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Monday 26/05/08

3 messages
English TWISTED-X - last answer from McV, Monday 26/05/2008, 03:29.
I'm looking for someone who's willing to sell me a Leviatoon, or a Kenny, for dirt cheap. I'm trying to make a GHEIST/ Nightmare deck and I need some powerful cards to help. Anyone who is willing to PM me.
1 message
Price range 5k-5.6k
1 message
English lolmo4 - subject is closed
I want to buy your Onik for 450 Clintz.
Sunday 25/05/08

16 messages
English rebna00 - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Sunday 25/05/2008, 23:16.
Hey guys ive been buying some boosters lately just wondering if anyone knows the chance of getting a rare at all?

Thanks and peace!
4 messages
English soliuz - last answer from Capn Clintz, Sunday 25/05/2008, 21:52.
Im bying lvl 1 cicape 1k ea 0 exp

selling lvl 2 cicaope 750 each
1 message
I am buying Crassus for 2006 clintz i know it is 500 clintz under, but if u are looking for some quick cash contact me.
1 message
I BUY Page Cr FOR 9 000 CLINTZ.
1 message
Is anyone interested in selling their Lamar. Don't quite have the cash for it, I've seen lamar flucuate between 46-50K So I'd be willing to Trade Gruener (9.5-10.5K) +37K clintz for Lamar. PM me and we'll work it out.
2 messages
English Mejeh - last answer from Mejeh, Sunday 25/05/2008, 17:42.
I'm willing to buy Vladimir for 800 Clintz and Nanook for 1150 Clintz

I can only buy one,so which ever offer i get first I'll buy. PM me to negotiate or anything else

Hope someone responds soon
1 message
I'm searching for

Wee Lee
Juicy Lord

I will buy or exchange

I'm also searching for card that you don't need if you sell its under the market price
let me know...
17 messages
English Sobe_Pre-full - subject is closed
Guidelines to avoid confusion and promote order

1. If you are gonna buy a card, list it and write your offer beside it.
2. no noobie offers
3. failure to follow these simple rules will result to me not entertaining your offers

6 messages
English RKSicaa - subject is closed
Anyone out there who has a Burger from La Junta and willing to sell for 200-500 below market price. I won't buy now co'z I still don't have enough clintz just sell to me for very cheap price. Also accepting charity............Post here your offers.
1 message
I have Yayoi and some clintz like 3000 that i can make a deal for Leviatonn so if someone have and like the deal, please write me a PRIVATE message although you can write here but i am not sure going to look at this...
thanks everyone...
4 messages
Português ON_Ragnarok - subject is closed
I'm looking for the best 2 star Sakrohm filler
Please make a nice offer... A little lower than the market price please
Post here or PM your offers
4 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from oyon, Sunday 25/05/2008, 13:16.
Im looking for Chiro And I usually have alot of clintz or cards, but i really want to trade so make any offers
22 messages
English darkone178 - subject is closed
Make your offer
pm me or post here
11 messages
English Returner - subject is closed
Robb, maxed
startin bid 1.9k
reserve price 2.8k

next bid must be higher than previous by 100clints

1 message
I wanted to buy a tanerva for 11 935 + Olga + boris = 16k plus
6 messages
English Marigo95 - last answer from Marigo95, Sunday 25/05/2008, 09:46.
This young Lady is very good-looking but she occupies many place in my collection and I thus have to decide to exchange her!! I look against her for an offer of the style Short cr + Berserkgirl Cr + Shawoman Cr any experience. It adorned me honest because this prize would make for the market around 2 500 000 full has the hour or I speak. Obviously if we want to propose me more no concerns!! I could possibly add some clintz to round off it is to be discussed.

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