i get the message. when i get it i will send u one so u know when the hour is up. if i go over the hour i will give u a refund.

i can only take three at a time.

I promise u i am not a scammer and i wont trik u.

if u want u can send me a lame card to see.

also if i do trik u (which i won't) u can post a message saying im a scammer!

So, if u dont wanna train cards y not take the quick and easy option. me!
8 messages
English lil deamon - last answer from lil deamon, Thursday 22/05/2008, 07:34.
I am salling lihol chun level 2 on ocshon hest bid win's lets start at 40 clinets pide ends at 30 may
3 messages
English -Cypher- - last answer from -Cypher-, Thursday 22/05/2008, 07:32.
Looking for:
Prince Jr

PM me
25 messages
English excelsiorloy - subject is closed
Im sorry i havent replied to my post on the 6th my computer got wrecked so yea im in the process of giving the cards to the ppl who posted it might take awhile though.....
7 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
Im maknig a lottery where i pick the names out of a hat
joining fee 220 clintz!
i need approx 20 ppl 2 join
now the good bit
depends on how may people join
1strobbably a 1.5k-2k card
2ndrobbably a 700-1.3k card
3rdrobbably a 500-1000 card

note:all clintz wikl be used on buying the pirzes

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